“School’s” Back In Session

Because this is true:

This must go:

To quote N’Sync, “Bye Bye Bye.” See you later, Popcorners! Welcome back, Greek yogurt! (BTW, did you see N’Sync on the VMAs? Not that I listened to a lot of N’Sync back in the day, but my kids did. It was fun to see them together again.)

As other people’s children go back to school (grandbaby Claire on her first day of Kindergarten…*sniff*), I’ve declared my summer food and exercise vacation over. Sporadic and once-in-awhile planning and implementation is out. Accountability is in.

It felt “fun” at the time – eating off plan a day or two a week, staying in bed rather than going to the gym – but fun has a price tag, both physical and emotional. You can’t maintain your weight eating your way through a box of pasta, even if it is whole wheat, or noshing on Popcorners and birthday cake, and you can’t stay sane telling yourself it’s worth it, because it’s not.

Of course, maybe that’s just me.

This summer wasn’t a complete exercise and eating disaster. Damage control is readily implemented with a few swift kicks to my arse and a purging of the Brie in the cheese drawer. Not that I’m damning Brie, but right now, it’s not a welcome guest in my fridge.

I’m not reinventing the wheel. It’s more like a chiropractic adjustment, tweaking (NOT twerking!) the  lifelong learning process of weight. Getting back in sync. Back to one small dark chocolate a day and all the other things that worked before. Salad…it’s what’s on the menu every day. Kale, chard, raspberries. Baked squash and lentil dishes. Homemade soup and cheesy quinoa. I’m even going to give wheat berries a look-see.

The mind is willing. The flesh is willing. Bring on the new “semester.”

12 thoughts on ““School’s” Back In Session

  1. Funny after all these years, the end of August still feels like the new year for so many of us! Kudos for kicking the temptations out of your kitchen – you've got this. 🙂

    Also, I can't believe Claire is starting kindergarten. I remember when she was born!!!

  2. I know–Claire looks so grownup already!

    And yes, kudos for bringing back the good stuff–nuthin' wrong with greek yogurt and a big ol' salad!

  3. A few slips here and there.. but this summer was an absolute success.. I managed to continuously lose weight, and stay on track.

    Maybe I should have taken some time off.. to gain perspective…

    But, I guess I'll hold out for the Holiday Season… when it's SUPER hard to say no…

    Because you know, Santa might see me being rude to food. haha.

  4. There really is something summer and about August in particular that makes healthy behavior so much harder; I'm one of many who WAY overindulged on vacation and am looking forward to getting back on track.

    Saying bye bye bye to a lot of fun but junky stuff myself!

    –Crabby (signed in under wrong email!)

  5. It's good to know summer is the sneakier part of the year! Crabby, we need a bye bye bye support group 🙂

    (Kudos to you Kateri!)

    Claire needs to stop growing up so fast. //word

    What is it about “regret”? Sometimes it hits me like a brick to the head. Other times…it takes weeks to feel it even subtly.

  6. This is something that I've recently had to do myself. I've enjoyed eating those “summer foods” but it is time to get back into my routine. Lately I've been slacking on the exercise front too and it's starting to show in different areas of my life. I'm not happy about those changes so it's time to get rid of those habits and get myself back in check.

  7. Lynn, I'm spending this evening perusing people's personal weight loss blogs, and I love yours. Especially the entry on sexuality and weight loss. You had me in tears! I can so relate to it, and it is one of the hardest parts of being overweight for me. I want to follow your blog and learn from your wonderful victory. I hope you will check out my blog that I just started, my journey to lose 100 pounds at http://www.letsloseit.net Congrats on grandbaby starting school too! 🙂

  8. We've timed this one to work on together. Moving this summer played havoc with my eating/exercise routine. Not so much damage done except the mental process (just like you) of getting back into the habit of eating those things that work best in my body and concentrating on the exercise that keeps that “white flour carb creep” off my thighs and butt!

  9. Oh no! You used the word twerking! I would gladly have never know what this word was.

    Yeah, August is a sort of renewal time. Kind of like a mini January.

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