My Enemy, My Friend

“One who does not know the enemy but knows himself will sometimes win, sometimes lose. One who does not know the enemy and does not know himself will be in danger in every battle.” Sun-tzu

My enemy: Ice cream/chocolate sauce/chocolate chip cookie mountain at Applebee’s.

Myself: A 130-pound person, give or take a few pounds, who wants to stay 130 pounds.

My youngest daughter….my baby….sniff, sniff….turns 25 on Saturday. She’s enjoying a “birthday week,” so to speak. We and the g-babies kicked it off with lunch at Applebee’s today (before the monster storm hit). I ordered a salad and broccoli, Claire had a grilled cheese and applesauce, and Cass ordered a pizza/pasta/soup bonanza. No problem. I nibbled at the pizza and took a sip of her soup, but it wasn’t enticing to the point of “I have to have more.” It was easy to say no more.

Then came dessert.

Cassie is the queen of ice cream. She’s always loved ice cream and has passed that gene on to her children. Today was g-baby Luca’s first taste.

In a word: LOVE!

I had a bite. Then another. Then another. Oh it was so tasty!

BUT….! I did NOT feel guilty for eating it and I didn’t go overboard. In fact, I hit on the perfect satisfaction-control ratio ever.

I know some of you think I’m a food fascist. But I take every extemporaneous and unexpected food adventure as a learning opportunity because my eating habits from the past sucked. My goal is to be on the Food Dean’s List of happy/healthy eating.

On my way home from P’burgh, as the front moved through and I drove through rain and hail and so much wind, there were also rainbows following me for most of the drive. They were calming, and within that calm, I was able to take in and think about the quote I heard (and posted above) on Talk of the Nation. I really thought about how I know me and how I know my food enemies.

The ice cream mountain at Applebee’s was a potential “enemy,” but because I know me and am comfortable with me, I can know and be comfortable with my enemy. Overeating and overindulging isn’t part of who I am anymore. Living in the moment and eating mindfully reminds me of my goals and my overall “food purpose”: to eat what sustains my body. Sometimes that includes ice cream with hot fudge and chocolate chip cookies.

My enemy. My friend.

As you all know, it’s been a rough few days. I thank you all so very, very much for your comments and email about the death of our dog Jake. Larry says thank you as well. More than thank you, actually. Your comments are helping him deal with this loss more than you can ever know.

Here are my babies. I really miss Jake. But I’m comforted in that for the first time in two years, the boy is at peace. We did the right thing.

8 thoughts on “My Enemy, My Friend

  1. I'm glad you could make friends with your enemy…that gives me hope that I can someday peacefully coexist with my frenemies like homemade cookies, fudge and well, desserts in general!

    Glad the comments have helped – it's so hard to lose a pet. I wonder if your Jake has found my Jackie in pet heaven yet…

  2. Continuing to wish good and peaceful times for you as you go through your grief process of your beloved furbaby.

    And thanks for inspiration as I continue to have to face very generous vendor's personal sugary holiday gifts to me. LOL

  3. You explain the 'tight rope' walk of maintenance food very well. The balance. I don't think anyone can walk a tight rope (successfully) without being very mindful. And that is maintenance.

  4. Oh, Lynn, I am sorry you having such a hard time missing your dog. Losing animals is painful and hard.

    And I do not think you are a food fascist even though some people might! I have said again, and I will say it now: You are my food and weight loss inspiration. I always, always LOVE hearing about your challenges in maintenance because it you give me such insight. Okay enough of the overabundance of praise! My friends accuse me of praising other people too much, but it is better I do that than think negatively of people!

  5. I have the exact same enemy!!! Someday I might be able to sit next to him and eat only a few bites. But for now I avoid…this year for my birthday, we went to a different restaurant that didn't have my enemy (even though it was free on my birthday) and then went and had my favorite 'tart' frozen yogurt. I love this stuff. It really wasn't a sacrifice at all.

  6. This is my first year in maintenance and it is so helpful to read your blog. I feel like I over think everything, but I can't seem to help it. Not thinking about food and just eating what I wanted got me 130 pounds overweight for 25 years. It helps so much to see how a successful weight maintainer handles these situations. Thanks Lynn!
    Sorry about your Jake, I love goldens too, they have such huge hearts!

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