Caution: Whining Inside (But Your Advice Is Welcomed)

You’ve heard of the book “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” right?

For today, I’m renaming my blog Lynn’s Weigh and Zombies. I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck, only I can’t put my finger on why. Ever think you might have a virus, only it’s not manifesting in the usual places? I’m so dang tired I can hardly keep my head up and my arms feel like they’re going to fall off, even though I haven’t exercised in two days. I’m dizzy and feel like I’m walking sideways, but my head doesn’t hurt. My nose is only running a little, but my eyes won’t stop watering. What gives?

My biggest clue that something’s up is I still don’t have my appetite back after Saturday’s stomach bug. Eat? Food? Eh. Not so much.

I put on my workout clothes first thing hoping they’d give me some motivation. So far, they’re just barely keeping me warm.

The sun is shining, but another winter storm is lurking; ergo, I need to get to the grocery store before the big rush of afternoon shoppers desperate for white bread, milk and eggs (snowstorm staples for some reason). Personally, I’m out of Greek yogurt and I’m not sure I can survive 6-12 inches of snow without it.

So what do you do when you feel like crapola? Do you get on the old treadmill anyway? Muscle your way through strength training? I’ve not exercised in two days and part of me thinks it might perk me up. Maybe I’ll give it a try, keeping in mind that something is better than nothing and I can always back off. Hmmm… Just typing that and rereading it makes me feel a little better.

But I still want to know (and believe me, I Googled it and came up with nothing), is it possible for a cold-type virus to settle in non-typical places, like joints? Any thoughts or personal experience in that area? TIA! You guys are the best!

13 thoughts on “Caution: Whining Inside (But Your Advice Is Welcomed)

  1. I am sorry you are not feeling well. My daughter and husband both fought a stomach bug in January that lasted over two weeks. Just when they thought they were feeling better it would hit them again. They both had headaches and backaches with the bug. My 12 year old would volunteer to rest all day (not normal). Sometimes these bugs just take longer than we wish they would.

  2. I am sorry you still are not feeling well! I would say (not a doctor here) that it could be some inner ear infection with the off balance feeling. If you are running any kind of fever, might not be a bad idea to get it checked out.

    Or you could just pop down to Mexico and get some drugs without a prescription 😀

  3. Lori, I was just in the shower and when the water hit my ears, it really hurt and I thought, “Hmmm…maybe it's my ears.” So this is getting spooky. First the treadmill on your ship and now my ears. We share a brain, I think.

    And mmmmmhmmmm…steroids'll fix me right up.

    Brenda, I do hope your family isn't hit again with this bug. My daughter and her family are still really sick, too. I wish we could just snap our fingers and make everything better!

  4. Maybe a sinus infection? We have had the virus that will not go away for the past month. Sore throats, headaches, sinus junk. It just keeps rotating from kid to kid.

  5. This doesn't sound fun – could be the remnants of Saturday, but if it still hangs on after today you might want to get to a doctor. My trainer says if you aren't feeling 80% normal, then don't workout. Sounds like you should just take it easy and see if your body can mend itself. Too bad Lori didn't stock up on the meds while she was in Mexico…she could have been the bloggy pharmacy!

  6. Aaah, definitely sounds like an ear infection. Pain is often the only symptom. But outside of that, yes, virus's can attack only the muscles/joints or balance (usually dehydration). Part of being healthy, great nutrition, exercise, nonsmoker, etc. is that when the bug's do invade, the resulting illness usually isn't as bad as in a not-so-healthy person. A healthy immune system takes over before the virus takes over.

  7. You poor thing! Definitely sounds like an ear infection on top of the flu. (flu will give you those body aches, for days after the initial burst seems to have passed.) You need to treat yourself gently as you recover. Don't try to overdo any exercising, or you'll just delay reaching 100%. Poor sweetpea.

  8. Hi Lynn, Hope you're feeling better by the time I write this. I wondered if that extra tired feeling I had last week might not be some sort of a virus too. But I do think that our immune systems are so good that we just have these vague weird symptoms instead of getting hit head on.

  9. how are you feeling now? Im late to getting back to reading after blissdom but I ALWAYS take a rest when Im not feeling up to par.

    the other stuff? Im no help.

    Im not a doctor and try NOT to play one on the net 🙂

  10. Hope you start feeling better soon! Exercise may help but I wouldn't overdo it, especially if it starts to make you feel dizzy. I normally walk on the treadmill when I'm sick at a slow pace just to get my legs moving a bit, but I don't push myself like I normally would.

  11. I hope you get to feeling better!! Don't push yourself too hard. Your body does have limites especially if you are fighting something. Take care of you and then hop on the treadmill. If do decide to get on the treadmill, just walk…don't over do it. Get better!

    Jen 🙂

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