Dr. Jimmy: He’s the One That Makes It Alright

After my husband went to work today, I took a shower, put on some makeup and met up with his good friend, Dr. Jimmy, who grinned and said to me, “Lynn, we’re gonna have some fun this morning.” Then he offered me drugs, messed up my hair, and took away my pain.

Yup, this morning I had an emergency root canal.

It was supposed to be a simple crown. I’m in, I’m out, I go to the gym. But no. Xrays revealed an infection in one of the roots and decay under the tooth. No wonder my lymph nodes are swollen and I’ve felt yucky the last few days. I thought it was just me in a bad mood.

Anyway, after three hours of Mozart and Bach on the headphones while Dr. J and his staff tugged, pulled, drilled and plugged their way around my molar, I’m home with several prescriptions and a Band-Aid on my upper arm from the steroid injection.

I’m skipping the gym today.

Reason #2,671 why I’m glad I lost weight: my chest makes a more reliable dental tray.

You know how dentists lay their instruments across your chest during a procedure? The instruments no longer roll off and land on the floor like they used to. I also fit in the seat and can move my arms from the arm rests to my sides at any given time and without thought, although three hours in the chair allows you the time to think about such things.

Since coming home, I’ve managed to eat a leftover homemade veggie burger (just the burger, no bread. They’re the first veggie burgers I’ve ever made that actually hold together – yay!), a banana dipped in PB2, and now I’m slowly chewing cooked bok choy. It’s soft, but the slivered almonds are a bit of a problem. It’s not easy opening my mouth, and chewing on just one side of my mouth is challenging, but man, I was hungry. Drinking’s a problem right now, too, but I’m determined to open a bottle of wine this evening. Tonight it’s me in my PJs on the couch with a glass or three of chardonnay, doggonit, and I’ll drink it through a straw if I have to.

Remember how I said a few posts ago that I hate cardio? Yeah, well, there are some things I hate even more. Root canals would be one of them. But hey, it’s all part of taking care of the old body, right?

Ooooohhh, the side of my face is tingling. Good drugs wearing off. At least I didn’t have the same drugs this kid did!

8 thoughts on “Dr. Jimmy: He’s the One That Makes It Alright

  1. I had a root canal last Thursday…kinda an emergency thing. I’m still living on motrin and my dear dentist thinks that I may have another root in my tooth (aaack!)I hope that you’re feeling better now!!

  2. I’m feeling GREAT thanks to that steroid thingy Dr. Jimmy injected. I think I’ll crash sometime tomorrow big time, but for now, heck yeah! I’m full of energy. Cheri, I’m so sorry you have another root! Your dear dentist I hope is prescribing more than advil.

  3. Ooh, this does not sound fun at all. But can I say that I laughed at the image of your chest holding the instrument tray?!? Funny, my dentist has never tried that with me…wonder why!Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Oooooh, Lynn, as the survivor of a number of root canals, my condolences, or should I say congratulations on surviving. That steroid shot sounds like a good idea! But the dental tools on the chest??? Ummm, that never happened to me, and believe me, as someone with bad teeth who is seldom satisfied with a dentist, I have seen a lot of dentists!Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words today. I’m glad someone else was impressed with that captain.

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