And the Winner Is… (And I Need Your Advice)

Thank you to all of you who entered a comment to win “Half-Assed: A Weigh-Loss Memoir” by Jennette Fulda. While I wish I could give all of you a copy, the winner is Stacey! Congrats, Stacey. (Note to Stacey: Please send me an email with your address so I can contact the publisher who will send you your book.)

Now go out and buy “Half-Assed” because it’s good J //word

Reminder: You have until Friday to enter a comment in my blog entry Blogcleaning: Follow-Up, Book Review/Giveaway, and Smoothies! to win Joy Bauer’s new book, “Joy’s LIFE Diet.”

Now, on to my dilemma.

I was first alerted to diet scammers/fake bloggers when I read PastaQueen’s blog entry: My Four Year Fativersary and A Warning About Scammers. I had no idea so many fake sites were out there selling those stupid acai berry/colon cleanse diets. (For a comprehensive list, go to the site Jennette linked to: Weight Loss Weapons.Com: Arming You One Post at a Time.)

Now I find myself LINKED on a fake diet blog site! My original website, the one I used as a journal while losing weight, Lynn’s Journey, is listed on the fake website Helen’s Diet. I get dozens of hits a day from it, too, which has me concerned that people coming to my site from the fake site might think I endorse berry/colon diets.

I feel like I’m in a catch-22. If I post something on Lynn’s Journey about not endorsing acai berry diets or colon cleanse diets (in fact, I find them reprehensible), thus trying to defend my good name, will it encourage people to seek out such diets?

Jennette was kind enough to help me with an html script I can add to my site that will tell people who find my site via the b-word Helen that I do not endorse such diets, but I’m wondering if I need to make some kind of short announcement on the home page, too.

I don’t know what to do, folks. Any advice?

Another scam that Cranky Fitness wrote about a few weeks ago was the One Rule for a Flat Stomach scam. Read Cranky’s blog entry here so you won’t be tempted to click on that ad when you see it.

Thanks for your help!

10 thoughts on “And the Winner Is… (And I Need Your Advice)

  1. I do think it’s sufficient to have that “I do not endorse” comment on the sidebar. Oprah does something similar on her site.People who come here at least will get good advice (not clease sellig pitches), so don’t worry about the link over there, cause that will bring them to a sounder site. Any semi-savvy surfer on the net knows links can be picked up by a zillion places, and it means squat. The best thing those sites can do is link to GOOD sites. 🙂The P

  2. Unless you write something in your blog that I know you’ve written I don’t believe that you endorse it. And even tho I wish there were a magic weight loss pill, the only one that truly works is exercise more and eat less.

  3. No real advice here, but I guess you’ve really made it when the scammers are trying to make money off of you. And really, if someone who is looking at that crazy diet comes to your site, they might get turned toward dieting the right way.

  4. we cant control crazy people on second thought you cant control anything. Unless they “hurt” you there’s not much you can do. Not worth hiring a lawyer.

  5. Oh no, colonic cleansing cooties!!!I think it’s probably a good thing if folks on the scam site get drawn away to sites like yours where they can learn real non gimmicky nutrition and exercise tips.But I can see why you’d feel a bit creeped out!Or heck, if you’re getting hits…maybe I can get some of the fake blogs to add “Cranky Fitness” to their blogrolls?

  6. I agree with ‘Once Upon A Dieter’ that your ‘I do not endorse …’ comment is sufficient. I think the more emphasis you put on it, the more curious people get. So, I’d opt for the less is more motto.Karen

  7. Yeah, I won! I am excited to receive this book. As I said in email, Lynn, your site is a favorite of mine and has helped me a lot. Thank you.I agree with the commenters that feel a simple sidebar to state you do not endorse any diet or aid would suffice. Stacey

  8. I’m just beginning my weight loss journey and as I’ve looked for blogs by other people losing weight or maintaining the weight they already lost, I’ve run into many web infomercials, trying to sell or promote various ways, most quick fixes, to lose weight. I’m not going to give advice. I’m looking to link up with others for the support I know I’ll need. I’ve tried for three years to lose weight and I’ve just yoyoed. My blog is

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