Lefse and Facebook

Just a quick checking-in blog. The new year has been (thankfully) pretty dull. Lots of snow, lots of exercise procrastination (ugh), and lots of layers of clothing. I’m very excited, though, to pick up G-baby Claire for a sleepover tomorrow. We’ll have 24 hours of Grammy/Claire/Papa fun before the crew arrives for a lefse-making marathon on Monday.

Making lefse is usually something we do before Thanksgiving, but that was NOT happening this last T-day. Lots going on, too much stress…you know the story. Sure, on Monday, it’ll be a little crazy with three babies and four adults (Cassie, Carlene and my friend Pam, who volunteered to help…god love her) roaming my teeny-tiny little house, but it’s so much fun AND we’ll have golden brown deliciousness to show for it.

FYI: A lefse round is 1 Point. I spread a sliver of butter and a sprinkling of sugar for another Point. It’s white-flour/white-sugar hell….but so very worth it. See? I’m not the purist some folks seem to think I am. At least during lefse season.

I taught Carlene and Cassie to make lefse last season. Carlene rolled out a “round” that looked like Jay Leno.

This is Cassie with yet-to-be-born Luca on board.

Carlene learning the perfect rolling technique.

And here’s me with flour-encrusted Claire who was “helping.” How little is she? Wow. How fast they change.

Maybe you’ve noticed, but I’ve changed the blog a little, adding a cool little search tool on the left and adding a “fan page” for Lynn’s Weigh on Facebook. (For the record, I hate the term “fan page.” It implies hierarchy and that’s just not my style. I’ll explain more later.)

Regarding the search engine, let’s say you want to know what I’ve written about hummus. Type in “hummus” and links to the blogs in which I’ve mentioned hummus will appear on the right. I added this feature mostly for my benefit, since I can never remember what I wrote when.

Regarding Facebook, my personal presence on FB is so I can keep in contact with my kids and a few close friends. I’ve had several requests from people who read my blog to be my “friend,” but I’m so terminally dull on my personal FB page that I decided to start a Lynn’s Weigh page just to shake things up a bit. No biggie and no earth-shattering insights, I assure you. But do you bloggers ever get a thought and think, “I’d like to share that on my blog” and then forget or it seems like not enough of a thought to turn into a blog? My Lynn’s Weight FB page will be that place I write down those things that pop in my head throughout the day. Well, the more interesting things anyway. I’m sure no one’s interested in my mundane thoughts like, “Do I feel like shaving my legs?” or “Where did I put the hammer?” or “Do I wear jeans or leggings today?”

Things like that.

Not sure how long the FB thing will endure, but for now, it is what it is and I like it.

13 thoughts on “Lefse and Facebook

  1. you already did have a search function at the very top of your blog – I use it all the time – things like PB2 and recipes and topics. and I totally agree – I search for things more on my own blog than on anyone elses. I start writing something and think – this sounds sort of familiar. Or I will be working on the kids photoalbums and think 'when did that happen?'. It is amazing how much is 'there' of my life, in my blog posts.

  2. Lefse sounds good – kind of like a healthier (because it's not deep-fried) version of sopapillas.

    I am glad to hear that I'm not the only one who can't remember when I posted what – that search function will definitely come in handy!

    And yes, it is amazing at how shockingly fast Claire has grown! Hope you are having a wonderful time with her today!!!

  3. Margie M., lefse is very tasty. The store bought stuff is OK, but the homemade is much better. I felt so sad when my aunt told me she had to buy store bought this last Christmas because she can't make it anymore. She's getting a big old batch as a surprise!

    Vickie, I had no idea I could search that way! LOL I guess now I'm the queen of redundancy 🙂 I'm such a techno newbie.

  4. LEFSE!!!! So good. It's been a family tradition of ours to make a couple batches every year for the Holiday season. Great job!

    If you ever try it with whole grain flour, let me know how it works. I'm tempted to try, but it's so much work and I don't want to waste anything.

  5. Peas, I was just telling my kids the other day, “I wonder if lefse would work with whole wheat flour?” I'm thinking of trying a small batch sometime soon. I'll definitely let you know how it turns out. Only one of the three batches we made yesterday worked out. I made an error with salt. Totally forgot that I'd added salt to the potato water and thus added salt to the dough. Doh! Oh well, one batch is better than no batch.

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