A 5-Year-Old’s Marathon…In Pictures

I was one proud Grammy this morning as I watched my granddaughter, Claire, complete the Pittsburgh Marathon’s Kids Of Steel program, in which she not only ran 26.2 miles over the course of the last two months, but she raised $2,505 for the Animal Rescue League of Pittsburgh.

Claire ran 1 mile on 25 days and ran the final 1.2 miles with her dad, the day before the Pittsburgh Marathon, in which he and my daughter are going to run the half. (Daughter as in the one who had her fourth baby just two months ago. She rocks really hard!)
Here’s what the morning looked like:
We arrived downtown and put Luca and Mae in one stroller, while baby Audrey slept in another stroller (they’re saying, “Cheese!”):
The finish line:
The medals:
The bananas:
Auntie Carly and Papa Larry making signs:
Audrey with her sign:
Luca on Uncle Ben’s shoulders with his sign:
Mae on my shoulders with her sign:
Claire running for the finish line. She ran in the tutu my awesome running Diva friend, Sondra, made for her. Claire’s all about the high fives:
Claire with her medal:

More of the tutu:

Claire with her mom:
Claire with her certificate and her dad:
It was so encouraging to see so many kids and their parents participating in the Kids of Steel program. Kids of all sizes and economic backgrounds ran their hearts out today, and the crowd didn’t let them down. They were cheered on by thousands of people, and the looks on the kids’ faces as they crossed the finish line was of pure joy. I have no doubt this experience will encourage them to continue running, or at the very least, stay active. They may not understand the physical benefits of exercise, but they certainly got a huge dose of the emotional aspect. 

9 thoughts on “A 5-Year-Old’s Marathon…In Pictures

  1. That was awesome!!! Loved the video and how she continued to high five everyone – so sweet! They have a similar program here for our local marathon/kids and I think it's such a great thing to get the kids involved in.

    Good luck to your runners in the half tomorrow!!!

  2. That looks so fun! My 8 year old just did a 5K and my 5 year old is signed up for a 1 mile fun run later this month. Such a good habit to start young!

  3. Hello Lynn, great to see what is possible if you want something. I know a lot of adults who can not run but these kids are just great. Thanks for a great post here.

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