Just a Steel Town Girl on a Saturday Night

Oh yes, oh yes, it’s the return of the leg warmers. Wind-chill factors in the single digits returned to western PA in earnest this weekend and I’m bundling up. I’m 45 and I don’t care what I look like. Well, at least when it comes to staying warm.

When I bought my leg warmers last year (I found them in Macy’s of all places), I was teased mercilessly last year by a certain Californian as well as a hearty Minnesotan, who I thought would understand. But I stood my ground and wore my leg warmers on every frigid day and my body thanked me.

And it’s thanking me again right now as I sit typing in my living room, just as it thanked me this morning on a quick trip to the post office when I wore a hat, a fleece, a coat, a big white scarf, sweat pants over workout pants, and thick gloves. I looked a fright, but I was warm.

I’m hate being cold. It makes me cranky. But I’m thankful I have a coat and a scarf and gloves and leg warmers. So many people don’t, or what they have is inadequate. I’m sure as you’ve lost weight or once you got to goal, you had lots of clothes you donated to charity or gifted to someone in your family who needed them. But it’s easy to forget the seasonal clothes that you store in other closets, those places you don’t into very often. I forgot about a coat I had in the back of my closet last year. I saw it by chance and dug it out to give to our local coat drive. Do you maybe have an extra coat you forgot you had lurking in the back of your closet? An extra pair of mittens, perhaps? Just wondering. There are a lot of folks out there who’d be happy to take it off your hands.

Just a little PSA from your humble Steel Town Girl. Hope you are all warm and happy this Saturday night. Or maybe you’re out dancing in your leg warmers. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

“She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor…” That song’s been in my head all day. Did I successfully lodge it into your head, too? hehe Sorry about that.

9 thoughts on “Just a Steel Town Girl on a Saturday Night

  1. You’re kinda lucky that you get cold. My “leg warmers” are permanently glued to my body!! Hopefully I will lose them soon and get thin enough someday to actually get cold and NEED leg warmers 🙂But then I am assuming. Maybe you got cold when you were larger, too! I am well insulated but I enjoy a mug of tea and a cozy blanket.More on topic, lemme say to the Moms out there… if your kids have outgrown their winter coats, please donate them to Salvation Army ot your local Coat charity. Many children don’t have coats this season. I know there was a year when my kids were small that I had to go get them coats from charity, and I was ever so thankful to whoever donated them. Now I get to pay it forward. Generosity always blesses the giver.

  2. coat drives are all going strong here – I see bins everywhere. One of the local grocery stores teams up with a local dry cleaners – so if you donate – they will clean it.

  3. Hi LynnOne thing I noticed after losing 70lbs is that I get cold easier and faster. Before, I was always warm, I guess I had lots of insulation!! Now I chill alot easier and have to layer to keep warm in the winter, at the hockey rink etc. One of the downsides of losing weight I suppose…but oh so worth it!Suzanne

  4. My daughter put her outgrown coat into the coat drive bin at the Y last week. We found a snow suit to put in there too. She was so proud of herself. We donate every year to the hat and glove tree at our school. We’ve had a glorious couple of days of warm weather, tomorrow we’re expecting snow, snow and more snow and freezing temperatures (which the kids are looking forward to).And I will not! let that song stick in my brain…

  5. I hate being cold too! It is a whole 9 degrees this morning in Mineral Point, PA! Donating clothes/coats is always a good thing. I take alot of my things to the Goodwill and other things I have a friend who is a struggling single mom and her son is just slightly smaller than mine so I always give her all of his clothes he outgrows that her son would like. Stay warm…..if I had leg warmers I would be wearing them too!!! Long live the 80’s:)

  6. Just saw your comment over at Miz’s, and now the song in MY head is“Yust a little lefse, Will go a long way…..”Do you know that song, or do you just think the Bag Lady is a lunatic?

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