Choosing the Baby Over the Blackberry

Today’s blog was inspired by the video I took with my beloved Blackberry on Monday. Claire was taking a bath and Luca was playing on the outside of the tub. At least, he was outside the tub. Take a look.

(Before you worry, Luca was just fine. Did you catch Claire’s giggle at the very end? In less than a minute, everything was back to normal and Luca, now shirtless, was laughing, too, only this time I held on tightly to the back of his pants.)

Continuing on last blog’s theme of the New Normal, it struck me as I was taking apart my Blackberry to dry it out that over the last five years, many of things I was learning when I started to lose weight have become second nature. Just as I immediately grabbed Luca when he went head first into the tub without thought to the fate of my phone, it’s become a no-brainer to choose a salad over a Big Mac. This was not the case at the beginning. In terms of food, I often chose the Blackberry over the baby, so to speak.

When I joined Weight Watchers, I was all about my Old Favorites – mashed potatoes, Chicken McNuggets, 100-calorie packs, etc. – and how many I could fit into my daily Points allotment while still getting in the bare minimum of the recommended number of servings of fruits and veggies, dairy and protein.

If you’re familiar with the Points plan, you know that as you lose weight, your daily Points drop, but you still need the same number of fruits, veggies, etc., to be on plan. Dropping even a few Points really cut into my Old Favorites choices, but what happened, quite serendipitously, was that I adopted new favorites that incorporated the healthy food guidelines. While I still have a few Old Favorites, they aren’t mainstays in my New Normal. They’re more like visitors.

This is Claire’s friend Robot. Her mother cut out the design to Claire’s specifications and Claire painted him and gave him his face. Not bad for a 2-year-old, eh? Anyway, Robot is on her wall next to her bed and keeps the monsters out of Claire’s room. On Monday she made another Robot to hang on the wall next to her bed in Larry’s office. Robot makes her feel safe.

My New Normal is like Claire’s Robot. It wards off scary foods and keeps me safe from bad choices. Sure, I’ve fallen into that proverbial tub a time or two in the last five years, and I’ll no doubt make a few more trips head first into a cheesecake or some such, but my New Normal helps me prioritize and make (mostly) healthy split-second decisions, choosing the baby, so to speak, over the Blackberry because I finally love and care about my body more than any food or excuse.

10 thoughts on “Choosing the Baby Over the Blackberry

  1. Adorable! LOL. I think we all tumble into the tub from time to time, but it's really okay. As long as you get out and laugh about it – it's all good 😀

  2. Wow, what a video! Those top-heavy babies and their big heads, always taking a tumble…it's wild that your Blackberry still worked after going in the tub. Glad everyone was ok…Claire's giggle at the end was priceless!

    I do agree that it becomes a no-brainer to make automatic choices most of the time – in fact, I'm usually on auto pilot and forget that it's ok to have something off of my normal once in a while.

    Wonderful analogy – you've got me thinking now!

  3. What cute grand kids!

    I couldn't agree more about making choices on auto pilot. Sometimes, like now when I hit road bumps, I can forget how far I've come. Sure, there are times I choose the Blackberry, but by and large the decision-making process is a 100 percent improvement…so when the bumps occur, I try to remind myself that it is all about the process. Good things come from this journey and as bumpy as it can get, I never want to return to what I was.

  4. “….I finally love and care about my body more than any food or excuse”.

    This line is priceless. Thank you.

    ..and Claire's joyous laughter is just wonderful!

  5. Oh my goodness, that is a hilarious video. Especially the glub glub glub of the Blackberry going underwater! I'm curious if the blackberry made it out alive. I dropped my cell phone in my sink, and it worked sporadically for a little while and then gave up the ghost.

  6. Loved this… and I could recognize some of myself even now in your description of still wanting to get my share of favorites in each day, instead of good nutrition. I gotta work on that!

    What adorable grandkids… and lightening fast reflexes their Gramma has! Whew!

  7. Adorable, and glad for the BB taking second fiddle to the grandkid. LOL

    Yep, it's become easier than I thought….good health and good self esteem trumping momentary taste indulgences. THAT'S why you are so successful at keeping it off, and are such a great inspiration!

  8. Really like this post and your insight on how we change.

    I have had a very similar experience. Several weeks ago, I was at a party and AMAZINGLY I had zero desire to eat the hamburgers and other stuff that they had there… well, I still drank the beer.

    But you are right… it is strange to look back and see how far you have come… I would have never believed it.

    Thanks… Hey, check my blog at:

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