“Some Day” Always Comes (and another giveaway inside!)

Started out I was simply going to vacuum the mudroom. That’s all. A little warm-up before my workout. Four hours later, the hallway carpet was now the mudroom carpet, and my glutes were screaming at me (but in a good way).

I’ve been saying for years that “some day” I’d take up the carpet in the small hallway that links the front of our house with my office and downstairs bathroom and put it in the mudroom, and when I couldn’t bring myself to look at, let alone vacuum, the ugly brown and black speckled mudroom carpet one more time yesterday, I knew “some day” had arrived.

I grabbed a big box for the scraps, a pair of pliers, a screwdriver and a hammer. (I should have grabbed gloves, too) and went to work.

The aftermath

Ripping up carpet is like unwrapping a gift. You never know what you’re what you’re going to get. Yesterday I was hoping against hope I’d discover a nice wood floor, not the kind of flooring we discovered when we ripped up the carpet in the original part of the house in 2006:

Larry ripping up carpet and discovering 1930s newsprint sticking to the pine floors!

The hallway I uncovered yesterday is part of the “new” part of the house that was added in the 1940s. I ripped and tugged until I’d lifted out whole the 60- by 53-inch piece of berber. I peeked underneath and hello! 1940s speckled fiberboard!

I love antiques. God knows I do. But flooring like that should have been outlawed. Bad enough it’s speckled ugly, it’s cardboard ugly. And there was no getting that stuff up without professional help.

So I cleaned it up, painted it white, and laid down a braided rug until I decide what to do next.

Meanwhile, back in the mudroom, I removed the ugly brown and black carpet, wiped down the shelving, cleaned the dust off the ironing board (it doesn’t get used much), and relegated the dog toys to the outdoor storage bin. Larry and I cut the old hallway carpet to fit and we laid it down.

The berber in its new home
Bye, bye, ugly speckled carpet!

When I get a bee in my bonnet like that – when I just can’t stand how something looks or works or I just need a change – there’s no stopping me from starting. Before I lost weight this last time though, I plunged head first into a project not always knowing how or why, and I often lost interest and didn’t follow through. When in 2005 my “some day” came to lose weight (after soooo many “some days” over the years), that same strong desire for change was there, but this time I had a plan and the desire to not stop, even if it meant, to use my carpet story analogy, cutting up my hands or being disappointed in what was underneath.

It’s interesting how that shift in attitude about weight loss caused a shift in my attitude about most other projects I’ve undertaken in the last five years. I still get that overwhelming urge for change – I don’t think that will ever go away or be tempered – but I tend not to jump in without a plan or at least without first committing to seeing it all the way through.

Who knew losing a few pounds would do so much more than change one’s appearance?

As promised, it’s time for another giveaway from my box of weight-loss/weight-maintenance tools. This time, it’s the Leslie Sansone’s “Walk & Firm with Interval Training” DVD. (She’s the lady from the Walk Away The Pounds fame…some of my favorite workout DVDs ever.) I’m also throwing in one of my own Thera-Bands because I ripped in half the pink one that originally came with the DVD. Didn’t mean to. Just got too strong, I guess!

Anyway, you know the only stipulation I have is if you win this DVD, you either give it away when you’re done or keep it if you can’t part with it and donate an item to your local food shelf.

To throw your name in the hat, leave a comment or send me an email at lynnbering@verizon.net. And if you care to, tell me what’s changed in your life that isn’t weight related as you lose weight. I’ll draw a winner on Thursday, May 27.

Congrats to reader Garen (aka Quinta da Quilter) who won the Peter Walsh book in last week’s giveaway.

To those of you who haven’t won one of my giveaways yet, don’t be afraid to keep throwing your name in! I love hearing from you!

11 thoughts on ““Some Day” Always Comes (and another giveaway inside!)

  1. I can't find one of my favorite rings so yesterday I cleaned my closet and jewelry drawer and the shelf above it and so on and so forth. Happy to say, no cuts or bruises, just some sneezing from all the dust. Sadly, still can't find the ring.

  2. Hello Lynn. I am one of your newest readers. I have battled my weight most of my life…lost 119 3/4 pounds from July 90 – Apr 94…only to regain it back! I have gone through some major “life” struggles that has kept me stretched far and thin. I am an emotional eater and I ate the emotions away! My life has finally settled down and I have come face to face with my weight once again. I started my own weight loss blog on May 20th. I had began watching my eating habits on March 1st but have not been as adamant about losing this weight as I should have been. I feel more in control of my destiny and I believe keeping a live documentation of my journey is going to help me as I go through each day!

    I run a longarm quilting business and it has been “on hold” for over 2 years now. I have gotten the “spring cleaning” bug this past week and have been cleaning out closets, drawers, under the beds…Where did all this stuff come from!!

    Anyway…I have been hard at work getting my studio organized once again in preparation for having a re-grand opening of my business!

    And doing all this spring cleaning IS keeping me out of the kitchen!! ha!

    I have Leslie's 1 – 2 – and 3 mile walk videos…I would love to win the one you are giving away! When I can graduate away from the 1 mile video, I will gladly pass it on to some kind soul is beginning their journey.

  3. Hi Lynn!

    Your poor hands! But awesome work out in an unconvential way, I bet you were hurting, lol!

    I am doing WW and have a Leslie Sansone tape. You've inspired me to pull it out tonite and do it! Hope you'll come by and visit my blog! I have two, but the WL one is called “I'm On A Mission”. I had taken a break from blogging for a few months but am coming back to it.

  4. You have inspired me to dig into spring cleaning! As a teacher I am officially out for the summer and plan to use this summer to work on my “healthy” body.
    Would love the video and will pass on one that I am not using!

  5. Hi Lynn. Here I am reading your blog and looking longingly at your before/after pics….this could be me, I thought. It was me, but damn it, I want to do 'it' right this time. I am over 300 lbs, late 30's, and so tired of being fat! I am promising myself I am going to be a faithful reader of your blog-because it is the first step of mine in reaching out to connect with others who are on the same journey as mine! Thank you for your ability to put yourself out there and share! I needed to see your journey to begin mine! I want to REALLY live! Thanks and Good energy!

  6. Can't tell my story yet, it still leaves me confused, but I'd love to be in the running for your drawing. Loved your story of the rocking chair. Made me cry. Silly huh?

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