A Quick and “Linky” Monday Post

Hello from the other side of chocolate hell! I made it through Easter relatively unscathed by the malted milk ball/Reese’s Peanut Butter egg/Cadbury/Lindt/Dove/chocolate-bunnies-on-a-motorcycle onslaught. Phew! I wish I could say the same about the cheesy potatoes at Cassie’s house and the ones I made for Mark and his kids, but that’s why there’s exercise. And restraint. The carb fest was a one-day event and its remnants will only linger a day or two.

I read some potentially good news on the clothing size front this morning in the New York Times. In “One Size Fits Nobody: Seeking a Steady 4 or a 10,” Stephanie Clifford writes about a company that offers a full body scan to determine what size you would fit into in a number of major clothing stores. It’s a good start, but I’d like to see standardized sizing like they have in Europe. In the meantime, I wouldn’t mind trying the scan. I get so frustrated trying on jeans especially.

“Some brands are taking their own approaches to make the fitting room less demoralizing. Mary Alderete, vice president for women’s global marketing at Levi’s, said, ‘When we try on 10 pairs of jeans to buy one, the reason you feel bad is because you think something’s wrong with you.’”

Exactly. I have size 6, 8 and 10 jeans in my closet and they all fit. These aren’t my “skinny” or “fat” day jeans. They each measure the same waist and hip size. So frustrating that I have to go through so many sizes in each brand to find what works. I know I’m not alone.

Don’t even get me started on vanity sizing…

If you haven’t listened yet, I was recently interviewed by the awesome duo of Carla (MizFit) and Shauna (The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl) for their podcast Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone! It was by far my favorite interview ever. LOVE those two, AND…I get to meet them next month at FitBloggin ’11! Any of you bloggers going?

Speaking of bloggers, I’ve recently been turned on to The Healthy Skeptic written by Chris Kessler, an accupuncturist and Chinese medicinal practitioner. I’ve been enjoying his series “9 Steps to Perfect Health,” especially #9: Practice Pleasure:

“In their book Feeling Good Is Good For You, researchers Carl J. Charnetski and Francis X Brennan set out to review the emerging evidence that pleasure can boost our immune systems and lengthen our lives. According to the authors: ‘In every way, stress is the antithesis of pleasure. It jangles your nerves, juggles a whole host of your body’s hormones, elevates your blood pressure, and makes your pulse race… It also weakens your immune system’s ability to resist illness and disease.’
“If stress is the antithesis of pleasure, then it follows that pleasure is the antithesis of stress. So the best way to fight stress is with pleasure.”

I know I’m guilty of reserving pleasure for when I feel I “deserve” it. But deriving and enjoying some bit of pleasure every day should not be a reward. It is necessary for our emotional and physical health.

Today’s bit of pleasure for me will be planting a few pansies, my favorite annual. What will you do for yourself today?

One final link. My favorite quote this week comes from Cammy over at Tippy Toe Diet: “This mindful living thing can sure get in the way of a good time sometimes.” Yes, yes it can 🙂

Happy spring, everyone! Hope you all get some much-deserved outdoor time in the upcoming days.

7 thoughts on “A Quick and “Linky” Monday Post

  1. I would love to do that body scan size thing – you should have seen the tons of clothes Barbara and I brought into the dressing rooms. All because you never can know what size will fit – case in point, I bought two tops at Macy's – one a size Petite Small, one a size Petite Large. Both fit. Seriously??? Something is wrong with that. And pity the poor salespeople who constantly have to restock the racks with all the excess from the dressing rooms! (at least we put everything back on the hangers)

    I haven't had a moment to listen to your podcast but it's on my list – can't wait to hear your soothing voice!

    Sounds like you had a fun Easter!

  2. Love that quote from Cammy too. And love yours “Hello from the other side of chocolate hell!”

    I just don't pay any attention to clothing sizes anymore. Shopping at the thrift probably makes me more immune to their number power.

    Sounds like you had a nice day anyway. And yes, the remnants will be gone soon!

  3. The size thing drives me nuts! At least at 250 when I went to Lane Bryant, I knew 24W would fit me no matter what I pulled off the rack.

    I have a 6,8s, 10s – all of which fit. It's annoying as heck.

    Glad you are enjoying the healthy skeptic. It's nice to find a thoughtful voice out there instead of “my way is the right way.”

  4. Jeans are the worst to find a good fit. I don't know whether my ass is disproportionately large compared to my waist or the other way around. Either way, it is the most frustrating thing!

    I got myself into some trouble last summer though with skirts because I could find many that fit quite well without having to take into account my seat.

    I still just want to be comfortable in my skin – that's the most important thing to size up.

  5. Thanks for mention! Nice to know someone understands the dilemma that mindfulness can create, if only for a short time. 🙂 (As it turns out, a small fro-yo turned out to be just as pleasurable as the cupcake camp would have been.)

    My pleasure for today was a nap! An entire hour!

  6. Trust me! Sizing in Europe is not standard either!! I also have to try on three different sizes here in CH to find something. And on the labels there is a laundry list of what size it in in the different countries. I actually look forward to shopping in the US where I have an easier time finding clothes that fit. For both me and my kids. Besides, they are much much cheaper!

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