The Mojo’s Back In Town

I found my mojo! I looked all winter for it, only to discover I’d left it at the university track back in October. Whew! I thought it was lost forever.

I took my old winter body out for a test drive this morning because the temperature was already 59 degrees when I woke up at 6:30. Perfect weather for a “track day.”

Ate a banana and drank a cup of green chai tea while Larry pumped up the tires on my bike. Slapped on the headphones and turned on my iPod – “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado. Awesome. Hopped on my bike and took off.

The first bike ride of the season is always the sweetest. While subsequent bike rides can be really good, the first one reminds you why you love it so much. It’s the smell of the air and the feel of the wind and how it plays on your body and courses through your ears and nose and mouth. To quote Foreigner, it feels like the first time.

Me and my bike in April 2007, out for the first time ever.

I took Main Street to the track and rode a few laps around the perimeter. I recognized a few people running and walking, people I haven’t seen for months who were no doubt shaking out their winter cobwebs, too. I parked the bike and climbed the stadium stairs for four sets. Set off on a 20-minute power walk around the track and managed to do a 12-minute mile (with the help of a the Black Eyed Peas). I still got it!

Did another four sets on the stairs and got back on my bike. My thighs protested a little, but I took my normal route home with its small hills and challenges and got up to 19.5 mph on the last street before home while Michael Jackson sang, “Let’s dance, let’s shout, shake your body down to the ground…” I brought the energy inside and did 30 minutes of strength training and ab work. Yikes! I feel a Howard Dean scream welling inside!

My body took a hit over the winter with advancing arthritis, so I was a little nervous about this test drive. But wow…I’m so glad I took that chance. I am really relieved to know I can still do a track day. The feelings of freedom and aliveness that come from riding my bike and walking outdoors – feelings that laid dormant all winter – came back just as reliably as spring.

With my mojo home again and my body and mind in sync, it’s time for a well deserved oatmeal pancake and egg-white omelet. Here’s to your mojo, wherever it may be.

15 thoughts on “The Mojo’s Back In Town

  1. What an athlete! Love that you climbed the stadium stairs…those were always my nemesis year after year at our son's high school football games. Glad you and your bike are together once again! I'm planning on going for a bike ride this evening – must be bike day!

  2. Way to go, Lynn! What a great exercise day for you. I am starting to ride my stationary bike now (I am up to eight minutes and I don't have to do it on the lowest tension), and I hope to be doing 30-40 minutes by the summer if my knees can tolerate it. You inspire me!

    And I love the picture of you with your bike–so cute!

  3. Hi Lynn,

    I just love your blog. It has inspired me to create a weightloss blog myself in hopes of losing 200 lbs. I just hoped I am as successful as you.


  4. Hi Lynn,

    I recently discovered your blogs, and I have been tremendously inspired by not only your success, but your insight. Like you, I have had a life-long struggle with weight, and although I have been successful for periods of time, overall, losing and gaining, has been a way of life (albeit a frustrating, restrictive one) for me. About two weeks ago, I joined a gym, which is very much out of character for me, and I have embarked on a lifestyle change that I hope will support weight loss and maintenance of healthy nutrition, activity, and body weight. You have inspired me, and I will continue to follow your blogs as I continue on my own journey. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. I have a hard time giving a Howard Dean scream for an egg white omelet… but I know what you mean.

    Love the post… it is so right on. I feel the same way when it gets to be spring outside. Of course, here in Mississippi, it has been spring for a while… but I get it.

    Thanks, I enjoy your blog!!

  6. I never thought I would enjoy exercising, but there is something about venturing outdoors on a warm sunny spring day that brings a lot of bounce to my step. I've been riding my stationary bike in the morning before work and still manage to walk about eight miles during the course of the day. It feels great!

  7. Hi Lynn. I am totally inspired by your story, and I greatly admire the honesty you showcase in your posts. I also “lost my mojo” during the cold, snowy months, but have recently rediscovered it now that the sunshine and warmth have returned! Thank you so much for sharing!

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