My Oprah Episode To Re-Air Today!

Just a quickie to let you know that I heard from a friend that the Oprah show I was on in Nov. 2007 will re-air again today (Aug. 12).
If you’d like to read about my experience and see a few photos, click here.

I hope you find inspiration, as I did, listening to the awesome stories of weight loss and perseverence of the folks on this show. It was quite a moment for me, but an even greater learning experience that continues to educate me two years later.

9 thoughts on “My Oprah Episode To Re-Air Today!

  1. I appreciate the “heads-up.” I will definitely be tuning in to Oprah today, and I will also set the DVR. I don't think I saw it the first time around. You have an amazing story that is inspiring to so many of us. Sharing it is very generous and important. Thanks, Lynn.

  2. I have my DVR set to record – thanks for letting us know.

    My middle child wants to know if you get paid for reruns – ? I told her I was pretty sure you got to keep the clothes and they paid your expenses to get there and while there – (but no $$$)?

  3. I had seen you on Oprah before I began reading your blog. Back then I was impressed with what you had accomplished. Watching it today was more exciting and meaningful because of all that you have shared here.

    I LOVED seeing it again! I wish I had watched it with someone so I could have said…”I read her blog you know….”

  4. Greetings from Austria. Spent the last two days in Munich – taking small helpings of everything and feeling good about my eating and physically feeling good. Here in Austria now at tennis/golf resort. Had lots and lots of small tastes last night from the buffet. Would probably have enjoyed the s'more more than all the little bites of desserts I tried. Curiosity killed the cat… curiosity is going to make me fat!!

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