Workout Clothes (and an Oprah reminder)

If you haven’t seen the “Oprah” show I was on in November, it will re-air this Monday, June 2. The show is truly inspirational and I often wondered why I was chosen to be on when there were so many awesome people on the show who lost a LOT more weight than me, all through diet and exercise. Their stories are incredible. I hope you’ll give it a look. (To read about my Oprah experience, click here.)

On to the workout clothes section of this entry.

My hands-down favorite workout clothes company is Under Armour. Their stuff is expensive and so I only own three items – yoga pants, tank top and t-shirt – but I wear the hell out of them. When I sweat in ordinary cotton, I get really cold when I’m done working out because the clothes stay wet for so long. I don’t know how, but UA dries faster and keeps me warmer.

This morning I decided to work out in shorts since I’ll be working out at home. I’d never wear shorts to a gym for the big reason I’m sure you can guess: jiggly inner thigh skin. It’s not real attractive and yes, I’m vain that way. A lesser reason for not wearing shorts to the gym is that my legs look like…well…scrawny chicken legs. I’m laughing as I tell you this, so don’t think I’m being too harsh on myself. They’re long and don’t really match my short torso, and with knees like mine (you’ve all seen the photo, right?), my legs really aren’t my most attractive asset unless they’re covered with tights or tight jeans and boots. (I swear that’s why I got picked for the Oprah show.)

Bras. Oy. I’ve tried workout bras, but they squish what little boobies I have so flat that they’re uncomfortable. I hate feeling bound in. Besides, very few bras in my size (34A or 34B) account for loose skin under the arms. I wish they made bras with wider bands. Why do bra designers assume everyone with a 34-inch chest can be held together with string? Drives me nuts.

Anyway, so I work out in underwire bras, some padded, some not – again, it depends on if I’m going to the gym. I don’t like to be all “headlights” at the gym, you know? The underwires are a bit uncomfortable, but not as bad as the exercise bras.

Shoes. I just bought a new pair of Asics. They are wider at the top and fit me snugly in the back, not an easy find in a shoe. There’s very little leather or binding straps on these shoes, which is good. My feet have never been happier. I should go back to that store and get four more pairs. You know I’ll never be able to find this exact type of shoe again.

So what do you all wear when you workout? Any favorites you want to pass along? Any bra advice? As always, post a comment or send me an email! Thanks for reading!
Announcing the launch of my new website: “Refuse to Regain: Providing a supportive and educational online community dedicated to helping you maintain your weight loss”. I’ve been working on this along with my website partner, Dr. Barbara Berkeley, for a few months now. The blog is in its infancy and will evolve over time, and one day become a “real” website and not just a blog. Check it out and give us your feedback. Join the discussion board! Ask questions! We’d love to hear from you.

7 thoughts on “Workout Clothes (and an Oprah reminder)

  1. As a general rule I work out in whatever is handy. That said, I do have a couple of running skorts that I love. I’m not much of a shorts kind of girl, but I love them if they’re covered with a skirt. And T-shirts, I’ve thought about getting an Under Armour type shirt to work out in and may once one of us is gainfully employed again, especially after reading your post. I never thought about the fact that UA would dry so much faster than my old standby (the t-shirts the Y hands out every year). I’ve had the best luck with Avia shoes (I like New Balance too), my feet tend to be on the narrow side and are picky picky about arch support. I know that everyone says to buy a work out specific bra, and I do have 2 of them, but for the most part I just wear my normal bras. (I’m chesty so those pull over your head work out bras have never worked, they make me feel like I’m strangling). I’m never much of a fashion statement at the gym, my style is pretty much what ever doesn’t itch or bind.Now I’ve got to go see what channel Oprah comes on and what time on Monday and write myself a note to try to remember to watch it 😉

  2. For working out at the gym, I like super lightweight training pants (my current favorite is a pair of Nike’s) and either lightweight cotton/poly blends for the top or Mountain Hardwear Wicked T-shirts. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, and as the name suggests, it wicks sweat away from the skin (I use these for hiking and backpacking, too).Lynn, have you checked out the bras at Title Nine? This online store sells clothes for women only, and they have an great selection of bras, organized by size. My favorite is the “Funderwire,” which is an underwire workout bra that’s flattering and incredibly comfortable. I like it so much I wear it outside of the gym (and off the trail) too.~Shelley

  3. Thanks for the suggestions! And Paula, thanks for the link. I’m going to look for those bras next time I’m in P’burgh. I’ll let you know how they work out. I’m willing to try anything! I’m also thinking I might be able to buy some UA on eBay for cheaper, too. Hmmm…

  4. Donna, I’m looking at my shoes now and on the bottom they say Ahar. On the inside they say Gel-Stratus. Sorry, that’s all the info I have! I just know they’re more fabric than leather and very comfy. Lynn

  5. Hi all – nice blog with good karma. On clothes, I buy light nylon shorts and long light drawstring nylon pants at discount stores in groups of 3 so there is always a clean pair. I lock up my sweat pants and sweat jckt for staying warm during workouts. And I like Saucony for the lower heel counter since I have small heels. But have two good pair of Nike and lift in a new pair of Pumas with excellent midfoot heel alignment. I have a 20 lb by 200v goal – and was thinking of joining weight watchers. Any support on this topic?comments welcome

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