It’s Friday? Seriously?

What a week! Lots of exciting stuff going on and it’s kept me from writing. This trend will continue for awhile, but I’ll still check in here a few days a week. Promise!

First of all, a big hello to new Lynn’s Weigh readers! Thank you for all your comments and emails since the article “8 Amazing Blogger Weight-Loss Transformations” showed up on Yahoo on Monday. Many of you had similar questions, so I’ve added a Frequently Asked Questions page link at the top. On the FAQ page you’ll find links to blogs I’ve written about how I started, what others say about the journey, loose skin, and food.

Second, grandbaby #3 is due in three weeks! I think it’s a boy, but Cassie, Matt and especially Claire thinks it’s a girl. Claire really wants a sister.

Claire is 3 and she kind of gets the “new baby” concept. Luca (20 months) has no clue, just as Claire had no clue what was about to rock her world when her parents came home from the hospital with Luca.

Me and Luca the Cheeseball

I was bouncing Claire and Luca on my lap last week and I said to Claire, “Oh no! Grammy only has two legs! Where will I bounce the third baby?”

She looked at me with her big eyes and I could see she was trying to figure out a solution.

“I know,” I said. “I’ll grow a third leg.”

“You can grow a third leg?” she said.

“I’m gonna try,” I said.

I, of course, completely forgot I’d told her that, but Claire didn’t. She doesn’t forget anything. When I saw her Tuesday, she lifted up my pant leg and asked, “Have you grown that third leg yet?”

I’m not sure how I’m going to get out of this one. 

Cassie at Christmas. She’s popped exponentially since then 🙂

Cassie went into labor both times a few days before the babies’ due dates and so I’m hoping g-baby #3 got that memo, too. I’m Grammy-On-Call to watch Claire and Luca when Cassie’s water breaks and you know my family means everything to me and I’d do anything for them, but Grammy has tickets to Bon Jovi on Feb. 12…LOL

Third, my new fitness schedule was pushed back a week and will begin next week when I join the Y. Since my knee surgery in June, my workouts have been spotty at best. I’ve developed an “I can’t” mentality which has pervaded even the things I know I can do.

I’ve been working on a mental strategy to get motivated again. I know working out among people at the Y will help immensely. It was always a major motivator to push myself as hard as the woman next to me on the elliptical or the guy lifting weights in the weight room. Yes, I have my limitations and I have to be creative, especially when it comes to cardio, but I’m tired of feeling like a slug and I’m especially tired of this tire developing around my middle. My weight hasn’t changed much, but I definitely have lost muscle mass in the last seven months. I WILL, however, be tank-top ready by May!

Fourth, there’s this guy… *grin* That’s all I’ll say on that right now

Until next week, have a great weekend, be good to yourselves, eat well and move!

13 thoughts on “It’s Friday? Seriously?

  1. Congratulations on the impending birth of new grandbaby. I agree with Shelley: “Hurray for this generation of grandparents.” Our ninth grandchild arrived on Jan. 15, and we were also on call to take care of Evelyn and Taylor (ages 2 & 4). Taylor has been so positive that she was going to have a baby brother, and by golly, that's just what happened!

    We will all stay tuned to your blog to hear more about the new baby and perhaps “the guy,” as well as all of the good posts you send our way. My best to you, Lynn.

  2. I couldn't wait to get to the end and comment on this post, but Shelley beat me to it! How many of us can picture our grandparents with tickets to Bon Jovi? Bon Jovi is a pretty nice guy – bet he'll delay the concert for you if he needs to. I am still smiling and will be for awhile. You go, girl!

  3. hey Lynn-
    Congrats on grandmax3!

    Just a quick idea to pass along…..have you tried kettlebells for your workout? Putting aside all the media hype at the moment about kettlebells, I've found them to be an excellent at-home workout – both for strength and cardio.

    I had been a gym junkie for 2+ years, 5 days a week. I became burnt out and needed a change. Now, I have a full workout completed in the time it would have taken me to drive to the gym and back using a couple different sized kettlebells.

    I've had knee issues before and the kettlebell workout doesn't seem to bother them.

    Just an idea. Several forums out there to get information (I find “kettlebell connection” the most friendly). Also, a good blog to follow is

    Also, I would suggest having a training session or two with a qualified person to make sure your form is correct.


  4. Congrats on all the neat things happening!

    I love Bon Jovi. I was a hair band lover in the 80s. I can't believe I am going to publish that comment, but there you go!

  5. I'm a hairband girl too Lori (still am!) and I loved the Bon Jovi comment also! lol My husband and I recently took our girls (11 and 17) to see KISS. It was so cool to see how excited they were. I was a proud mom. =)
    I can't wait to see the 3rd leg. haha I love/hate how kids don't forget anything!

  6. my oldest is a boy
    middle is a girl
    when youngest was born, that night at dinner table (with my mother who was keeping everyone), middle turns to oldest and says – HA, HA, HA, I got a sister.

  7. Had to crack up over the third leg!
    My oldest daughter is expecting our second grandson in a few weeks—I think I'll tell her she must stop at two—I don't think I'm up to growing a third leg!! 😀
    Enjoy your concert–I'm sure it will be a good one.

  8. “Grammy has tickets for Bon Jovi”. I know how you feel. My second grandson was due Jan. 16th. Labor started Jan. 5th and this grandma had tickets in NYC to see Kevin Spacey! Fortunately he did arrive on the 5th and I was able to catch my train and show on the 6th – lol!!!

  9. Thanks, Sybil, for the kettlebell tip. A friend of mine swears by them, says they're a lot of fun. I'll check out the website!

    Stratcat45, loved your story. I hope my new g-baby is as cooperative as yours!

    I'm already planning what to wear to Bon Jovi 🙂

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