Your Thoughts Really ARE Worth a Dime! Give One Now (a thought, that is)

If you’re not already a fan of MizFit (and if you don’t know who I’m talking about, you’re new to my blog, aren’t you? Welcome!), get on over to her site today and post a comment on the blog entry “MizFit’s Halfassed Friday Rhyme. (subtitle: Im emptying the wallet, People, & need your help.).” Miz is donating a dime to Safeplace, a domestic violence shelter in Austin, Texas, for every comment posted to that entry from now through Christmas Eve. The only thing it costs you is a few minutes. Besides, isn’t it fun to spend someone else’s money, especially when it’s going to a good cause?

Domestic violence was a part of my life back in the mid 1980s. Still is to some degree since fear never really goes away. It lingers in the back of my mind sometimes as a “what if…”

Anyone who’s experienced violence in their life knows it’s not the actual violence that’s the worst part. It’s the anticipation and the not knowing when it will happen next that is the hardest to live with because it’s all consuming. Fear changes how we do things and how we structure our days and even our sentences. God forbid you say the wrong thing, or anything at all.

By donating to a domestic violence prevention agency, any DV agency anywhere in the country, you’re helping people like me who learned through the kindness and patience of shelter staff and volunteers how to live within and eventually leave a violent relationship. DV knows no socio-economic barrier and it doesn’t belong to one race or creed. I’m sure many of you reading this are nodding your heads because you’ve been there or you know someone who has.

So click on over to MizFitOnline and give a little comment. I personally appreciate it very much.

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