Hello From The Road!

Good morning from Minnesota! Just a quick update from the birthday weekend. All my sibs and I were at Mom and Dad’s yesterday. (Dad looks like Santa, doesn’t he?) The big party is tonight. Well, big as in the five sibs, Mom, Dad, sister-in-law (who’s just like a sister), and nephew. My niece has to work, but I saw her yesterday.

I’m writing from the hotel breakfast room where the only healthy offering are green bananas and runny oatmeal. The waffle machine runneth over and there are white-flour muffins/danish/bread as far as the eye can see. What an opportunity this could be for hotels to make a difference in how Americans eat! I’m not saying throw out the sausage, but if people get used to seeing more fresh fruit, yogurt and whole grain bread, maybe…just maybe…food like that will become the “norm.” Hey, a girl can dream, right?

I’ve stayed in this hotel before. Four years ago when I was in the early stages of maintenance, I remember hitting the workout room with a vengeance. “I have to work out! I’ll gain weight if I don’t!” I was always in such a panic every time I was out of my routine. These days, I take a much calmer approach to travel. While I try to stay true to my food plan, it doesn’t always happen, but I know I will be right back on plan the next meal. Almost gone are the guilts (almost…) for not working out for three or four days. Three or four sedentary days and a few meals off plan are not excuses to mess up maintenance. When I get home, I’ll hope back on the bike, eat clean, and move on.

Tonight is Dad’s birthday (happy 80th, Daddy!). On the menu? The others will have pot roast, Dad’s favorite. For me, it’s a big salad and leftover wild rice soup from last night, which my sister modified just for me. How sweet is that? Typically it’s made with chicken broth and half and half. Tracy used veggie broth and fat-free half and half. My family has always been on board with my “diet.” I wish everyone had this kind of family support.

Hope this finds you enjoying your weekend. Next time I write, I will be back home and back in the food-and-exercise saddle again.

10 thoughts on “Hello From The Road!

  1. What a nice way to celebrate your dad's 80th birthday, with all the family there. He does look like Santa – bet there are a lot of confused little kids in his town, lol!

  2. Great post. I hope you're enjoying your visit. Your dad is very cute, and it's so nice of your family to plan food for you, Lynn.

    As far as the hotel breakfast fare goes–I know exactly what you mean! Why are the staples always donuts, dry muffins, sugary cereals, and RUNNY OATMEAL? I love oatmeal–cooked my way (firm with fruit and nuts and topped with yogurt). So–I often fill baggies with premeasured oatmeal, raisins, and walnuts, put them in my suitcase, and hope for a microwave either in the room or in the dining area. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't, but I try not to obsess about it. You have a very practical attitude about traveling and staying on your food plan, and when all is said and done, it's the right approach. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How wonderful to be with your family. Sounds like you are having a great time. Any possibility of you posting the wild rice soup you had? Sounds so yummy!

    Safe travels!

  4. How wonderful that your family is so supportive!

    And yeah. The 'free' breakfast. What I like best in a hotel is a microwave and little fridge in the room. So I can have breakfast just the way I want it! (and sometimes some microwave popcorn in the evening…)

  5. I agree with you on the hotel foods. Perhaps people would be more drawn to healthier foods if there were more appealing options available. One thought to throw your way is packing your own dried oatmeal and medley, then adding hot water.

  6. I always have a chuckle at how there are always tons of unhealthy options on menus (even at hotels) and how few options there are for healthy things. Makes me sad! I know that going on vacay means indulging (for most), but there are people who either a.) need or b.) prefer the healthier stuff. I wish America would wake up and focus more on the good foods and less on the buttery ones. 😦

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