A Year Ago Today….

As many of you know, I write a blog about weight maintenance called Refuse to Regain with my blogging partner, Dr. Barbara Berkeley. Barbara’s book, Refuse to Regain: 12 Tough Rules to Maintain the Body You’ve Earned, was published last week and I thought it fitting that I received my copy today, on the one-year anniversary of my life-changing trip to Chicago – the day I wandered almost over my head into three months of media craziness and a year of challenges I never thought I had the strength to face and opportunities I never thought possible.

It’s fitting because as a writer, I’ve seen my byline in magazines, newspapers and online, but never in a book…until today. I wrote the foreword for Refuse to Regain, and seeing my byline after the foreword was almost as thrilling as meeting Oprah. Fitting because had I not been on “Oprah,” I might not have met Barbara. Fitting because a year ago, I’m not sure I could have written the foreword. Not because in it I refer to a particular moment on the Oprah show, but because I’m a stronger, more confident person today, thanks mostly to all the people I’ve met this last year and continue to meet in person, in my blogs, other places on the ‘net. People who challenge me, teach me, encourage me, and, yes, even piss me off sometimes.

I blogged about my Oprah experience, if you want to read about it. There are a few photos there, too. I went back to read it again for the first time in a year and even now it’s still hard to believe it actually happened, even though I wear the boots every chance I get. Not the jeans so much. Or the belt. …sigh… I’m really not en vogue, not by any stretch of the imagination. My apologies to everyone who’s tried to instruct me this year in the ways of fashion.

Anyway, it’s what happened next that guided my life to where it is now. As I wrote after the show aired at the end of November:

“I’ve said all along that if my weight-loss story can inspire just one person to take control of their weight and fitness, then telling it in any way I can is worth it. I’m merely paying a debt. I’m paying back the people who encouraged me and helped me reach my own goals. If I’ve inspired someone to lose weight, it’s because I was inspired to lose weight by someone else who lost weight.

“Losing weight, while a solitary physical act, does not have to take place in a vacuum. We all have questions, we all have doubts, we all have victories, both on and off the scale, that we want to celebrate with other people who ‘get it.’ The people who inspired me also answered my questions, calmed my doubts, and celebrated with me. It’s my turn to do the same for others. Thus the challenge.”

This led me to begin this blog, Lynn’s Weigh. Then, after being featured on CNN’s FitNation and being “found” by Barbara, we started the Refuse to Regain blog. What’s funny, though, is that I still get far more inspiration, feedback and learning tools from readers and other bloggers I’ve met this year than I can ever give in return. So a hearty thank you to all of you for your insightful gifts.

Chicago last year was the mother of all trips. Seeing my byline in a book today was the mother of all head rushes. That is, until I see my name as the author on the cover of my own book J Which reminds me, I owe that book some Lynn time today, so I best get to it. I confess, though, I’d rather hang out here on the computer with you guys.

12 thoughts on “A Year Ago Today….

  1. That’s so cool. Congrats on everything, but especially on the new lease on life.I’m proud to “know” you! Thanks for all the inspiration you are.

  2. Yes, congrats Lynn on all the wonderful things that have happened to you in the past year. You so deserve it all. Your blog was the first one I found a few months back and from it you lead me to more and more and more. To realize there are so many online that are going along day to day just like me trying to sort out the answers to permanent weight loss. Each day I read your blog I take something from it and I’m grateful. Thank you.

  3. Lynn,Loved reading this post and I went back and read a lot of your Oprah posts as well. Amazing experience. I would love to do that one day too! Thank you for writing with humor, wit and honesty. Love your blog. 🙂 Also, thank you for the PB2 post–just got mine and it is fabulous!!

  4. Hi Lynn! I waited to reply to this blog because I thought I would get my copy of Refuse to Regain in the mail today. It came, and I just read your intro–Great Job!!I want to thank you for the positive influence you have had in my weight loss and maintenance. I did see that Oprah show, but it was before I ‘knew’ you through your blog. It has been so encouraging to read your highs and lows and struggles and victories. Putting a real face on a person who has lost a tremendous amount of weight and kept it off. As I write that, I realize that that was one of the very things that kept me from trying to lose weight for over 20 years–observing people lose weight and gain it all back over and over.So, thank you again, and I can hardly wait til your book comes out! I’m off to read more of Refuse to Regain

  5. Congrats on the weight loss! As a personal trainer I have seen many clients take on the challenge and struggle with it. You are spreading the word that it can be done and empowering others in the process. That deserves all kinds of warm fuzzies and gold stars 🙂Jamie Atlas from Fitness Insights

  6. loved this reflective posting – I also love the collection of maintainers that you are gathering – when I hit my goal range I had a hard time finding maintenance blogs in the sea of weight loss blogs. I had a strong need to read about other maintains thoughts and experiences. I appreciate your blogs and all the writers that you attract. I did get your e-mail and you are very welcome to add me to your list.

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