The Clothes Make the Workout

You know what’s sexy? Weight-lifting gloves. The black Velcro-y ones with the fingers cut out and that wrap around your wrists all tight and secure-like. I like wearing them more than a little black dress. I don’t care that no one sees me wear them. It’s how they make me feel, all fit and buff, like I know what I’m doing. Which I kind of do, but in this case, “the clothes make the man.” LOL

I work out mostly at home, but I go to the rec center once or twice a week. One reason I like to work out at in public is because I’m challenged there by the people working out around me. In a recent study, exercisers who worked out next to people they felt were in better shape than they were had a 10-20 percent better workout because they were psychologically challenged to work physically harder. That’s the kind of kick in my seat I need once in awhile. As I wrote about in my blog called “Kicking It Up A Notch” over on Refuse to Regain, it’s easy to get complacent.

Besides the gloves, I have a few shirts I like to wear that emphasize certain arm muscles and shorts that de-emphasize my tummy skin. As I said, even when I’m by myself, I like to see my body in its best light. I spent so many years avoiding mirrors and denying what my body looked like that I’m trying to reclaim it, get to know it, every last inch – flaws and all.

Do you ever wonder if you’re affecting other people when you work out? Are you aware of people around you? Do you like to wear certain articles of clothing when you work out that make you more psyched for your routine? I look forward to the discussion!

6 thoughts on “The Clothes Make the Workout

  1. Once I tried circuit training at my gym. The set up is similar to Curves – machines and cardio stations arranged in a circle. There were two other woman doing it at the same time I was. I noticed after a few minutes that they were trying to keep pace with me on the cardio stations. My competitive instincts kicked in and I ended up pushing myself so hard I was sore for days! I ended up joining a soccer team to help channel those competitive impulses, and found not only an outlet but also a butt kicking workout!

  2. I’ve really been thinking about buying a couple of workout shirts, you know, like the body armor you mentioned not long ago. When I go to the Y I wear a workout skort (even thin I’m not wild about shorts) and a cotton t-shirt. At home I wear old sweats or old shorts. I’m at the Y a few times a week with the kids, but I really like to watch a tv show while I do cardio at home at night. It’s a joke around here because I don’t watch tv unless I’m on the elliptical or the bike. As I work out more I’m finding that I’m pickier about my workout clothes. Especially when I’m headed for the gym. At the gym I am aware of the people around me (I people watch). Often I’ll find that I’ll try to squeeze a little more time on the arc trainer or the treadmill if someone is running on one when I climb on and they’re still running on it when I climb off.

  3. I am a runner/walker. I really restarted running only 6 months ago. I had a great run today. 6 miles in 1 hour 2 minutes. Not fast, but for me at 45, it was great! I definitely feel competitive when there are other walkers or runners on the trail that I do. Not in a bad way, but I do step it up a bit when I pass walkers. And it has only happened once, but I passed a man a few weeks ago and he was running. As for what to wear, I haven’t been that concerned with it until now. The weather is finally getting nice and I can wear shorts. I need to go and get some new running shorts. I have a pair of Under Armor longer shorts that I wore today and another pair of Nike shorts. But they aren’t as cute as some I have seen. I tried on some at a store that makes it tough to try on clothes. They were the wrong size and I grew impatient.I did find 2 great running bras at a different store after trying on at least 10. Those are my staples. I have to have a running bra on to run. Regular bras cause all kinds of problems mostly with the straps and no support. I don’t care if they flatten me out, I would rather be comfortable.I passed a group of 3 fast walkers a few days ago and one of them thought I was a friend of theirs, the other one said, “No, she is so tiny.” I had my iPod on and pretended not to hear, but it made me feel great!Thanks for the great post, I have to go shopping!

  4. I saw your interview you did for the Joy Fit Club and bookmarked your website awhile back, but have just now started looking at it. I really like your site and the links that you provided. I bookmarked several of the sites. Thanks!

  5. I get inspired by watching the many people who work out at my gym. Just when I think I cannot go another step I look at them and think if they can do it so can I and some of them are in their 60’s. Great topic Lynn thanks for keeping us motivated. Mara

  6. I dont wear gloves (old superstition), but I do like wearing certain shirts and shorts to workout. I am very picky about my footwear as well. If I don’t have the right footing, my entire workout can get messed up.

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