me3Welcome to ZenBagLady, which I launched in November 2006. ZenBagLady absorbed most of the content of my other blog some of you might be familiar with, Lynn’s Weigh. Posts from Lynn’s Weigh are categorized on the links on the right.

Technically, I practice Vipassana and not Zen Buddhism, but VipassanaBagLady doesn’t roll off the tongue. (Please forgive me if you are a Zen practitioner. I mean no offense.) However, this isn’t a blog about meditation or religion, at least not the on-the-cushion kind of meditation (there are far better people than me to talk about those things). I’m just a slightly-past-middle-aged woman with a computer who has things on her mind.

Below are links to some entries that represent both of my blogs from 2006-2015.  In resurrecting ZenBagLady after two+ years, some of the themes will sound familiar, but as with everything in life, change will be ever present.

Thanks for stopping by! To contact me, email me at lynn.haraldson@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @TrixieB1963

Boom. Done.

I Believe

Pray Help   ‎

I See You. I Feel You. 


Throwing Out the 300-Pound Pitch  

Intentions and Confidence 

Pulling Back The Sheets: Intimacy and Body Image

How I Began My Weight-Loss Journey


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