Four Little Words: A SAD Remedy

When the view from my kitchen sink looks like this:

I think about when it looked like this:

Photos from last summer’s flower gardens line the walls of my office/exercise room. It was my new offensive to stave off or at least ease Seasonal Affective Disorder. For awhile it worked better than doing nothing, which is what I usually did every winter other than grin and bear it, you know? But last Sunday, I was given a new weapon in my anti-SAD arsenal: Four little words uttered for the first time by g-baby Claire: “I love you, ‘Rammy.”

Just typing that gives me happy tears. Take THAT SAD!

Claire was here last Sunday for a sleepover. Cassie and I made the swap at 10 a.m. at a gas station in Kittanning. It was bitter cold and snowing, but somehow the sun was out. I guess it was winter’s version of a sun shower. Claire and I talked and sang all the way home, even though I didn’t catch 90 percent of what she said because she was in the back seat. Back in the day (yes, I’m going to be old for a moment), my kids were legally allowed to sit in their car seats in the front seat. I know, I know…air bags and all that. But how many accidents are caused by parents and grandparents looking at and fussing with kids in the back seat while driving? Probably an even accident swap, I’d guess.

We stopped at the grocery store for some Claire essentials: oranges (which she insists are peaches), yogurt, whole wheat elbow macaroni, orange juice, a potty seat attachment (she’s 99 percent potty trained), and stickers:

She puts them everywhere, obviously.

When we got home, we went to see Mew, the stray kitty who came to visit me one day in November when I was sitting on the porch. I couldn’t keep Mew because I had (at the time) three large dogs. But my next-door neighbor Paula adopted her and Claire’s been visiting ever since.

After dinner, Claire watched a Wow Wow Wubbzy DVD while Papa Larry watched the playoffs. Good thing I had dishes to do. When I was done, Claire wanted to listen to Old MacDonald and Jingle Bells. I found the least irritating renditions I could on YouTube, and Claire started to bounce her bum:

Before long it was bath time. After some ice cream and the book “Hop on Pop,” Claire headed to bed. I tucked her in and turned off the light. I laid down next to her and she told me all about snow trucks and mail trucks and big long choo choo tunnels. Not sure where that one came from since she’s never been on a train. Then, just before she went to sleep, she put her hands on my cheeks and pulled her face real close to mine and said, “I love you, ‘Rammy.”

In the history of all my happy moments – from the birth of my children to walking Cassie down the aisle – this one ranks right up there with the best moment ever. Ever, ever, ever.

AND…I have a real grandma name. Claire used to call me Mum because that’s what her mother and aunt call me, but now I’m ‘Rammy. And Claire loves me. SAD can kiss my arse.

I wonder what Luca will call me? It’s possible I’ll find out during the 2011 SAD cycle. It gives me hope.

SAD is a real and debilitating disorder. Do you suffer (or suspect you suffer) from Seasonal Affective Disorder? If so, what is your plan of action?

14 thoughts on “Four Little Words: A SAD Remedy

  1. How adorbale, Lynn! What an utterly touching moment. You'll probably tell that story for the rest of your life.

    SAD sure is a pain the ass. I hear it affects women more than men, and boy do I believe it! I moved to Boston 18 months ago, and it's even worse here. Once there's snow on the ground, it's there for five months. And last “summer” was pathetic. It rained absolutely every day the month of June, and most days it rarely broke 70 degrees. Hard to call that summer!

    I find exercise and sleep help me combat it better than anything else. So, onward until Spring!

  2. Such a lovely posy, Lynn! It really is. And the picture of Claire with the cat is simply adorable.

    I was not aware that Vitamin D helped with SAD–as some are commenting here–but I do take a supplement prescribed by the doctor.

  3. I would TOTALLY have it, if I didn't live in South Orange County, California! I can't even stand 2 overcast days in a row without losing some of my energy!

    Rammy. How adorable! I'm Gammi. 🙂

  4. You're a great grandmother, it's no wonder she loves you so much.
    If Rammy sticks then that's probably what Luca will call you, too. You'll be Rammy forever. So cute.
    Stacey (the lurker)

  5. I suffer. I've been posting about it this week. I am using my light box and whenever I see the sun (which is rare), I bolt out the door to stand in it. I also take extra vitamin D3.

    So cute, 'rammy!

  6. Awww how sweet!

    SAD sucks! This year I have been really doing well with a combo of using my light box everyday, eating right, getting consistent sleep, taking my vit D and working out 6 days a week. I'm still hoping spring gets here soon though!

  7. What a lovely story, Lynn. Love your new name too!

    I never thought I had SAD, but reading about it here, I wonder if I have just a mild case of it. I do get outside, and after all, I live in California. But we have plenty of dark gloomy days here too.

    When I am sad, or SAD, I grab Sophie and let her lick my face, or I go and bury my face in Noah's soft fuzzy coat. He is such a gentle boy.

  8. What a sweet day, loved the video. It brought tears to my eyes how darn cute kids are. I love that you have a really grandmom name now, Rammy I love it *big smile*.

    Mmmmm a month in Hawaii sure sounds good lol.

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