Life and Vitamin D

I’m sitting outside on the porch on an old white-painted bent-branch chair, my laptop’s perched on my lap, there’s thunder rumbling in the distance, and I just ate a pickle. My dogs are afraid of thunder and so they’re lying around my feet. Our female dog, Mathilda, has a nervous stomach and it’s making all kinds of gurgling noises. I empathize. My stomach turns upside down when I’m stressed, too.

I’m eating colors tonight. I just had green beans and green peppers while waiting for the carrots and squash to roast. Wearing my 2002 glasses because I can’t find the other ones, I’m monitoring the plastic bowls sitting on my living room floor filling up with water dripping down from the ceiling. If I thought food and gas was expensive, wait until I get the estimate on a new roof.

I’m really missing missing George Carlin right now.

I just took my third calcium/vitamin D tablet of the day. Can they BE any bigger and harder to swallow? Anyway…I have a vitamin D deficiency and the more I read about vitamin D, the more I realize how important it is. Check out this article on CNN: “Vitamin D is hot! Here’s how to get it.” I’m still period free – 17 months and counting – and my doctor is concerned my lack of vitamin D could be the culprit, given everything else checks out just fine.

Who knows?

The lightening is kind of scary now and so I’m moving back inside. There’s a cutie foreign guy named Sven on “Jeopardy”. I think I need to check him…I mean the show out. Just wanted to give you a heads up on vitamin D. And my leaky roof. Life in general.

4 thoughts on “Life and Vitamin D

  1. Sorry to learn about your roof. After reading your post I realize I have heard of vitamin D benefits, on a news cast a while ago, but never pursued further information. Sounds like it could be a definite asset given the key health issues in my family are heart disease, diabetes, and mom died ten years ago of cancer. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Sara, I’m personally ONLY ok with vitamins, and only the bare minimum. My doctor said I needed vit. D so I’m taking it. I take a multi-vitamin (One-A-Day) and 500 mgs of niacin every day, too, because she believes I need that, too. As for curbing your appetite, I’d incorporate more fiber, fruits and vegetables into your diet instead of taking a pill, no matter how “natural” they say it is. Often cravings are psychological or caused by thirst.

  3. I found your blog…how I’m not sure and it doesn’t matter because I already know it’s one to keep and read daily. I’ve been waiting for an epithany. Something to slap me along side the head and says….Dang it woman, LOSE WEIGHT !! What moment made you say THIS IS IT??

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