Getting Back in the Cardio Game (and a DVD giveaway inside!)

What a difference a winter makes…and not in a good way. I took my bike out today for a spin to see if anything other than the tires needed some attention and realized, it’s not the bike that needs attention. It’s my lungs!

I was breathing pretty hard when I got home…TEN minutes later (hanging head in shame). Granted, I’m recovering from bronchitis, but considering my friend Shari had the same dang thing only a week ahead of me and is now running 11 miles, clearly it is my aerobic capacity in general that is in question here.

This winter I’ve walked when the weather wasn’t too cold and I rode the stationary bike, but there’s nothing…NOTHING…like down and dirty hard-core aerobic exercise. The sweating-by-8-minutes-and-not-stopping-for-45 kind of movement that gets those lungs burning and in shape.

…sigh…tear…dusting myself off…

I’m no quitter. There’s no time like now to get it back. My knee feels better, the weather is improving, I’m on it. I’ve nailed my strength training so I’m tank-top ready by May, so it’s time to get bike-and-hike ready, too.

I totally forgot to tell you all who won the last DVD giveaway here on Lynn’s Weigh. Congrats to AnneG who won 10-Minute Solution, DebbyS who won Walk Away The Pounds Express, and KR who won Prego-Fit and Fabulous. I went to the post office today and mailed them, which led to an interesting conversation with the postal employee:

“These are light. What are they? DVDs?” Postal Employee asked.

“Yes, they are,” I said. “I have a blog and get sent DVDs to review once in awhile. These are the latest winners.”

“So you’re, like, a movie critic?”

“No!” I laughed. “They’re exercise videos.”

“Oh, well, I could use that,” she said. “I tell myself that tomorrow I’ll start. Tomorrow I’ll start dieting and exercising. But tomorrow never comes.”

“I know,” I said. “Because every day is today.”

She looked at me and smiled. “You know, you’re right.”

Now whether she starts today, I don’t know. But maybe, just maybe, she’ll make a small commitment to move a little more today than yesterday.

If today is your day, or if you are looking for a new workout routine, daughter Cassie is back for another DVD review: Angie Miller’s “Crave Results.”

To say Cassie liked this DVD it is an understatement. If she had her way, you’d ALL win! If you want to throw your name in the hat, leave a comment or send an email to (Please note the new email address.) I’ll draw a winner (and announce it, too) on Thursday.

Wow! I’m super impressed with this DVD. I just finished doing Jillian Michael’s “30 Day Shred Challenge,” which was 30 days of nonstop Jillian. While I like Jillian’s approach to training, which is “Move it or lose it,” Angie Miller is something I’ve never experienced before. And I’ve done a lot of workout DVDs.

I thought the only way to motivate was how they did when I was in the Army, which was, “GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR NOW!” But I was wrong. Angie Miller is positive. And not in a “You can do it!” cheerleader way. She’s calm and endearing. I’m really in awe. And I’m sweating.

She breaks her workouts down into blocks, each one ending in a cardio burst. She combines arms and legs at the same time, which is nice, but is difficult if you lack coordination. (That would be me. I’d never be an aerobics star.) But she makes it so that anyone can do it by performing the movement slow for several counts before bringing it up to tempo.

She’s also a really graceful woman to watch. Clearly she does Pilates and yoga. She also incorporates that into her workout. She reminds you to breathe and tells you to keep a long spine and to keep your shoulders back. All of those things keep your chest open, so when she does curtsy lunges with pulses, you won’t die.

I was amazed at how fast the workout went. It is 63 minutes long, or, if you want, you can choose from some preset options. I was ready to keep going even after it was done. But I was sweating! Boy was I sweating.

Her core workout isn’t anything you’d expect. There’s a mat, yes, but it’s not what you think. Her core work includes balance work (which is HARD but so worth it!) pushups, and planks. I didn’t do a single crunch.

Her arm work routine is also very original. The triceps work is unique, but also has some traditional kick-backs. She also has you doing dead lifts with dumbbell flies. Everything works together seamlessly and while you’re exerting maximum effort, you feel good. And when I say good, I’m talking, it’s an endorphin party in my muscles.

Yup. I’m pretty much in love with this DVD.
Lynn’s Note: For the record, I’m not paid to review DVDs. I do it because I’m always looking for new workout ideas 🙂 I give away the actual DVD that is reviewed…I don’t even get to keep it! LOL

Check out Angie Miller’s blog at Angie Miller In the Moment.

20 thoughts on “Getting Back in the Cardio Game (and a DVD giveaway inside!)

  1. you have no clue how bad I need to win this video and get my life back in the zone!

    Thanks for your giveaways, Lynn!


  2. I'm not into exercise DVD's but this actually appeals to me – great review, Cassie!

    Oh, and Miss Lynn – do I have to yell at you to not compare yourself to anyone else? If all your friends got bronchitis and then got on a bike, would you compare? No ma'am. So be nice to your sweet self! Good for you for getting back on the bike (literally, haha) but remember, you are doing this in Lynn's Way (Weigh – ooh, look how I worked that in there!), not Shari's way.

  3. Sounds like a good video. And I know what you mean about getting out of serious aerobic shape. I recently stopped working out for several months and when I started back up again I didn't even know it was possible to be so out of shape!

  4. It was a long hard winter for everyone,and you had some other hard stuff going on too, if I recall. You'll get it going.

    I loved what you said to the postal worker “because every day is today.” How come I've never heard that before?

    And can I enter to win another DVD? This one sounds fantastic. And I just, ahem, might be in need of some cardio bursts myself…

  5. After reading the review, I would love to try this DVD. I'd like to start adding more strength training in to my routine and this sounds like a good mix. I'm also interested in working out with a positive trainer.

    Thanks for letting us know about this DVD and the opportunity to win it!

  6. This DVD sounds great! I thought I knew ALL the exercise gurus…but Angie Miller is a new name to me. I so, so need “Angie” to help me jump start my exercise routine. I'm afraid my underarms are going to slap me in the face any day now. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Go, Lynn! Get back up on that cardio horse and go berserker!

    Welcome back. 😉

    Congrats to the winners, too! Let's put those DVDs to good use and get tighter buns and happier moods. 🙂

  8. I´m currently on the “30 day shred” and I would like something different for when I´m finished with it.

    Just discovered your blog, very nice!!

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