Hello from “Where Have I Been?”

My whereabouts since my last blog entry isn’t a great mystery, but I wanted to explain where I’ve been and to let you know this will be my last blog entry for awhile.
It’s not that maintenance is more or less important than any other responsibility or event that make up my life. Writing about it, however, takes time, and the things vying for my time this summer are many.
My brother still suffers the affects of the series of petit mal seizures he endured in June 2011. As his power of attorney, his complicated and difficult journey is also mine, and the weight of that responsibility is daunting at times. I say this not to garner sympathy, but to send out empathy to all of you who, in addition to living your own lives, caretake in someone else’s.
Two pieces of good news are taking up my time:
1) Daughter Carlene is getting married in October! Originally slated for April, they moved up the wedding not because of a baby, but because, quoting Carlene, “We just want to be married.” No better reason than that! Let the frenzy begin.
2) Grandbaby #4 will arrive in February! #4 was not planned, but sometimes the best things in life are serendipitous. To update you on ages, Claire will be 5 in October, Luca was 3 in May, and Maelie is 18 months old. I said to Luca the other day, “So, your mommy’s having a baby?” and he said, “Yeah, but we’re keeping Mae.” I couldn’t tell by his voice if he was relieved or resigned. I hope he gets a brother, but even though he tolerates Mae, he insists he wants another sister. And while on the surface that sounds sweet, I think he knows if it’s a boy he’ll have to share his room.
Within the planning, the watching children, my brother’s issues, I’ve managed to read several books (“Good in Bed” by Jennifer Weiner is fabulous!) and ride many miles on my bike. One of my favorite things this year was meeting another Internet friend, Lori from Finding Radiance. She’s as down to earth in person as she is on her blog. The woman knows her way around a bagel and a latte as much as a bike path and dumbbells. She’s taught me more about balance than any gymnast could. Her blog is a highly recommended read!
School starts again in 10 days. Chemistry, Algebra… ‘Nuff said.
Even though this will be my last post for awhile, our dialogue can continue. I will still post on Lynn’s Weigh on Facebook, so I hope you’ll join us there. If you don’t do social media, that’s fine, too. Know that I wish you well in your journey, wherever you are on that path, and I will be back.

10 thoughts on “Hello from “Where Have I Been?”

  1. You were one of the very first blogging inspirations I ever found! Even before you had this blog, and before I had a blog at all, I read you and saw your pictures back in, what was it, 2006? You have done SO MUCH since then! I have loved watching your journey evolve and unfold. Enjoy this next stage! I am so, so happy for you 🙂 Thank you for everything!

  2. You and your inspiring words of wisdom will be missed. Be healthy, be happy, be safe….but, be back! Many of us use your blog as a guiding light to good health and balanced living. Know that we understand your need for a hiatus, support you and await your return. Much love, Kelli (38.4 pounds down…many, many more to go)

  3. I'm thankful, SO thankful, that you shared your story, as you were the first blogger I found, and when I saw that you'd lost well over 100 pounds, I felt hope. Your blogging will be missed, but your presence is still with us.

  4. Wishing you well, Lynn. You were the first weight loss blogger that I found, and the reason that I got on the bandwagon and felt hopeful. Enjoy your beautiful family. I have great respect for you and what you have accomplished, but also respect your big heart and kind soul. Take care…

  5. Hi! Your blog inspires me a lot. It makes me want to have one of my own. Its good to have a time to ourselves and with that I understand your sentiments. Enjoy your hiatus. Have fun and spend it with your loved ones. Will wait for your next post. God bless.

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