It’s Another "I Love Food!" Day :)

You all know I love PB2 by Bell Plantation – a dried peanut butter that mixes with water or jelly. I eat it almost every day. Last month, my maintaining diva friend AJ asked me if I’d tried the new chocolate PB2. I hadn’t explored the Bell site in awhile, so no, I hadn’t heard the news, but being such a huge PB2 fan, I went online immediately to order a few jars. I wasn’t disappointed. Chocolate PB2 has nearly identical nutritional information as the plain PB2 – 2 T for around 50 calories and less than 2 grams of fat – and so far I recommend it as a really nice dip for bananas. I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes posted on their site.

PB2 is part of my monthly food budget. I order a case every month and the good folks at Bell ship it to me ASAP. Imagine my surprise when I found out this morning that I can get PB2 locally, right here in little tiny podunkville Clarion at a store called The Bathtub and Kitchen Sink! PB2, here in Clarion! I don’t have to trek 100 miles to Pittsburgh like I have to for so many other food products I like and can never get here.

I’m going to the Bathtub next week to thank Andrea, the owner, for carrying PB2 and to ask if she can order some low-fat cheese for me, too. While I’m at the Bathtub, I’ll stop in next door to Sage Meadow, a great little health food store that carries red lentils, edamame, my favorite tea, and low-sodium vegetable broth. The grocery stores around here don’t carry (very good) vegetable broth, let alone low-sodium broth, even in chicken or beef flavors. When I asked for it, the manager looked at me like I was questioning his hygiene or something. “No one will buy that,” he said. It reminded me of the time (and I promise I’ll be done bitching after this one) when I asked the bread manager (as in the guy who runs the bread department) where the pita bread was. He said, and I kid you not, “What’s pita bread?” Oy.

Anyway, why not browse the PB2 site to find a store near you that sells PB2? You might get lucky, like me, and find it’s being sold right down the street!

A few of you might remember several months ago when I asked about flax seeds and how you use them. I got some great suggestions and now add it to soups and cereal. I’ve also been putting it in the Hungry Girl pumpkin/pudding concoction (scroll down to #3) I love so much, too. That’s what gave me the idea to add it to Jell-O’s new sugar-free dark chocolate pudding. Seriously good. And filling. Grind up a tablespoon of flax seeds and throw it in the pudding. Maybe eat the pudding with a graham cracker instead of a spoon. Not that I do that or anything…hehe.

It’s time for lunch and then a hair cut. I’m thinking a bigass salad. Hmmm… Then maybe some pudding. Hmmmm… Then maybe some PB2 on Wasa with just a little homemade blackberry jam. Man, I’m really having an “I love food!” day. Oh who am I kidding? Most every day is an “I love food!” day! LOL

Have a great weekend, folks! I’ll check in with ya’ll on Sunday.

7 thoughts on “It’s Another "I Love Food!" Day :)

  1. I love PB2 as well! I mix it in my oatmeal or make banana smoothies out of it. I was near a Whole Foods the other day and found some all natural organic dark chocolate peanut butter. omg I could eat the whole jar. But at 170 cal/2T I better not, eh?🙂

  2. It appears that no one in the whole state of Colorado carries it so I’ve got to decide what to order…can’t wait to try it!Hey how funny is this, the word verification for this post is my nana’s name….verna!

  3. Thanks Lynn I’m so excited about the idea of trying PB2. I’ve already ordered myself 4 jars, 2 of each. It’s going to be so great having peanut butter for such few calories and fat. My favorite thing to make as a snack is an apple slice thin dipped in nonfat vanilla yogurt with a tablespoon of peanut butter. This is going to make my favorite snack much less everything, thanks.

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