My Awesome Friend Who Lost 410 Pounds Will Be On TLC on Sunday!

My friend David Smith was interviewed by Matt Lauer yesterday on The Today Show. I met David when we were on Oprah together in November 2007. His 410-pound weight-loss story almost (almost…) made me ruin my makeup before my own stage appearance. He’s a hard act to follow, let me tell you. (Here he’s sitting with Shari in the limo on the way to airport.)

David is one of the kindest, gentle people I’ve ever met, and his personal trainer, Chris Powell (in the photo with me) is as nice as he is gorgeous. His story will be chronicled tomorrow night (Sunday, July 12) on TLC. It is called “The 650-Pound Virgin.” Alas, I don’t have cable, so I’m hoping TLC will make this available online.

Tune in if you can, especially if you’re feeling down about your body image and skin issues. David gets it. You don’t lose 400 pounds without some skin issues. I hope you find his story as inspiring as I did.

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