Oh Where, Oh Where Did Those Four Pounds Go?

According to my jeans, I weigh less than I did when I bought them four pounds ago. Four pounds less ago, to be specific.

My favorite jeans are a pair of Guess skinny jeans I bought in March 2008. They are a European size 29, one inch smaller than the 7 (the brand name) jeans I wore on Oprah. I weighed 128 when I bought the Guess jeans and 132 when I wore the 7s. Today, I’m 132 and the Guess jeans fit great while the 7s are baggy.

What the…? Where the heck did those four pounds go?

My guess is there are three things happening:

1. I’m 46 and things (a polite way of saying body fat) have shifted.
2. I’ve lowered the cardio and upped the strength training time and intensity, therefore increasing muscle mass.
3. I’m retaining water.

I wrote a few months ago how I was backing off the carbs and taking that once-a-day chocolate fix out of my diet. This seems to have worked well for my overall health, but it’s done nothing in terms of the scale. I weigh the same now as I did when I cut 100-150 calories from my daily intake. But I feel different, in a good way, particularly around my midsection.

Mid summer, my Guess jeans were snug around the middle so I didn’t wear them. I dug them out last Sunday “just to see” and they fit like a glove with a little wiggle room!

Maybe my scale needs a new battery. My friend Barbara wrote to me a few weeks ago about how her scale was weighing her higher every week and she couldn’t figure out why. She bought a new battery and bingo! Four pounds were gone. I’m not, however, holding out hope that that is the solution.

I plan to talk to my doctor in January about this water retention issue, which makes me a little physically uncomfortable, and she might decide to put me on a water pill. But like the battery, I’m not counting on it to change the scale.

So again, I come to another fork in the “weight road.” I can either accept 132 and enjoy the fact that my favorite jeans fit again, despite having not lost weight or I can get pissed and fight to get back to 128. That would mean cutting even more calories from my daily intake and upping the exercise. To be honest, I just don’t have it in me. I like how much I eat. I am comfortable with how much I work out. Five hours a week (or less some weeks) is all I can give right now.

So I’ll give up bragging rights to the 120s for awhile or perhaps forever. No biggie. I can still rock a pair of size 29 jeans and a size 4 skirt. Where those four pounds went, I can only guess. All I know is they’re definitely not in my boobs!
NOTE: I know blog reading goes down a little the closer we get to Christmas, but in my next blog which I’ll post by Monday, I’ll be giving away a holiday gift to one of you as my way of saying thanks for being the most awesome readers a girl could ever ask for. The gift? A one-year subscription to my favorite nutrition publication, Nutrition Action Newsletter. I’ll tell you how to put your name in the pool, so to speak, in my next blog.

Also, in my last blog I said I’d be posting a Q&A with “Today Show” nutrition expert Joy Bauer next week. I am soooo screwed up on my dates. I meant the week between Christmas and New Year’s. If you’d like to ask Joy a question about nutrition or dieting, send me an email at lynnbering@verizon.net or post a comment.

Joy’s book, “Joy’s LIFE Diet” (you’ll recognize the woman on page 240!) is coming out in paperback later this month under the title “Your Inner Skinny: Four Steps To Thin Forever.”

I’ll be giving away a signed copy of the hardcover edition, so look for the Q&A in two weeks for info on how to win!
One more thing. To those of you who write a blog, have you noticed an upsurge in spam comments posted to your blog lately? It’s all I can do to keep up with erasing the damn things every day. Just wondering if it’s just me or if the spammers are out in force all over the Internet. Thanks for your input!

8 thoughts on “Oh Where, Oh Where Did Those Four Pounds Go?

  1. Sorry I forgot to change how comments are posted! I want to share the two that got deleted when I switched it just now:

    From Finding Radiance (Lori):
    “I think that you should forget the number in a sense. If you feel great and your clothes fit, does it matter if you are 132 or 128? Yes, the number has importance to a degree, but it does not account for age, fitness, body type, whatever. I am feeling a bit like you now about whether I have it in my to lose more weight as I know what it would take and not sure if I am happy about that. I think you look very slim – on TV you looked very, very slim. The blog spam – that's why I like wordpress, as it saves all the spam separate and you can delete it all with a couple of clicks. Some days I get 20 spam comments all at once!”

    And Lyn (EscapeFromObesity): “I agree w/Lori… the number isn't that important. How clothes fit and how you feel are! You look amazing. And yes I get spam comments, often disguised as real comments. They get a blogger account, link it to some spam blog, then make their profile private and spam blogs. It looks legit and then weeks later they make their profile public and wham! You are linked to their spam blog! I delete…”

    Thanks for the support on the whole weight thing. Lori, I hope you find peace with your decision, too. Let me know what you decide. If you're happy and you like things the way they are, then by all means STAY that way!

  2. I may have asked you this before – but have you tried tracking your sodium to see if more was sneaking in you? If you feel it is water – doesn't there need to be a chemical reaction to 'hold' it?

  3. I agree with Lori and Lyn if you feel good in your clothes then 132 is for you. I think you look great as you are and very happy. I always love seeing the glow in your cheeks *smile*. As for the spammers I set it up that I moderate past 3 days. The spam seems to go to old posts so then I can just delete them without them actually posting to my blog.

    I'm looking forward to the Q&A should be fun.

  4. I think that is great that you have built some muscle with the weights. My mother, who is in fantastic shape at 67, used to run all time years ago. The she hurt her foot and completely changed how she exercises. She still is pretty serious with the exercise, but she does no more than 30 minutes of cardio per cardio session, and she does a lot of weights. Her body really changed years ago with the weights. I think weights are so key! (Notice how I am not referring to myself in any of this discussion? That's because I am nowhere near in the shape my mother or someone like you is in!)

    I totally want to enter to win that subscription!

  5. Yeah, I have wordpress too. But I also haven't gotten much spam at all lately.

    I can see how the 128 vs. 132 would be a big deal to you. But you do look remarkable. And I hope you enjoy that more than you angst over the number.

  6. Ok, first of all, there is no way anything on your body has shifted or sagged due to age…and 46 isn't old!!! You workout way too much to have anything move in a bad way.

    Speaking of workouts, this is what I keep saying – I weigh a lot to fit into size 10 pants, which to me means that muscle weighs more AND my body is smaller due to the exercise. This has got to be true, ten-fold, for you! I'm sure it's muscle-mass (and possibly a needed new battery) that's showing the gain – the fact that you fit into the jeans AND YOUR OTHER ONES ARE BAGGY is evidence right there!

    I'm actually excited for you, because this shows how much you have changed your body shape from your workouts…and of course this gives me much hope for my future!

    And spam – argh! I actually wrote a rant about it but didn't publish because I had other stuff to focus on. Asian spam (which apparently is porn, although who would know) and stuff hitting old posts – it irritates the heck out of me.

    Looking forward to your giveaway! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  7. ditto what they all said. I wouldn't worry about 4 lbs. because things are fitting well, and you are meticulous about your eating and your exercise. Wouldn't hurt to check with your doctor, though, if it's really bothering you. Peri-menopause starting, perhaps? Add more vitamin E. 🙂

    And yes, darned spam! I didn't want to, but I added the word verification and the 'moderate' after, I think, a week. It's stopped it cold.

    Hang in there…our bodies are a medical wonder and slight fluctuations happen because of it! No fears!

    I am eagerly awaiting the giveaways, too. 🙂

  8. You laughed off the comments about a flat battery affecting weighing scales but I've heard that one before as well.

    I even wrote a blog post about it, how “Are Your Bathroom Scales Telling Lies?”

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