The Scariest Day of the Year

Today is one of the most challenging days of the year for me, my friends. It’s the day I buy…….

…….Halloween candy.

God knows it’s been on the shelves at WalMart since Valentine’s Day, but I’ve stayed away. Not because of any moral attitude, believe me. No, mostly I’ve stayed away because I agonize over what to buy.

This is a recent phenomenon, of course. Before I started losing weight, buying candy was never a real problem, you know? I bought what I liked. Didn’t matter if kids liked it. Picture this if you will: 300-pound me perched on my rocking chair on the front porch, big green bowl filled with Kit Kat minis and M&M single packs on my lap. (BTW, who are they kidding with that “single-serving” shtick?)

One for me,’ I’d think, unwrapping a candy.

“Trick or treat!”

One for the kids.’

A few minutes later.

Two for me.’

“Trick or treat!”

One for the kids.’

I know, I know. I could turn out my lights and hide in my office for two or three hours until trick or treating is over, but I love watching the parade of little kids in costumes and their parents lurking close behind in the dark. My friends bring their kids around and it’s fun to see them change year to year. No, I won’t miss trick or treating just because candy is my #2 weakness. I am stronger than that.

Still, I try to keep the temptation lower by buying candy that I don’t particularly like, which is NOT easy to do. Pretty much everything is fair game except Mary Jane’s and Almond Joy. I suppose I could be one of those “Thanks a lot” houses that give out toothbrushes or dental floss. That would pretty much guarantee I’d get no trick or treaters next year. Kids talk. I remember congregating with my friends before trick or treating and scoping out which houses to hit twice and which ones to avoid. I never want to be known as “the weird lady in the green house.”

Last year I handed out 3 Musketeer minis (each one has just 25 calories) and York Peppermint Patty minis (again, not too bad in the calorie department). I only ate one of each and I did that on purpose, not mindlessly rocking and popping them in my mouth. Maybe I’ll try that strategy again and perhaps throw in some gum to the mix. That’s good, right? A solid plan?

Normally I’d wait and buy candy the day of trick or treating (which in our silly town is tomorrow night) because the real challenge isn’t the mongo ginormous candy aisle at WalMart. The real challenge is where to put the candy when I get it home so I don’t see it and think about it. The reason I’m not buying candy tomorrow is because the forecast calls for 3-5 inches of snow tonight and 2-4 inches tomorrow. I’d rather have candy in my house than go out driving on the first day of snow. I’m more afraid of other drivers getting their snow groove on for the year than a big bag of 3 Musketeers.

So here’s my plan. I’ll go to the gym in a few minutes, come home, shower, eat some lunch, go to WalMart, pick out my pre-planned candy purchases, get home, stick the bags immediately in the crock pots on top of the fridge, put the rest of my groceries away (groceries that will include a goodly amount of fresh veggies which will act as the good angel resting on my shoulder) and go immediately into my office and write. I can do that. No problem.

No. Problem.

(Are you convinced yet?)

13 thoughts on “The Scariest Day of the Year

  1. I went through the Halloween candy aisle at Wal Mart searching for something that I don’t like. But I found a great treat . . . mini bags of pretzels shaped like bats and ghosts. 30 little bags for about $5.00. 50 calories per bag and no fat. So the leftovers won’t be a problem!I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and how inspiring it is to read about your weight loss and fitness success.

  2. I went through something similar last year. Last year was the first Halloween *EVER* that I did not eat even one piece of candy. I am going to make this Halloween two in a row. Because I am fragile that way… one mini turns into eating the whole bag (literally) and having to go back out buy more.Maybe when I am skinny I will have just one mini 🙂

  3. I have found that the best solution for me is to either get candy I can’t stand (anything gummy) – or something healthier, such as pretzel packs or raisinettes.The kids don’t need that sugar anymore than I do, so why not be one of the few houses that gives something that you can feel good about giving?I won’t binge on the pretzel bags, which is great for me.Although, my hubby did buy a bag of candy corn for himself, and he has it hidden so that I won’t be tempted!

  4. It’s hard to find candy I don’t like, too! I did pretty well so far, both when buying and filling little treat bags. Now to wait for the big day!Why did your town change Hallowe’en to Oct 29? Seems strange!

  5. Nancy, I read your comment before going to the store and I found the pretzels! I also found Goldfish. Lori, you’re right. Kids don’t need that sugar either. Thus the reason I went with the pretzels. Seems like a good compromise between candy and dental floss 🙂SeaShore, the kids here rarely get to t or t on Halloween. It usually has something to do with sports. Friday night is *godforbid* football night.

  6. My youngest son is weird. He loves to trick or treat, but isn’t much of a candy eater (the rest of the family makes up for his pickyness). We only get 6 kids on a good year since the houses are so spread apart and the bears are still out. The neighbor two houses from us often brings the kids treats to our house to see their costumes before we head out to “town”.I do have t or t candy in the house, hidden or the husband will eat it and I’ve found if I put it out of sight I’m just as apt to leave it alone…the husband won’t which is why I can never keep chocolate chips in the house!!Oh and I should have my pb2 on Thursday!! My 7 year old daughter is excited to try it too and is telling me just how she’s planning on eating it. 😉

  7. We just moved to a new neighborhood with LOTS of kids. My husband came home with two giant bags of mixed mini candy bars. I ate about 6 of them last night.Joyful Susan

  8. So true! As a personal trainer I tell all my clients to buy the worst candy they can imagine – that way when they look at it they dont find it appealing. Lets call halloween candy what it is, the garbage can scrapings of the chocolate world 🙂 Tell me you simply couldn’t resist a teeny gourmet handmade truffle and I might sympathize with you. But confess you fought the kids for the butterfingers? Girl, you got some cardio penance to pay! 😉

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