Six-Word Resolutions

I see the dumbest things when I watch football on Sundays. Even worse than the mindless beer commercials yesterday was the commercial for Taco Bell touting itself as healthy drive-thru fare. Yikes! They’re even calling their menu the Drive-Thru-Diet. Here’s the disclaimer: “Drive-Thru-Diet® is not a weight-loss program. For a healthier lifestyle, pay attention to total calorie and fat intake and regular exercise. Taco Bell’s Fresco Menu can help with calorie reductions of 20 to 100 per item compared to corresponding products on our regular menu. Not a low calorie food. For complete nutritional information please visit”

It’s not a weight-loss program, and yet they call it a “diet.” Hmmm… Tell you what, Taco Hell, I’ll just keep staying away from your restaurant as I have for five years. That way I’m guaranteed a “healthier lifestyle.” Besides, I make better refried beans, use real lettuce, and am much more generous with tomatoes when I make tacos and burritos at home. Drive-Thru-Diet my ass…

I’m skipping the “frescolustions” this year and making some real resolutions. As many of you know, my weight loss is the result of a New Year’s resolution that stuck. Five years ago, I decided to lose some weight. How much I wasn’t sure. I just remember thinking, I want to be in Onederland again. A year later, I was.

Because a year will pass whether I change anything or not, I’m resolving to make a few tweaks to the old way of life. And I’m going to be succinct about it because it’s more fun that way.

Here’s what I mean: created the Six-Word Memoirs project in 2006 and have since published two books of six-word memoirs submitted by readers. I first found the site when they held a Six-Word Resolution contest in 2007. Of all the winners, my favorite resolution was, “Kiss Jon Stewart on the mouth” submitted by Martha Garvey. I haven’t talked to Martha for awhile, so I’m not sure if she ever resolved that resolution.

So here are my 2010 six-word resolutions:

In terms of my body: “Make friends with my flabby bits.” And once I’ve done that: “Wear shorts higher than my knees.”
Professionally: “Stop giving it away for kudos.”
Financially: “No pedicures until Mastercard’s paid off.”
Nutritionally: “Go vegan for awhile, maybe longer.” (P.S. I fell in love with a new blog: FatFree Vegan Kitchen. I lost myself for an hour looking through her recipes. What to try first…)

So what are your six-word resolutions for 2010? And if it’s “Try Taco Bell’s Drive-Thru-Diet,” that’s OK, you can tell me. I won’t say anything. Really. I promise.

26 thoughts on “Six-Word Resolutions

  1. I need to add another resolution: “Don't forget to change comment settings!” Ugh. Shelley B at (fancy new address!) posted a comment on the old settings and here it is: “Well, mine would be Try Taco Bell's…no wait – that's the way I gained my weight and sorry Taco Bell, but I don't think I would lose any eating your food! One of my resolutions is Get outta mah belly, you fat! – six words that say so much.”

  2. Lynn, regarding the vegan eating, there is a 21 Day Vegan Kickstart program starting on Jan 1.

    So my resolution goes along with that “Eat vegan for twenty one days”.

    I have been eating semi-vegan since October. But eating prepared foods that sometimes contain dairy/eggs. I want to eat pure vegan. And Susan's blog is awesome. Not only does she give the NI for her recipes, she even includes WW points!

  3. Oh, how fun! Here's mine:
    “Triathlon in 9 weeks. 'Nuff said.”

    Happy new year to you, and I wish you a smooth path toward your goals! (I was going to wish you luck, but “luck” really doesn't have much to do with it, does it?)

  4. Okay here are mine:

    1. Lose weight by doing the elliptical.

    2. Heal up quickly from my surgery.

    3. Eat less sugar and more protein.

    PS My surgery is set for January 6th. I am hopeful that it will go well. Thanks for all your encouragement, Lynn. I am so glad I found your blog and actually got the courage over the summer to leave comments! Happy New Year!

  5. Flo, you're a goddess! Thanks for the link! I'll do it if you're doing it. Can we stay in touch to see how we're each doing?

    Pubsgal, 9 weeks? I can't wait to hear how that goes. I suspect you're going to do fabulous, but then, I'm biased 😉

    LOVE the resolutions. Thanks for playing!

  6. Thanks, Lynn! I'm simply shooting for “doing better than last time.” Which may or may not be possible, depending on the weather; February out here can range from “freakish heat wave” to “storm of the decade” conditions. Either way, I look forward to “tri-ing” and writing about it afterward.

  7. Lynn,

    I saw the same Taco Bell commercial on Sunday and looked at my husband and said how ridiculous is this commercial and message?!!

    Great idea with the six word resolutions. Here are mine:

    Be mindful of every single day

    Enjoy more time with our kids

    Patience, planning, less procrastination, more passion

    Lynn P.

  8. I really don't know what to say other than – shame on Taco Bell. Why try to be something you're not, TB? Claiming to be a diet-friendly “restaurant” is beyond ridiculous.

    The bikini pictures are what got me. were they really necessary?

    My new years resolutions
    1. stay focused
    2. graduate!
    3. more time for me and my goals

  9. Hi, Lynn: Thanks for mentioning Smith mag and the resolution thang.

    I'm still working on the Jon Stewart resolution. No success yet. But I inch ever closer. My dog used to swim in the same dog pool as Samantha Bee's dog…that's got to count for something.

    I gave blood for the first time today. It wasn't exactly a resolution, but it sure was something I wouldn't have imagined myself doing ten years ago. I took a directing class this year, and directed a scene from somebody's play. Life is good. Keep surprising yourself!

  10. Stay on track without any drama

    The reason for this is that I have just lost the 26lb I gained in 2008 and kept for much of 2009. The reason I believe I gained the weight (I had lost 141lbs prior to this) was I found maintenance boring – no constant attention and compliments as I had while losing. Having lost that regain I am again fielding compliments. However, I want to maintain now without the need to go up and down to feed my ego as people compliment me. I need to enjoy daily the satisfaction of fitting comfortably into my clothes and being able to work out as hard as I can. I need to treasure the feeling of being the weight I am without looking for external approval and applause.

  11. I LOVE the fat-free vegan recipe blog, Susan's got some wonderful recipes out there. I've flagged so many of them as favorites, and my hubby (who is not vegan) loves most of them as well. Our top faves would have to include her Spinach & Mushroom Lasagna, and the Mexican Lasagna, but they're all so good!

    Good for you for giving it a try — going vegan is not only good for you but good for the planet as well.

  12. Pilbara Pink, my blogging friend Barbara wrote about that very subject the other day on our other blog Refuse To Regain. Go to if you want to read it. Please let us know how you do getting those pounds off again. Best of everything to you!

    Hi, Martha!!

    PassThePeas, I concur. Bikini shots? Trust me, those girls didn't get that way eating Taco Bell! LOL

    Miz, you'll come up with something 😉

    Happy almost New Year!

  13. My resolutions:

    Dance practice every day but Sundays.

    Stay off sugar, pizza and booze.

    Regular emails to friends far away.

    Stay calm when I cock up.

    Enjoy life, retain humour, play.

  14. Know what's funny? Five years ago on New Year's Eve, I didn't have a resolution in the world. I was fat, and treated myself to a big fat Chinese lunch. But two weeks later, a family member was told to lose weight or face serious health consequences. I joined a weight loss program to “keep her company.” Five years later, I have been at goal for 2 1/2 years. If you had predicted that five years ago, I would have told you that you were nuts. Resolutions have to happen when they are ripe.

  15. Mine definitely needs to be “STAY AWAY FROM FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS”.

    My life was busy this fall and I wasn't organizing my life well so ended up eating out or ordering in way too much. Beside deflating my wallet too much it also inflated my stomach too much.

    A new year brings new hope and goals.

  16. I about died when I saw the drive thru diet from Taco Bell!!! I was like WTF????? Really???? So I guess we can eat Taco Bell and Subway and be skinny ever after?? I don't think so!!! I'm sure people will be excited about it and try it but man when do you become healthy eating like that??
    Good stuff Lynn!!


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