Losing my Berings

“Deadlines and commitments. What to leave in, what to leave out.” Bob Seger

Whether you’re a blogger or a reader of blogs, you know that what you put out on the Internet is open for the whole world to see. Discerning what should be written and not written takes a great deal of thought (although my stepsons have not learned that lesson on Facebook).

I’ve written in the last few weeks that I’m facing a lot changes in my life. I’ve hemmed and hawed about what to reveal and put out here, but I decided that if I’m going to continue blogging about weight loss and maintenance, I need to tell you what’s going on in my non-blogging world.

My life in two sentences: My husband, Larry, and I have decided to separate. I’ll be moving to Pittsburgh next week.

I’m not putting details out here except to say that our split is amicable and we are committed to being friends and the best grandparents we can be. And I will miss him. The rest of the details aren’t necessary.

What is important in terms of my blog is how I integrate this loss into my life of weight. This change is a huge challenge for me as I reacquaint myself with living alone and getting comfortable with my new surroundings.

Things are raw right now. If I’m a little late in my replies, a little distant, a little confused, I hope you’ll understand. But I need this blog and I need you. I’ll stay on this path, though. I promise.

I’m just keeping it real. Thank you for everything. You have no idea how much your reading and participation in Lynn’s Weigh means to me.

42 thoughts on “Losing my Berings

  1. (((hug))) Oh, Lynn. I don't know what to say, other than I wish you and your family much comfort and the best outcome through this change. I'll be here, keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Glad you put this “out there” – I think you will find a lot of support here in the blogging community. Hugs to you – I know it's been tough. Love you, my friend.

  3. I am so sorry. No one but you has to live through your pain but you, but you do have a strong support network to help you.

  4. As a new reader..hugs…so sorry life deals all of us a bad hand here and there…I will keep reading here…you post what is in my heart…I am still on the losing track here..need to lose about 50 lbs more.

  5. I am sorry you have to go through this tough time, Lynn. You have been through some hard times lately. I appreciate your honesty in sharing with everyone (while keeping a sense of discretion in your not spilling everything). I will be thinking of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Hi Lynn, I don't think I've commented before, but I read this and my heart dropped a few feet like an elevator. Thank you for sharing your life, take whatever time you need, and know that people care, even the ones you don't know.

  7. Thank you for sharing your pain and your life. You will help a lot of us, and I hope that you will receive the love and support you need. I've been there. No words really help at this point. Having been there, none of us really know how you feel. But we feel pain along with you. Many blessings. I understand being befuddled about how much to “put out there” in cyberspace. I'm just learning about the loss of privacy.

  8. I've kinda read in between the lines, but wished for the best. A marriage ending is never easy no matter what the circumstance. I wish you luck moving in a new direction, school and the move, you'll be closer to your grandchildren that will be a very helpful in the transition. Thanks for sharing the “good” and the “bad” your FB post and blogs have helped me tremendously in my own journey. I hope you feel the support back to help you when you most need it.
    Rhonda Conway

  9. Lynn, I was so sad to read your most recent blog post. No one knows better than you that losing can be a very positive adventure, but it can also be a very sad journey. I hope that all of the good you have shared with me and so many others will come back around to you, to support you and strengthen your body, mind and soul. Sending as much support as I can all the way from across a very big ocean of water. Thank you for your strength and blessings to you.

  10. “Letting go isn’t the end of the world; it’s the beginning of a new life.” ~Unknown

    Good luck as you create that new life for yourself.

  11. Thank you, thank you so much for your kind support. I'm…well…overwhelmed, quite frankly. I knew you guys cared. I mean, we support each other in this weight-loss thing, right? But this is different. I (and Sheri said it best) don't like asking for help, but I've learned that it's wrong to deny your friends (and yes, you are my friends) the opportunity to pray for, think of, send hope to you when you need it most.

    I appreciate your love and support. I am on your side, too, if you ever need me.

  12. Hi Lynn,
    love this quote and have read it for years:
    What might seem unimaginably difficult to you is easy for God.
    Your friend, Judy

  13. OMG, you know, I had a sneakin' suspicion that was what it was. (been there, done that.) I'm so sorry, but I'm sure it's a rational decision that although tough and painful, will lead to an open door or window for you at some point in time. If you need to talk, to someone who's been through it later in life, I'm always available. My best to you.

  14. Dear Lynn, I can't say I've been there done that but I can say I feel for you dearly on what you will be going through over the next few weeks and months.
    I am very thankful and blessed for the past 20+ years with my husband who is my best friend and our children.
    Clearly your decision to separate is not a decision made over night and I wish you all of the strength, support and love with this change and challenge ahead of you. xoxo

  15. Oh Lynn…you are in my thoughts. You've shared so much on your blog – you have the support and positive energy of us all. My hope is that the support you need is there before you even think to ask for it.

  16. Lynn, you have proven to be a very strong and capable person in your weight loss journey. I am sure you will come through this personal struggle with flying colors.
    Keep the faith..

  17. Lynn, I am sorry to hear about you separating from Larry! But I wish you all the best in your new life!! I will keep you in my prayers as you venture out into a new world!! You are such an amazing women full of strenght and courage!!! Even though we have never met I do consider you a friend!!! (((((hugs)))))

  18. I was going to say I'm sorry but maybe I don't have to. Maybe this is the right thing at this time in your life. Having said that, I imagine it's still difficult and I wish you strength as you move into your new life.


  19. Wow I am so sorry for this sad news. I hope you both find what you need in your new lives and chapters. Take care of yourself during this time. I assume Pittsburgh is near the grandkids which will help you get thru this too. Keep practicing your mindfulness. Did you read A new earth? very good. Now reading power of now.

  20. Lynn, thanks for your candor. Best of luck to you in this transition.

    As another blogger (and reader) who lives in Pittsburgh, please feel free to email me if you have any questions about gyms, the area, etc.

  21. I wish you nothing but the best, Lynn. You are such a strong and wise lady. Don't ever let yourself forget that. I love your blog. {{{{HUGS}}}}
    ~Keep on keepin' on!

  22. Lynn, so sorry to hear this. I must admit I suspected. You have soo many blog world folks that truly care and I know we aren't all there to give you a hug and help you through this difficult time but we are still here


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