Grammy Has A New Potty Chair

Friday was the last day I felt oblivious about surgery. I dressed up and went to a university function with my husband.

Here we are in front of his new lab.

No one there knew how knobby my knees were or how the left one can’t bend more than 90 degrees. Nope. I was just Lynn in a dress and a great bra, and wearing a smile. I had a lot of fun forgetting.

But, it will happen, and it’s a good thing. It’s time to take care of this knee. So in light of surgery on Wednesday, I bought a few things to help make the everyday things we take for granted a little easier, and I did a few things to help me feel better all around.

First up, I bought myself the Cadillac of toilet seats. I mean this thing is large and in charge and has its own zip code. I’m a queen on a throne. My toes barely touch the floor and there’s very little bending of the knees required. I’m set.

Larry will install a hand-held shower head so I’m not wedded to sponge baths for six weeks, and his secretary’s mother had similar surgery 10 years ago and has a shower chair I can borrow. Yay!

Yesterday I made and froze several black bean burgers and a batch of red lentil tomato soup. I won’t be able to reach my toes for awhile, so today I had a pedicure, and since I’m carrying most of my worry in my neck and upper back, I had a massage. I also took another long walk – something I will do tomorrow, too. I’ll never take walking for granted again.

T minus 1.5 days.

The biggest change I made was moving a bed downstairs to my office. My office doubles as my workout room. It’s sacred space. A lot of things get thought in there. A lot of muscles get challenged in there. Years of myths I’ve believed about myself have been debunked in there. My office/workout room will prove to be a good space to rehab. It’s a room of energy and light. It is a refuge. Yes, I will be well there.

I woke up once last night wondering where I was, like when I stay in a hotel. Unlike a hotel, though, the bed is familiar, and like my new potty chair, it’s pimped out and comfy with a memory foam mattress topper, my favorite blanket and lots of pillows, my favorite being my water pillow. Best. Pillow. Ever.

Sleeping downstairs, while the sounds are familiar, they’re a lot closer. The neighbor’s dog was out for her last evening potty break, and her bark cut through the darkness like a warning – (Is there a bear out there? A skunk? A raccoon?) – unlike in the daylight when everything feels safe.

There were fireflies near my window, glowing and fading, glowing and fading. The half-moon lit up the pseudo nightstand where my computer table used to be. The moon doesn’t shine and fireflies don’t glow in my window upstairs. What a treat they were to observe.

In a week or so this differently-utilized space will feel normal, but like any change, it just takes some getting used to. Like this surgery, it’s an adventure.

This will be my last blog for a few days. I’ll be in touch when I can from the hospital on my Lynn’s Weigh Facebook page if you’d like to join us over there. In the meantime, I wish you all a good, on-plan week, and I thank you so very, very much for all of your kind support.

12 thoughts on “Grammy Has A New Potty Chair

  1. Looks like you are all set up – I love that you took charge of making sure that your recovery will be comfortable. And the things you don't think about – like toilet height – well, that's good, too. And you know Claire will be suitably impressed, lol!

    You look so gorgeous in those pictures! I'm glad you had a “normal” evening out, and I think I can speak for all of your followers when I say nice choice on the bra! 🙂

    Love you – take care, have a happy surgery and report in as soon as you can. I'll be thinking about you, you know that, right?

  2. Super organized! WTG! I pray your surgery goes well and you heal quickly! Looks like you have a good support system in place and are ready for it.

  3. You look so beautiful in that dress! I love that necklace, too.

    You have really taken charge of everything that you can control before this surgery. You are very well prepared and by Thursday, you will be on the recovery road.

  4. Just discovered your blog. Wishing you the best results and quick recovery. I would love to know how to make black bean burgers. I like Morningstars but I bet homemade are a 100x better! When you have time I would love the recipe!

  5. Here's to a successfull surgery and speedy recovery!!!
    I vote when you are well and truly back on your feet you should put that dress back on and have your hubby take you dancing! You deserve it.
    Good luck!

  6. Best wishes for an easy surgery and an easy recovery. Before you know it, you'll be blogging about your amazing progress! You're in great shape already and that's half the battle. Take care!

    Nancy in Eastern PA

  7. Hey Lynn! After trying all day to comment on your blog I finally thought about checking for software updates on my computer. Sure enough there was a 'safari' update due, and that was the problem. Yay. Now I can comment to my heart's content.

    I guess I don't have much to say (LOL) but I do love your hair curly.

    Oh, yeah. And I LOVE my memory foam mattress topper. I'm going to have to check out that water pillow.

    I will keep you in my prayers. But I think you are going to do great. I'll bet you recover super quick.

  8. Hoping it all goes well at the hospital and you recover quickly. Had a friend that had her knee done in 08 and shes back to running without pain and doing great you will be like that too I bet!
    We will all be thinking about you and praying for you on Wednesday.
    Good job on getting your self organized before hand.
    Take Care!

  9. You look beautiful Lynn! I love the curly hair too.
    I'm glad you are doing what's needed to take care of your knee. For me the worst part is dreading it before it happens. Wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

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