Have (Food) Plan, Will Travel…For The Most Part

What’s wrong with this picture?

On the way home from Louisville yesterday, there were no clean bowls in the car to mix up PB2, so I used a Chinette plate (just call me Foodie MacGyver). I probably shouldn’t have mixed it up on top of my laptop, though. One good pothole would have sent water flying and my ThinkPad wouldn’t have been “thinking” anymore. But when you’re sitting in the back seat with a large cooler on one side and the door on the other with no room to set down your computer without major renovation of the back seat, you take your chances.

We were in Louisville for a reunion with Larry’s friends from grad school. We all stayed with our friends Denny and Katie. Denny called the week before to ask Larry about “Lynn’s food.” He wanted to know what I “could” and “couldn’t” eat. Legitimate question. Larry told him to not worry about me, that I’d bring my own food, and to just reserve a corner of the grill and a burner on the stove.

Still, Denny wanted to be an accommodating host. Gotta love the guy for trying.

When we got there, I had every intention of going to the grocery store. But Denny challenged me, saying he had it all figured out.

Denny: “I made meatless lasagna.”

Lynn: “I don’t eat pasta.”

Denny: “What about bread? You eat bread, right?”

Lynn: “Um…not really….”

Denny: “How about eggs? You eat eggs?”

Lynn: “Egg whites…”

Denny: *big sigh* “Well, what about asparagus? I bought two bunches of asparagus for dinner.”

Lynn: “There are 10 of us. I eat one bunch all by myself. That would leave everyone with a stalk and a half each. I just want a salad and the soup I brought.”

Denny: “I have lettuce!”

Lynn: “Iceberg?”

Denny: “No! Real lettuce!”

Lynn: “Yay!”

He won. I didn’t go to the store.

The next morning, I asked for a sauce pan.

Denny: “For what?”

Lynn: “To boil water for tea.”

Denny: “We have a microwave.”

Lynn: “I don’t like microwaved water…”

Denny: “What the…?”

Lynn: “I can’t control the temperature. Too hot or too cold will make my tea taste funny.”

Denny: “Oh.”

Then I dug out a box of Almond Breeze.

Denny: “They milk almonds?”

Lynn: *eyeroll*

Then I dug out the jar of PB2.

Denny: *eyeroll*

I know I come across as a food nazi sometimes, but I do have a little bend in my food regimen. Really I do. For instance, I ate bread with my soup that first night and I loved every second of it. That counts as bendy.

The fun continued the next day. We went on a VIP tour (lah-de-dah) of Maker’s Mark distillery, which included a tasting and lunch. I was a Wild Turkey girl a long time ago, but my bourbon days are over. At least they were until Saturday. Maker’s Mark is pretty tasty if you don’t rush it. And now that I know how to smell it properly and drink it properly, I just might take a snifter on the deck a few times this summer.

Back to lunch. It was served in a house on the Maker’s Mark grounds. It was a small buffet so I couldn’t order anything to my specifications. Flakey buttery rolls, ham, au gratin potatoes, green beans, corn pudding and bread pudding in bourbon sauce. Hmmm…what to eat, what to eat.

The salad came with dressing, but our server brought me me a plate of greens when I asked if she had anything without dressing. I was excited about the green beans until I saw they were made with ham. So I took a small scoop of potatoes, a roll, and some corn. Carb-o-rama, but I was hungry.

As I was eating, my mind started doing this whole “You’re on vacation!” thing to me. I haven’t heard that voice in five years and it worried me a little. “Just one more bite, Lynn. That corn is goooood.” I gave in to a few extra bites, but damn, that battle in my head was loud and heated. The old Lynn wanted more, the new Lynn said no…I wanted them to both shut up and leave me alone. I was with friends in Kentucky at a distillery having lunch. I kept wondering why food has to A) enter so prominently into every moment of my day, and B) be so damned complicated?

Oh but it gets better. Larry came back to the table with bread pudding. Was never a big fan of the bread pudding and figured one bite and I’d be just fine. But that one bite was like sinking my teeth into the warmest, richest, most cinnamony bun on the planet. Let’s just say it is now on my Top 10 Evil Foods list, edging out onion rings, which has moved to position 11.

Churchill Downs was no problem. Nothing but crap food there – fried everything and meat. I had a few glasses of wine, bet on the ponies, and got a little sunburn. It was perfect.

Back at Denny’s, it was time to start dinner. Everyone else was having steak. I wanted veggies and a sweet potato. Denny and I had an understanding by that point and the kitchen sharing went smoothly.

The next morning, I woke up to Denny making French toast. Not just any French toast, but OMG French Toast. I know. I had a small piece. With real maple syrup. Told you I can bend.

In the car on the way home, I ate fruit salad and baked Doritos (yup, I really did), a Subway veggie delite with no cheese, pretzels, 3 Musketeers mint minis, and a raw red pepper. I was so carbed out by the time I got home that I ate only soup and Brussels sprouts for dinner. My body told me what it needed and that I was back in full contact with it and able to accommodate it, I was happy.

I learned a lot on this vacation. I learned it’s possible to bend and not break, to have control even when letting go a little. Bending and little are the operative words. Food doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Some is also good. A little, a bite…these are the best options.

I doubt I’ve put on any weight, but I’m not going to torture myself by getting on the scale before Wednesday. I did nothing “wrong,” but I know if I see 129 or higher, I’ll do a brief why-did-you-eat-that flogging and I don’t want to go there. I’ll let the weekend, with all its food and fun and friends, be what it was.

12 thoughts on “Have (Food) Plan, Will Travel…For The Most Part

  1. Sounds like you had a successful family and eating trip.

    Vacations are hard, no matter how you plan, you cannot always control your environment. You just do the best you can.

  2. loved every word – thanks for writing it all out to share.

    I will be curious to hear from you – did the carborama change/impact your WANTS this week? Sometimes I think I am fine for a day or two – and then a whole week later – am dreaming up stuff to eat (that I normally wouldn’t think about at all).

  3. Oh yeah, if a vacation and a little fun is a reason to beat yourself up… wait until Wednesday or Thursday. Let the dust settle, the water/salt/carb mixture process and then see. I’m sure you’re fine, just let your body work. And if you have to take off TWO pounds after vacation, that’s not really so bad. I’m so glad you had fun and did your best to make it all work. love, V

  4. You are way more disciplined than me, and gosh knows I have a hard enough time trying to get my vegan diet accommodated when travelling. I don’t eat refined flour or high fructose corn syrup, though, and it’s not easy finding bread that meets those requirements in the US. At least that doesn’t cost a fortune. I HATE eating out and while travelling. There’s just no excuse at all why every single type of food choice can’t be accommodated, with food in such abundant supply. Makes me angry!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing all this with us! The insights into your head and your life. The fact that youre foodie McGuyver (hmmm did I misspell that?)

    Im pretty flexible foodwise when I travel which is a HUGE STEP FOR ME.
    I *used* to go out of my way to eat what people offered (hello, MAYO which makes my gag reflex gogogo!) to try and prove to them how yogicflexible I was.

    never worked well…only made me kinda sick feeling.

    Now I just bring the PB2/extra protein and add to whatever they proffer 🙂

  6. What a great story. I admire your consternation. Hope everyone reading this will visit Maker’s Mark Distillery. We’re pretty proud of it. It’s located just outside historic downtown Lebanon, the geographic center of the state and true Heart of Kentucky. Come feel the beat! Learn more about Maker’s Mark and get easy, detailed directions to the distillery at http://www.HeartOfKentucky.com.

  7. Good for you, Lynn! I hope you can see what a huge difference in your thought process this is compared to even a year ago when I started reading your blog. Its so good for all of us to see progress in ourselves and others.

  8. P.S. Yes that was me that linked to the yogurt maker. My yogurt love knows no bounds! Last night, fresh cherries and homemade yogurt! And I feel so virtuous when I can eat and enjoy something without adding splenda!

  9. Good for you, Lynn, for standing your ground with regard to your food but also remaining flexible. I always worry that people will comment on my food choices when I am with them (and they have in the past), but I just realize that I have to eat a certain way if I don’t want to balloon. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.

  10. Lynne:
    I know you intially lost using weight watchers, but it appears you have moved to a whole foods way of eating. I am unable to find any comprhensive posts about what you do and dont eat. You glow, and I would like to glow like that as well. Please share…..

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