If Only I’d Listened…

I wasn’t hungry on Friday. Not one bit. I had five Points leftover for the day, and it would have been more if I’d not forced myself to eat some popcorn before going to bed so I wouldn’t wake up hungry in the middle of the night. God forbid.

But wake up I did, only not because I was hungry. Let’s just say I’ll be buying new bathroom rugs and a few new pairs of pajamas after the mess I created with the “stomach bug.”

Not only did I spend 18 hours getting intimately acquainted with my bathroom (and the path from the couch to said bathroom), I had time to think about how my body talks to me about food and how much of it I actually hear.

If I’d done what I was “supposed” to do, which is to eat all my daily Points allowance, if I’d stuck five more Points of food in my piehole before going to bed, forget new bathroom rugs and pajamas. I’d be on the phone with the EPA.

I was busy on Friday (see last blog entry), but nothing sounded good. I ate because, well, that’s what I do. Never mind that my stomach wasn’t feeling quite right or that I felt full all day and didn’t really feel like eating. I stuffed (good) stuff in my mouth, like I do every day.

Somewhere between the chills and the fever yesterday I wondered, When did eating become so rote, so predictable? The answer is, when I stopped really tuning in to what my body wants and needs. I’ve learned how to eat healthy and exercise to the point that I tell my body what it needs. I no longer ask it what it needs.

Of course the exception to that rule is when you don’t want to drink water because it will make your stomach hurt, but if you don’t, you’ll dehydrate and have to go to the emergency room. I got all tough love on my body about that yesterday. But aside from that, there won’t be many occasions when I need to force anything down the esophagus.

Whether I ate anything Friday or not wouldn’t have stopped the stomach bug. But it might have made the experience a little less harsh and I might have salvaged that second pair of pajamas.

This morning, as I laid awake in bed, I asked my body what it wanted to eat. My head was saying, “Eggs and toast! Eggs and toast!” But the rest of me was saying “Bland vegetable soup.” So I got up, took a shower (it was imperative that I scrub the plague off my body before I did anything else), and made a very mild soup with vegetable broth, celery, carrots, a small potato, green beans, zucchini, spinach, onions, garlic, and a pinch of barley, pepper, thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary and marjoram. So far so good. Except for my head, nothing else hurts. Looks like I’ll live.

You know I’m a crusader for mindful eating, but as I discovered yesterday, mindful eating goes beyond just being aware of the food you put in your mouth. It also means being mindful of what your body (not your head or eyes) needs. If your body begs you to not eat, don’t eat! You just might save yourself a visit from men in hazardous waste suits.

11 thoughts on “If Only I’d Listened…

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better – that happened to us last Christmas. Hubby’s sister’s grandson infected all 24 of us…. it wasn’t pretty!And loved your clutter story. I am surrounded by clutter right now (it was our turn to host) and feeling the pain! 🙂Did you get your lefse made? My sister made some and sent it to me, bless her heart!

  2. So sorry you were so sick. I’ve been that way before, keep eating even though I’m not hungry and my body is actually telling me not to eat. 9 times out of 10 I end up sick over forcing it down. Maybe next time I’ll listen like you did today.

  3. Bag Lady, yes I made the lefse and while many of the pieces looked like Jay Leno’s face (it was my daughters’ first time rolling), they tasted mighty fine and were met with rave reviews from the sibs. I’ve (*cough*) secured my place as Haraldson Family Lefse Maker. Not sure that’s a good thing.

  4. You are the third or fourth fellow blogger I’ve read about that had some nasty stomach bug in the last 48 hours. I’m so glad you’re starting to feel better. I pray that bug stays far away from my end of the blogoshpere. Be well…

  5. Hi Lynn,I just saw your blog and must say that I am highly highly impressed with your determination as how you lose 168 pounds and look amazing.Thanks for the nice post, it will also make me more determined as almost same thought wonder around in my mind and I must admit that I gave up somthime thinking that it is Christmas and New Year time and that is what Christmas is all about.

  6. Oh, so sorry to hear that you were sick. Glad that you are feeling better. I can relate on listening to your body. I had a day like that on Saturday. I felt horrible from lack of sleep and lack of water. My stomach was off, but I ate anyway! Luckily no sickness, but I’m sure I would have been more comfortable had I listened to my body.

  7. thanks for stopping by my blog – what part of western pa do you live? my b/f’s parents are in butler county, just north of the city – we are talking f-a-r-m country… 🙂sorry to hear that the flu made it’s way into your system but hope you’re on the mend! 🙂

  8. Hey again! I’m feeling so much better today. I’m sorry for those of you who succumbed to this awful bug, too. Feel better soon. Jodi, I’m in Clarion County just north of Butler county. I’m in Clarion, actually. Yup, FARM country 🙂 I’m glad we live in a college town, though. A lot of variety around here. Yoga London, I wish you all the best in 2009! I hope you achieve your weight-loss goals. Please keep us informed here!

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