B is For Beets…and Breakfast

I had strawberries and Greek yogurt and beets for breakfast this morning. Don’t worry, they weren’t all in one bowl.

I woke up this morning thinking about the beets I made last night. I had every intention of eating them for dinner, but after my soy crumbles/pasta sauce/sautéed mushrooms/butternut squashgasm, I was satisfied and didn’t want to eat any more. OK, maybe “didn’t want to eat” isn’t true, but I chose not to eat them because my stomach said I didn’t need to. And my stomach is much smarter than my brain.

I think I’ll start more mornings with beets. I was awake at 4:15 for no reason and finally dragged my butt out of bed at 6:15. I thought for sure I’d be dragging by 8 and want to take a quick nap, but no. My body was full of energy and I completed a full workout. Could it have been the beets? Hmmm…

I went in search of information about this yummy root vegetable and found The World’s Healthiest Foods website. What a gem! It features a food of the week, cooking tips, in-depth nutritional information and even healthy menus. I also signed up for their free newsletter. By the way, today’s food of the week is crimini mushrooms. Where has this website been all my life?
Anyway, back to beets. According to WHF, “Beets are an excellent source of the B vitamin, folate, and a very good source of manganese and potassium. Beets are a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus.” Eating them can help prevent colon cancer, birth defects and inflammation. One cup of beets is only 74 calories. I never thought to grate raw beets into salads before or to roast them. So many options! I’ve also never eaten beet greens before, but I will try them now that I know what to do with them.

Tonight I’m cooking up Brussels sprouts and will make enough to have for breakfast tomorrow. I’ve decided to incorporate a veggie into every breakfast, even on non-omelet days. I know it wasn’t simply eating beets that kept my energy level high this morning (although I know beets have a high sugar content, I’m pretty sure my energy came from my scale number which was down and that made me very happy and when I’m happy, I’m energized), but eating veggies at every meal is my new goal. I’ll just have to be very careful not to confuse them for the fruit I put in my yogurt or on oatmeal or Shredded Wheat ‘n Bran. I’m pretty sure asparagus in light vanilla soy milk wouldn’t be very appetizing. Although, green beans in warm milk was a staple while I was growing up. Mmmmm…now I want green beans.

My mind is a scary place sometimes.

14 thoughts on “B is For Beets…and Breakfast

  1. I loove beets! I started eating them every week when I began my weight loss journey. I like them roasted, but still like them boiled best. And I adore the greens… sauteed with a bit of onion, red pepper flakes, splash of vinegar, and then crumble a 40-calorie bacon on top. YUM.One of my favorite ways to eat asparagus, for breakfast or lunch, is warm, steamed, with egg salad on top. Strange but yummy. I chop a hard boiled egg and one hard boiled egg white, mix with 20-calorie fat free mayo, mustard, salt and pepper and plunk it on the steamed asparagus. Loooove!

  2. Lyn, I love you forever. Thank you for the beet greens FYI, but mostly for the asparagus on eggs idea. I’m definitely trying that this week. I’d have had it for dinner if I’d have seen this earlier! Instead I had a repeat of last night. And I couldn’t eat all the squash/pasta sauce/soy/mushrooms. Damn…what’s happening? LOL

  3. don’t forget to warn readers that beets ‘add’ to your pee color so that they don’t think they are bleeding! I had a friend that ended up at the doctor after eating beets – she thought there was something seriously wrong. . .

  4. I wouldn’t get too hung up on terminology. A tomato is actually a fruit, a broccoli floret is a flower bud, a potato is an underground stem, and a beet is a root. All the word “vegetable” means is that people usually eat those plants with salt instead of sugar.Bon appetit!~Shelley

  5. How funny! The minute before I clicked on your blog I discovered the Worlds Healthiest Foods website!! It looks great.

  6. Hope you like the eggy asparagus Lynn! I think I am having that for lunch today, in fact. And I am making some yummy bok choy with cashews for my dinner.

  7. Hey Lynn, I’ve never even thought of adding a veggie to my breakfast. Besides the basics in an omelet, you know, but that doesn’t add a lot of servings. I think I will definitely give this a try. Thanks!Also, I wanted you to know that I have nominated you for the Marie Antoinette ‘Real Blogs; Real People’ Award.Check out my blog for more details. Thanks you so much for sharing your life with us and being a huge inspiration to me! :o)

  8. Who knew beets were such a popular subject! LOL Trying To Be Fit, I don’t suggest you eat only veggies for breakfast. I eat yogurt with fruit sometimes or an omelet or Shredded Wheat n’ Bran, too. Thanks, Skye. I went to your blog for the details and am a little unclear about what the award is. If you get a chance, can you fill me in? Lyn, I’m eternally grateful to you for turning me on to bok choy 🙂

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