A Guest Blog From My Sister About Meeting Anna

Happy Sunday morning to you all. My sister wrote a blog on her MySpace page the other day and I’m confiscating it for my own blog because I liked it and because I’m laughing so hard reading “Such A Pretty Fat: One Narcissist’s Quest To Discover If Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big” by Jen Lancaster that I’m hardly able to breathe, let alone type coherently.

So without further ado, here’s a guest blog by my sister, Emily Haraldson. I hope you’ll share a comment about someone you met who touched your life in some small, odd or fun way, and will probably never see again.

“While waiting in cashier line at the car wash today, an older woman behind me asked me if they took credit cards there. I told her that they did and that she could also get cash back for a tip if she didn’t have cash. She thanked me and then gave me a tiny clothes pin with a little wooden ladybug on it. She said she buys them by the hundreds and gives them out to practically everyone she meets. I thanked her and thought the gesture was kind.

As I made my way to the cashier to pay for my car wash, she was saying that God was testing us to see if we could live in hell with how hot it has been lately. Actually, it wasn’t that hot this morning, low 70s, but it has been rather humid, more than we’re used to here in the desert anyway. I thought the comment was funny. I paid for my car wash and she said, “See you on the other side” (the other side meaning the other end of the car wash where you wait for your car).

She came and sat down next to me and commenced to dabbing her face with a tissue as she was perspiring. She told me about her pomegranate tree that had fruit that split open last season because it has been so dry. She also told me her daughter makes excellent pomegranate martinis to which I responded, “I like your daughter already!” She told me she just celebrated her 75th birthday (she looked more like 65) and that she recently got a speeding ticket. What a hoot this woman was! She’s from Germany, has been widowed for over 20 years and thinks her husband has come back to her as a hummingbird. Her son runs his own surf board company in Ventura.

Her name is Anna. I learned all of this in a matter of 20 minutes.

Do you ever wonder why you meet certain people? I do. I certainly feel richer for having a conversation with Anna today. The next time a stranger starts up a conversation, don’t close up, shut down – let it take you where it’s supposed to go.”

One thought on “A Guest Blog From My Sister About Meeting Anna

  1. I’d like to think that I’m an Anna… God willing, I’ll pass out little wooden ladybug-bedecked clothespins when I’m 75 and keep people entertained in carwash lines.

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