My Bracelet

A lot gets written by people who are losing or who have lost weight, me included, about their clothing sizes and how great/wonderful/awesome it is to get to a certain size. But I thought today, as I was working out with my hand weights: what about the jewelry?

I don’t like to wear much jewelry. On the rare occasion when I put in earrings, I develop an infection once I take them out. My wedding ring is bent out of shape because of the 25-pound weight I hold when I do a particular ab set because I always forget to take it off.

I do, however, wear a braided white gold bracelet on my right arm. My daughter gave it to me when I was 300 pounds. I couldn’t wear it then, but I’d try it on periodically, as I lost weight, and once it fit, I never took it off. Wait. I take that back. I took it off on Oprah because they asked me to. But I slipped it into my boot and put it back on as soon as the taping was over.

That bracelet is a constant reminder of where I’ve been and where I am. It dangles on my arm with every movement, like a whisper in my ear: “I will always fit your wrist if you stay the course and treat yourself with respect.”

My massage therapist moves it aside when she works my arms. I let it roll back and forth when I lift weights. It doesn’t match every outfit I wear, but I don’t care. It’s a symbol, like a tattoo, and I love how it feels rolling around on my wrist.

My wedding ring is an important symbol, too, albeit not because of weight loss, but because of love. I had it re-sized at every significant weight loss because I couldn’t be without it. I went from a size 9 finger to a 5, and the gold is probably very worn and couldn’t stand much more sizing, but I needed it there on my left hand to remind me that my best friend was always rooting for me.

Next up, I have to re-size my mother’s ring. My kids bought it for me when I weighed 260 or so, and it’s too big for my ring finger yet too small for my middle or index finger. I’m feeling a strong need to wear it, though, so one of my errands this week is to our jeweler downtown.

Do you have jewelry like that, too? Is there some significant piece you like or need to wear?

P.S. I didn’t feel as ooogie watching Oprah today as I did in November. Whew!!

9 thoughts on “My Bracelet

  1. ditto what joy said about oprah!As for the jewelery:As I was gaining weight, there came a point where my wedding band didn’t fit and I decided not to resize it. Probably a “point of no return” decision – if I had resized it, it would have given me permission to never go back. For about 7 years, I wore an anniversary band. Love the band, hated wearing on the left ring finger instead of the right that my dear husband intended it for.It was a joyous day when my weight dropped enough that the wedding band fit again. Now, it’s getting loose and I’m wondering whether to resize it 2 or 3 times or get one of those adjustable sizers to make do til I get to my goal.I’ll be deliriously happy the day the band falls off my skinny finger.P.S. I stopped wearing bracelets long time ago cause of the size issue. May have to examine the fashion worthiness of my 1980’s collection of funky bracelets. 🙂

  2. Well, I love jewelry. In fact, I often pre-plan a few days in advance what outfits to wear with what jewelry pieces. I don’t over accessorize (IMHO) but I do place a strong emphasis on coordination.I don’t remember my weight affecting the rings I could (or couldn’t) wear, but I hope that I would’ve seen the huge red flag had I gotten to that point.A few months after I reached goal I had several rings resized. It was a great non-scale victory and seemed like a very permanent and important change – almost as though it’s easier to just toss old clothes and buy smaller ones, but jewelry resizing seems to take more of a commitment to staying thin. Does that make sense?And maybe it was just me, but it seemed like the audience was cheering extra loud for you when you walked on Oprah’s stage. Must’ve been that HOT outfit! You were great.

  3. I tivo’d you and will watch later today. My wedding ring has also been resized– but it was because I didn’t know how to measure my ring size correctly.I collect vintage and antique costume jewelry and love being able to wear a 6.5 inch bracelet or a 14 inch necklace. Never in my past.Why did Oprah ask you to take off your bracelet?

  4. I forgot to watch Oprah (I don’t normally watch her, so I caught the last 10 minutes at the Y).I have short fat fingers regardless of what I weigh. My ring size stays at about a 7. My hands are shaped just like my dad’s were just a little smaller. My wrists have always been small. When I was ginormously pregnant and huge everywhere my doctor marveled at the fact that my ankles were still bony (amazing because I swear even my earlobes gained weight). I am slowly trying to drop another 35 pounds or so and will be curious how much my hands/wrists change in size.

  5. I just reached 35 lbs. lost and my graduation ring is getting loose – loose enough that I can shake my hand and it falls off. I am excited to get it resized, but also somewhat dreading that and all the clothing alterations I’ll need to have done. Then again, I could also just buy some new clothes, not going to complain about that :).

  6. You guys are the best blog readers a girl could ever ask for. Thanks for all your kind words about my Oprah thingy. It truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience (although I’d go back again if she asked!). As for why my bracelet had to come off, it didn’t “match” my outfit! LOL Lesley I loved what you said about how resizing jewelry feels permanent or more like a commitment to weight loss as opposed to clothes. So true. Linda said it, too, that it’s a “point of no return” decision. I’d not thought of it that way before.

  7. Congrats on Oprah! You are an inspiration! My husband came into the room when you were on and I jumped up and told him that I read your blog and your words help me on my own journey!

  8. When I started WW we had just bought an anniversary band for me because my wedding band no longer fit on my ring finger. As I lost weight I was able to get my wedding band on and my anniversary band was a little loose, but since the wedding band held it on it was okay. By the time I got to maintenance I no longer could wear the rings on my ring finger any more… I now wear them on my middle finger :-). People (including my husband) ask me when I am going to get them resized. I let them know that I have no plans to do so because they remind me (like Lynn) where I came from.The only other constant jewelry is a Mickey Mouse watch (that is too big) and my charm bracelet that I buy a charm for each race I complete.

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