A Hike in Pictures

I’m trying to do as many normal things as possible before rehabbing the summer away. Biking’s out, but I can still walk, so last Friday, the mister and I went to Jennings Environmental Education Center to hike and do a little bird watching.

I was thrilled/ecstatic/practicallywettingmyself when I saw that one of the Jennings trails is part of the North Country Trail. (Notice the little triangle on the right?) Oh North Country Trail, with your blue blazes, how I love thee! Remember when I first discovered that it ran almost through my back yard? (See “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes”) Ah…good times.

Anyway, back to Jennings. I’ll let the photos tell the story.

Get ‘er done!
A cocoon condo
Muddy shoes
Why the muddy shoes
You don’t have to tell me twice!
Water snakes’ home on Big Run Creek
And so we moved quickly
Picnicking near a boat launch at Moraine State Park. The only picnic table was right next to the bathrooms, so we stayed in the Jeep.
Sandwiches (with tomatoes, lettuce and onions packed separately! Eating in the wild is no excuse for a soggy sandwich.), edamame crackers, almonds, carrots, an orange, cherries and two Dove dark chocolates: one for Larry and one for …oh wait…make that TWO for Larry and NONE for me. Urgh. That’ll teach me to take photos during a picnic.
View from the Jeep
Found these at a roadside stand on the way home. Mmmmm….

Nothing like a 90-minute hike to help you forget your troubles. Clears out the junk between the ears, you know? This weekend I’m doing a different type of hike: shopping at an outlet mall. Easily a 3-hour venture. I won’t be going with Larry, though. He’d rather surgically remove his own spleen than shop for 3 hours. I’ll be going with my trusty sidekick, Daughter Carlene.
Congratulations to Ali, who won the book “Strength Training for Women,” and Julie, who won “Body for Life for Women.” I wish I had a book to give all of you who entered. Thanks so much for reading and posting and throwing your names in the hat. I’ll do another giveaway next week!

15 thoughts on “A Hike in Pictures

  1. What a yummy picnic and neat hike – I laughed at the sign telling you to move quickly through the bee tree…bet you were glad that they posted that!

    The cherries and strawberries have my mouth watering – what is it about red fruit that just looks SO good?!?

  2. Love the pictures, Lynn. Sounds like you guys had a great hike. And have fun shopping this weekend. Let us know what you get!

    And I am very excited to have won the book!

  3. (Take 2!) I love your hike, although I wouldn't have loved the snakes and bees. (My kids would have flipped out at that sign and sworn off the wilds forever.) And my husband shares your husband's sentiment about shopping!

  4. Hi Lynn. What a great day and wonderful pictures. You look great and sharing all parts of your journey continues to be such an inspiration for us all. I'm curious to hear if the shopping mall was more strenuous that the trail…keep us posted!

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