Magic Tricks & Fireworks

It started when Jim left for work at 4:30 this morning. Perhaps inspired by a piece I read on Sunday (“How to do Nothing“), my monkey mind was wide awake, and although my body wanted more rest, I set it free to swing from tree to tree.

Why the monkey chose this as a starting place I have no clue, but I thought about the people I’ve interviewed in the last twenty-five years, including musicians George Benson and the late Michael Johnson, and remembered that I passed on the chance to interview ‘N Sync before they hit it big because I had zero, the worst body image in 1997 and, you know, what would they think?? (ugh…).

The monkey didn’t stay on that branch long, thankfully, and it went to my former neighborhood and I thought about my former neighbors and how much I loved living around them. Talking over the fence with Tom and Jen on one side. Paula on the other, practicing her piano. Martha across the street. She went to college in Minnesota with one of my English teachers. Small world!

The monkey visited what seemed like a million other places when out of nowhere, I remembered how much I love magic tricks and fireworks and I felt really happy. Peaceful happy. Fun happy. In awe happy. Don’t question why happy.

“More! More!” I told the monkey. “What else do I love?”

I love to watch polar bears and penguins swim.

I love to watch acrobats and fire eaters perform. Clowns and mimes not so much, but the guy who walks around on stilts is a lot of fun.

I love sitting in the tropical bird room at the National Aviary.

I love walking through the butterfly room at Phipps Conservatory (heck, everything at Phipps makes me happy!).

I love parades, especially when there are Zem Zems driving round in their little cars.

I love writing my name with sparklers.

I love blowing bubbles.

I love fire truck rides.

Me with my grandson Luca at the 2012 Autumn Leaf Festival fire truck rides. Photo by Pam Bedison Huffman.

I love these guys.


And these two.

My babies!

And this guy.

Never a dull moment with this one.

I thought I’d jinx it by writing about it, but it’s six hours later and I’m still happy, which is a record these days, and like magic and fireworks, I’m not questioning it. I’m just going to let that happy swing on as many trees as it wants because I know too well that soon enough, the swinging will stop.

5 thoughts on “Magic Tricks & Fireworks

    1. Thank you! I was thinking about your earrings posts as I wrote this, too, and the joy (and sometimes sad) that “things” bring to our lives.

  1. Glad your monkey swung you to a happy place – it’s good to remember those simple things that bring us joy. Your grandbabbies have grown SO BIG!!! OMGosh, I guess this means I’ve been following you for a long time – I remember you anticipating grandmahood all those years ago and now look at ’em! What a blessing.

    1. The oldest g-baby is 14, so yeah…you’ve been here a long time! And I’m so glad you have! Yesterday’s happiness has continued into today. Not that I expect to be happy every second of every day, but to have a solid foundation of contentment/joy/happy to fall on when the grief and yuck comes at me is good to have back. I hope your own monkey mind is taking you to happy places, too 🙂

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