Denise Austin’s "Hot Body Yoga" DVD Review and Giveaway!

Back for another workout DVD review is my lovely daughter Carlene.

The few times I’ve tried yoga, I’ve failed miserably. After reading what Carlene wrote about Denise Austin’s “Hot Body Yoga,” I may have to try again.

If you’d like to throw your name in the hat to win this DVD, leave a comment below or send an email to I’ll draw a winner this Friday, October 29.

P.S. Thank you again for your overwhelmingly kind support in light of my last post. It’s not easy putting such private matters out there, but it was necessary to let you know what was going on because if there’s one thing we all know about weight loss and maintenance, it’s that life keeps going whether we’re eating well or exercising or not.

Now…Carlene’s review.

I think I might be in love with yoga.

I just tried it for the first time, working out to Denise Austin’s “Hot Body Yoga,” and what I enjoyed most, besides Denise’s positive encouragement and perky personality, is the way it stretched my lower back and hips.

Having suffered from hip pain for the past three years, I’ve blacklisted many workouts. When my hip hurts, it also affects my lower back and my feet, which makes working out a literal pain in the butt. Stretching has always helped the pain, but it does nothing for my fitness level. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but yoga combines stretching with fitness, making it a perfect solution.

In “Hot Body Yoga,” Denise has two 30-minute workout options: Yoga Fit and Yoga Sculpt. Yoga Fit is the easier of the two, providing basic yoga moves and balance poses. As a beginner, I was able to do most of these moves and poses without losing my balance or falling over. Always a big plus! However, there were a few I had to modify since my abs and arms are not exactly in top-notch condition.

Yoga Sculpt is much the same as Yoga Fit, only it incorporates hand weights for a more advanced workout. This workout can be done without weights, as well, depending on fitness level. Either way, it will get the heart pumping!

I’m so happy to have discovered yoga, and I hope you all find it enjoyable, too!

27 thoughts on “Denise Austin’s "Hot Body Yoga" DVD Review and Giveaway!

  1. I absolutely love Denise Austin! She has never really put out a video that I did not like. Let me suggest that you give her “Power Yoga” a try also. Great stretches with a good workout incorporated also.


  2. I've always wanted to try yoga but never had the nerve to go to a class. Sounds like this video may be the ticket! Thanks for putting this on offer, Lynn!

  3. I tried a yoga class for the first time last week and really enjoyed it. Perfect timing for the giveaway as this class was in another town and I can't go regularly. Thanks!

    Thank you for the honesty of your last post. Wishing you peace during this transition. Hope all goes well during the move.

  4. I need something to replace my morning walk now that it is getting colder – throw my name in the hat!

    lmb2006lmb @

  5. I also have lower back and hip issues. My chiropractor did tell me to try yoga to help strengthen my back. I also adore Denise Austin and would love to try her DVD. I can hear her saying, “you can do it”.

  6. I haven't done yoga in 35 years – and I am sure it has changed 🙂 Would love to try it again but have been to embarrassed to go to an actual class – a DVD may be the answer – please add my name to the pot!

  7. I'd love to try yoga. No classes in my area for beginners. Love Denise Austin great video to try now that the weather is getting colder and I can't exercise outside.

  8. Hi Lynn, I can go to a yoga class every Wed evening where I live no charge. I went last winter with my husband and he was doing fantastik! Me muah could barely get on or off the matt. I think that was a sure sign I had to do something about my weight and physical condition. I may try it again this winter. Judy in Mpls

  9. I have never tried yoga – wasn't even interested in it for the longest time. But now, with all of the great stretching, I'm more open to it. Sounds like a good DVD, and Denise Austin is one of the original workout leaders…she's really perky but I think I prefer that over mean Jillian!

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