NYC Day 1

Remember how I said I was swearing off chocolate? Well, that was before I went to the Lindt Chocolate store on 5th Avenue, just around the corner from my hotel. In a word: Yummy! No, it deserves four words: Oh-my-god-yummy.

And speaking of yummy, Manhattan is full of yummy healthy stuff. I put together this salad in Rockefeller Plaza and ate it next to the skating rink. I saved the Greek yogurt for later. I had a bite of Larry’s pretzel, and tonight for dinner, I had a little more onion roll than I would normally have had, but it was too delish to pass up. Heck, I walked for hours today!

Of course, my walking was nothing compared to the New York City marathoners. Holy crap. I admire anyone who can run 26.1 miles. Wait, admire is too weak. Training to run a marathon is beyond my comprehension. Losing weight is one thing. Conditioning your entire body to move at high speed for 3-4 hours is a whole other ball game.

It was much chillier here than the Weather Channel anticipated when I was planning this trip. I didn’t pack a jacket and so had to duck into H&M and buy a scarf and gloves.

The first time I was in NYC in 1991, we stayed at the Marriot Marquis in Times Square. It was the week before Christmas and New Year’s and our room was on the 42nd floor. This did not bode well for me, who is really afraid of heights. It also didn’t help that the elevator was glass. Oh yeah. Hell on cables. Anyway, I’d like to come back to NY (and not stay on a floor above 15 or so) and see the play “White Christmas,” one of my favorite Bing Crosby movies.

In anticipation of the Today Show tomorrow, I packed a LOT of stuff. In fact, an entirely separate suitcase filled with clothes that I no longer feel are appropriate. Why, you ask? I spent the day among beautiful women walking around in gorgeous clothes and fabulous boots and I feel incredibly intimidated that I packed a dress, a sweater, some jeans and ONE pair of boots – boots that I didn’t actually buy but wore on Oprah TWO years ago. They’re so, well, not what I saw on the streets today. Am I that out of the fashion loop? Sadly, yes I am. I like comfy pants and soft cotton shirts. No logos, no midriffs. Nothing that makes a statement except “I can breathe and have no panty lines because my pants aren’t skin tight.”

I realize this sounds paranoid, but more than a few of you will be watching tomorrow and I am – bottom line – nervous. I’ll be OK once tonight is over and I’m at 30 Rock in the morning getting prepped and getting used to my surroundings, but right now, anticipation, as Carly Simon sang, is making me late, it’s keeping me waiting.

The journey continues. I’ll be in touch.

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