It’s My Favorite Breakfast Day!

I realize I have strange taste when it comes to food. I get reminded of that all the time by my family. “Ew!! How can you eat that?” is a phrase I hear often.

Do I let them stop me from eating what I want? Nope. I’m happy eating leftover asparagus and Shredded Wheat for breakfast or tomato soup and tofu paprikash for lunch. They can have their boring meat and potato dinner. Give me a huge cookie sheet of roasted turnips, sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, red peppers and onions with a side of Ak-Mak crackers and PB2 and I’m set for the evening.

I’ve never been one who can’t eat in the morning. (Evenings, though? Not a big fan of food after 7.) That’s why I love breakfast most of all. I usually break breakfast into two parts: before workout and after workout. Before working out, I eat some protein and maybe a complex carb. After I work out, I have a protein and a fruit. I rotate through yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, maybe a smoothie once in awhile, plums, bananas, berries, what have you.

But once in awhile I treat myself to my favorite breakfast ever; the one I think about before going to bed and wake up eager to eat. (Yes, sadly, things really are that simple in Lynn Land sometimes. It doesn’t take much to make me happy.)

I give you: French toast and a mushroom omelet. Total POINTS: 3.5

I use ¼ C Egg beaters mixed with two egg whites (1.5 points) and two slices of lite bread (35 calories each, 4 grams of fiber, no fat – 1 point). I dip the bread in the egg mixture and cook it on a non-stick griddle. While that’s cooking, I sauté a cup of mushrooms, minced onion and minced garlic in a pan sprayed lightly with Pam. When they’re done, I pour the rest of the egg mixture on top and sprinkle with 2 t. of parmesan cheese (.5 point), tarragon and basil and flip it into an omelet. Sometimes I’ll slap a few tomato slices on depending on my mood. Then I get out the REAL maple syrup (2 tsp equals .5 point) and pour a teaspoon over each slice of French toast and there you go! My favorite breakfast ever.

Told you I was easy to please.

This hasn’t always been my favorite breakfast. Things have changed a lot in four years. My favorite breakfast used to be a toasted bagel with chive cream cheese and a big-ass latte from our local coffee shop. Easily 10 points. I used to love bacon sandwiches, too, and potatoes at Bob Evans, and three-egg “veggie” omelets (if you call bits and pieces of soggy tomatoes and peppers “veggies”) with a side a pancakes and hash browns at our local diner.

Now it’s my turn to say, “Ew!” I can honestly say I don’t miss those things. If I want a pancake, I have a few really good low-fat whole grain pancake recipes that I like very much. If I want hash browns, I make them without oil or I use butternut squash instead. A bagel and cream cheese is something I could eat if I wanted to, but I don’t want to. I’d get too full. I’d feel miserable afterwards. I used to always feel miserable and thought that was normal.

I like my new normal better. I like eating things that make my children say, “Ew!” In the long run I’d rather stay a size 6 than eat bacon ever again. Compromise? Perhaps. But I really, really love my French toast and mushroom omelet days. And that, as well as many other foods I choose instead, makes up for any food I might “lack” or say no to.

What’s your favorite (healthy) breakfast? The one that gets you out of bed in the morning? The one you wish would last all day?

10 thoughts on “It’s My Favorite Breakfast Day!

  1. Lynn —Like you I could easily eat a cookie sheet filled with roasted veggies and be totally content.I will be trying your breakfast sometime soon–it’s sounds YUMMY!Thanks-Mary

  2. Lynn,I’ve been known to eat roasted cauliflower leftovers for breakfast so I hear what you’re saying. My favorite all-time healthy breakfast is a homemade whole wheat blueberry muffin hot out of the oven. My recipe is here for anyone who might want to try them: They’re only 2 pts.a piece for a decent-sized muffin (or 3 for a large muffin). -Gina

  3. Hey Lynn, I love your website and posts. Thanks a lot for all of the encouragement. I have been losing weight since last Nov. 14 and have lost 149lbs so far with 8 more to go and your website has helped me through! I was wondering if you could tell me roughly how many calories would that many points equal to? I would love to try it but diligently count calories. Thanks a lot in advance.

  4. I have to admit I almost stopped reading at ‘paprikash’. It reminded me of Billy Crystal saying it over and over in the movie When Harry Met Sally. It just sounds, “ewwww”. But then…I read REAL maple syrup. YUM. Your entire breakfast sounds delish. My favorite healthy breakfast is similar: egg beater omelette with mushrooms, low fat cheese and a side of tomatoes “fried” with only Pam cooking spray, a whole grain waffle with 2 tsp of real maple syrup. That’s the breakfast I like on the weekend when I have more time to cook.

  5. Gina, thanks for the recipe! I’ve put blueberry muffins on my to-make list for T-day. Tisha, I think of Billy Crystal every time I make paprikash! But believe me, it’s delish. Very mellow. Lots of good flavors and veggies. I add chicken for my carnivorous hubby, though. I’m definitely trying a side of “fried” tomatoes next time I have my favorite breakfast. Thanks for the tip!Nora, as for the calories, I’m not sure. I recommend for all calorie info. They’re very reliable.

  6. Hi Lynn, thanks for checking my blog! Your post was what reminded me of the blueberry pancakes, and then I got so busy writing my blog that I forgot to leave a comment here! So anyways, you know what my favorite bfast is, but really, there are so many. I love fruit and cottage cheese, and of course I love all of my low-cal muffin/scone type things. This sure is fun figuring out how to make things taste good AND be healthy.I love your idea, and I am going to try it soon. Especially love the idea of using real maple syrup. I brought some back from Vermont a year ago and haven’t touched it. I never thought of just using LESS!

  7. Im now going to see it as a compliment when people EWWWW at my food (which they do. daily.) thanks for that mind shift as, quite honestly, it used to irritate me!

  8. The day I don’t want potatoes for breakfast when I visit a restaurant will be a day to celebrate indeed!I’m going to try your 3.5 pt breakfast, it sounds so good.My favourite breakfast is oatmeal (I use a blend of old fashioned oats, quick oats, oat bran, and flax seed meal so I can microwave it) with blueberries and a tsp of olive oil. On those days that I don’t have it for breakfast, I will usually have it for lunch.

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