It’s My 4-Year GOALiversary!

A monarch caterpillar weighs 8 grams by the time it spins its cocoon. It emerges a butterfly weighing a mere half-gram.

I weighed 296 pounds when I started spinning my final cocoon and 138 when I emerged.

“So, do you suppose I’m done?” I asked my doctor.

“I think you can stop now,” she said.

I weighed 138 on March 12, 2007. (My body lost another 10 pounds after goal). I’d lost 160 pounds in two years, two months, and 12 days. I was now a butterfly, but one in danger of being caught and pinned on velvet since I didn’t know the first thing about flying.

Maintenance was never something I’d taken seriously.

The last time I kissed 138 was in 1990 after losing 40 pounds. A doctor told me I needed to lose at least another 10. I lost the doctor and found some food.

“Finally, I can eat again!” I said and drove through McDonalds.

Every time I lost weight it was like I was a senior in high school. I couldn’t wait to graduate and leave home, so sure was I that life would be easier without homework and parents. Then I paid my first rent check. And electric bill. And car repair. Real life was not sexy.

Neither is maintenance. This time I knew it wasn’t smart to celebrate with a Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard and a corn dog. A sleeve of Thin Mints wasn’t a reward. But what rewards were left? I looked the same every day and people forgot I’d lost weight. Compliments came fewer and further in between. I felt like last year’s prom queen.

I realized maintenance had to be its own reward. Instead of celebrating with food, I got in the trenches and found three other women who were maintaining 100+ weight losses. We formed a small online support group (the Maintaining Divas) and became best friends. Dr. Barbara Berkeley (Refuse to Regain) discovered my blog and asked if I’d start a maintenance blog with her, and I did.

Transforming into a butterfly was always the easy part. Learning how to use the wings…that was the real challenge.

But learn I did. I’m still learning, in fact. My weight has fluctuated due to surgery, stress and medications, but I’m still going strong in maintenance, largely because of the support I get from family, friends and – big time! – the blogging community. You (yes, you!) help me every day through your readership, even if you’re a silent stalker…LOL Support, advice, tough love…thank you for all of it and keep it coming!

To my Divas, thank you just isn’t enough. MA, AJ, and Sondra, we’ve been together for years now and you are my rocks, my BFFs and the best ass-kickers I know. I love you ladies.

March 12, 2007, is my rebirthday. Help me celebrate by continuing to dedicate or rededicate yourself to being the healthiest you can be. That’s the best gift ever.

30 thoughts on “It’s My 4-Year GOALiversary!

  1. Happy Goalaversary! Congratulations and thank you for your continuing support and encouragement to those of us working to get where you are.

  2. Your story is an inspiration. I 100% agree your words about maintenance. I lost 30 kgs and got all+ extras back. It was a grand scale failure. Losing weight was kind of easy and I didn't prepare myself to maintenance. I am on my journey back to a healthy weight and I am going to do both battles right this time. Congratulations on your goal day!

  3. Happy GOALiversary, Happy Rebirthday!!! You are the reason I knew, right from the start, that I had to change my mindset about losing weight, from just losing it to keeping it lost. And thanks to you, I (mostly) have – so glad you chose to share your story, because it most definitely helped me to be successful. Thank you, my friend!

  4. Oh I just love this blog. This is me. I'm going to come out a beautiful butterfly. I did it once before but I did not know how to use my wings so here I go again.
    Thanks so much for sharing. You are God sent.

  5. Happy rebirth! You are my biggest inspiration showing that keeping off the weight is possible without having to be a wingnut to do it! Thank you so much for sharing and continuing to share with all of us.

  6. Thanks again, Lynn. I will celebrate my 3 year goaliversary in October. Reading your blog, and the Refuse to Maintain blog over the years has been more helpful that you will know.

    To maintain a goal requires daily reflection, and your daily facebook postings help keep me aware.

    It's so nice to have company in the world of maintenance. Thanks for putting yourself out there.

  7. Congratulations, Lynn, and thank you so much for introducing me to the world of blogging!

    You are so right. This maintaining is not easy, but it is helpful and hopeful to have this 'band of brothers' (ha-sisters mostly) online to encourage one another along the way.

  8. You should be very proud! New to reading your blog, but it is always nice to know that there are ppl who can lose mass amounts of weight and keep it off. It helps others to learn from their experiences as well. :]

  9. LN, still a kid….giggle 🙂

    Helen, how much do you love the word “rebirth”? LOL

    I know I say this all the time, but man…you guys make me so glad I lost the weight because I have discovered a whole other side of me I never knew existed. Thank you so much. So much. *tear* Yes, I'm crying, but in a good way 🙂

  10. I'm also a 100+ pound loser. I lost 110# and have kept it off for 2 1/2 years now. I wish I knew some other 100+ loss maintainers IRL to hang out with. I have awesome friends who I love dearly, but I think losing such a large amount of weight and then the daily struggle to keep it off is something most people really can't relate to. Congratulations on your GOALiversary!

  11. Congratulations on your goalversary! Maintenance is really a tough job. I am also maintaining for almost 1 year now.

    Anyway, I would like to share this great deal I found in facebook. It says there that PureandHealthy organized a contest in which you have the chance to win fantastic prizes geared towards helping you lose weight, live natural and stay healthier for longer! See the link also if you're interested:!/note.php?note_id=184153718292612

  12. Happy GOALiversary! And, thanks so much for the inspiration!

    I have been “devouring” your blog for over a year. You are one of my biggest (smallest?) role models for hitting my 155 pound loss. I'm 48 pounds from goal and reading all I can about maintenance, determined never to yo-yo again.

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