I Guess You Could Call This A Commerical

Like a lot of bloggers, I get asked to review things on my blog like scales or books or weight-loss “products” (which I stay FAR away from…DELETE, bye-bye email). However, other than once reviewing a scale once and a few books, I usually decline these offers. (Of course, some companies don’t ask and just plaster my photos on their website implying that I used colon cleansing or acai berries to lose weight. *sigh* I hate when that happens.)

When I mention products here, it’s (sadly) not because the manufacturer asked me to; it’s because I love or don’t love them and want to tell you why or why not. However, if anyone reading this is the person who hires spokespeople for the following products, I’m your blogger woman. Why? Because I’m cheap. I don’t want your money. Just product. Lots of product. Heck, I know I’m not Michael Jordon or Mia Hamm and wouldn’t make you millions, but I bet I could gain you a few converts and new customers. (Enough to justify a year’s supply of ketchup, Heinz…Just sayin’.)

Here are a few of the companies I want to prostitute myself for support as a spokesperson blogger: Skechers (best shoes ever for my messed up feet so please don’t tell me they’re hand sewn by 5-year-old children or tested on puppies), Heinz No-Salt Added Ketchup (I can have my Bocas AND condiments, too, without crossing my sodium threshold), Tic-Tacs (greatest stress relievers ever), Celestial Seasonings tea (yum), Mossimo Tissue Tees (put me in a padded bra, I could totally model those shirts), Hanes ankle socks (stink-free feet, baby), Furmano’s Pizza Sauce (for when I’m too lazy to make my own), Cabot 75% Reduced Fat Cheddar (melts like buttah…), and Lifetime Fitness (I could use a treadmill), Shirataki Noodles (wait…HungryGirl has that covered…dammmmmit).


Arnold’s Sandwich Thins (for making me believe in bread again, plus it makes awesome French toast), Skinny Dippers Organic Spelt Crackers (made in Canada, my second favorite country), whoever makes Trader Joe’s nuts (that’s not a sexual joke) and stevia, RealLime and RealLemon (I have a hard time squeezing juice from fruit due to arthritis), Land ‘O Lakes Light Butter (I grew up in Minnesota!), Pam cooking spray, all of McCormick’s spices, Werther’s Original Hard Candies (my nightly snack), PB2 (goes well with the Arnold’s. And bananas. And HungryGirl’s Sesame Treat, which is cooling in the refrigerator as I type), Mori-Nu Silken Light Tofu, Eden Organic beans (especially the pintos), Silk Light Soy Milk, AND….

Advil LiquiGels.

So now you know (like you asked! LOL) a few of the products that are mainstays in my house.

What are yours? What would you willingly promote without anyone twisting your arm? I’m always looking for new products to make my life tastier and easier, even if they’re not free.

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