A Day Off

I love (usually) to exercise, but I equally love my one or two days off a week, at least the ones not imposed by illness or TooMuchStuffGoingOnitis. Those are the days I want to exercise the most and I get all pissy and such.

A day off is two cups of tea instead of one and an extra game of WordTwist with my kids online. A day off is two breakfasts, one of which includes *gasp* carbs, like French toast made with Arnold’s sandwich thingies or cereal or “fried” potatoes. A day off is the freedom to debate the necessity of a shower or changing into real clothes before noon. A day off means a little more time for blog reading and writing. It’s a few more minutes of meditation, recipe searching, and dicking around with Twitter (still not sold on its necessity in my life).

Gone are the days when I killed myself with cardio. Two years ago, I averaged six hours a week of cardio in addition to one to two hours of strength training. Yikes! No wonder in my journal I wrote time after time, “I’m sore today.”

These days, I weigh the same as I did two years ago and I average five to maybe-sometimes-but-not-usually six hours of formal exercise a week. Gee, kill myself seven to eight hours a week to maintain my weight AND be sore all the time or cut back to five to maybe-sometimes-but-not-usually six hours to maintain my weight AND not be sore all the time. Hmmm….hard to believe it took me two years to figure that out. Oh, but I forget that I’m the Queen of “Oh My God If I Don’t Work My Ass Off I’ll Gain My Ass Back!” Yeah, I locked her in the basement with my fat chick. They are partners in criticism and I try not to listen to them anymore.

Today is a day off. I had a fruit smoothie with chocolate soy milk and opted for the Arnold’s French toast. (QUICK RECIPE: Dip the two halves of Arnold’s Sandwich Thins in ¼ cup Egg Beaters and two egg whites, cook on a griddle or skillet sprayed with cooking spray, top with two teaspoons of real maple syrup for a total of 3 Points. Don’t forget to scramble up the remaining eggs in the skillet!)

I’m on my second cup of Irish Breakfast and still in my pajamas. I have an extensive to-do list because g-baby #2 will most likely make his/her appearance Saturday or Sunday, but for now, right now, during what would be my exercise time, I’m chillaxin. I’m not fretting that I’ll gain weight. I trust that the body I see today will be the same body I see tomorrow.

Pardon me as I yell down to the basement, “Did you hear that, fat chick and exercise freak? I TRUST myself! Yeah, take that you b-words!” Secretly, though, you all know I’ll get worried once in awhile about the whole weight thing, right? But we don’t need to tell the girls in the basement. That can be just between us.

Now, back to my tea and WordTwist. Here’s hoping you all enjoy a good day off a few times a week!

6 thoughts on “A Day Off

  1. Okay, Lynn, I want your life! Oh to be relaxing and in my pjs or sweats at home rather than sitting at a desk at work! But I know you have earned the ability to live like you do (so I won’t be too jealous).

    I like how this post reiterates what you said over at Refuse to Regain on how you are careful with what you eat so that you don’t have to spend two hours a day exercising. I think you make a great point about exercising and eating right but not to the point of killing yourself.

    How special that you are expecting a new grandbaby in a few days. May you enjoy his/her presence in this world.

  2. I like that you have found your balance in what you need to do to maintain the body you have. I also am glad that you do write about continuing to exercise…helps me to remember that I can’t put it on the shelf once I am done with losing weight.

    And can I just say how excited I am for your new grandbaby to be born?!? I love babies!

  3. Shelley, babies are awesome, aren’t they? It’s now looking like Monday. Schedules, hospitals, etc….I’ll let you know. As for exercise, yeah, well, no, you can’t put it on the shelf after the weight’s gone. But it’s nice to know you don’t have to be a slave to it, right?

    Ali, I may not go to an office (been there, done that for YEARS), but I still have to work from home. It’s nice to do it in my jammies, though 🙂 I just hope no one insists on installing webcams….yikes!

  4. I assume that part of the reason that you can maintain and exercise less is that you have really learned found your balance point with food. I suspect that you are like I am and it isn’t just the total calories but the composition of the calories – ?

    I also suspect that like me you have finally figured out how to REALLY exercise and are making very efficient use of your time – ?

  5. I’ve missed you, not sure where I’ve been but it’s nice to read a post or two or three from you *smile*. This is who I want to be. I don’t have a basement but maybe I can lock those girls in my shed lol. I just want a good life and I’m working on it. But I’m not where you are yet, someday though. Look forward to hearing about the new grandbaby.

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