It’s Finally Spring!!

I’m digesting the bugs I inadvertently feasted on during my 15-mile bike ride through Cook Forest today. They were everywhere, slamming me from all sides, but that’s wasn’t a problem. It’s warm, I was on my bike, and all was right with the world. So what that I found a bite on my thigh when I was in the bathtub earlier this evening? No matter. It was a fabulous ride. I only had to stop twice to sit on a hard rounded surface to rub my right butt cheek muscle because I was tightening up, a sciatic problem I developed this year. Go figure. I rode 15 miles in 70 minutes – just a shade off 13 mph; a nice pace, nothing that makes my thighs yodel.

People were on the river canoeing, fishing, swimming, and sunning themselves on the rocks along the shore. I love to watch people lay out their picnic table food, play volleyball and bocce ball, sit around in the sun while kids climb the jungle gym and play in the sand. It’s energizing being out in the buzz of life around a river. Never mind that Memorial Day weekend is the “official” start of summer. In my book it’s finally spring.

I grow mostly perennials in my gardens, but I love sunflowers, basil, violas, petunias, dahlias, pansies and dwarf grasses that only live one season, so they get bought and planted in one big weekend gardening bonanza. That weekend is usually two weekends ago, but it’s been so cold and we’ve had two frosts so this was my first opportunity.

Rather than feel behind, I’m just sucking up the time and enjoying my deck and porch starting now.

It’s kind of like having a bad day or week or month of food or exercise choices. You can’t do anything about the time that’s gone. You start from now and go forward. Every moment, every breath, every decision.

It’s spring! Are you making the most of it? Planting your garden? Riding your bike? Soaking in the energy around you?

You might ingest some bugs along the way., maybe pick up a bite or two, but damn….isn’t it worth it?

3 thoughts on “It’s Finally Spring!!

  1. Today my daughter and I will plant some beans and squash. At our altitude (7,250) it’s just barely spring, summer will be next week. I love our weather from now until mid October, really I love our weather year round, but from now until mid October it’s glorious.This evening we’ll bar-b-que with some friends and enjoy the weekend/end of the school year. We’ll put the depression of the lay off behind us for a few hours and just soak up some relaxation.It’s all good.

  2. Spring has temporarily deserted us here. We had 4 days of above normal, record breaking temps (96 deg). This week , it’s rained and there has been a 30 deg temperature drop. Crazy!!My bike is all ready to go and I’ll be out riding again once the weather improves.We live in the High Sierra Desert, so I will admit, that this rain has been a bit of a treat. but, enough is enough, already!

  3. Hey Lynn –If you haven’t yet seen a chiropractor for that sciatica, lay face down on the bed and have your hubby check the length of your legs. Your right one is most likely pulling short when your legs are straight but if he bends them to 90 degrees the left will be shorter. That’s an easy fix and your gluts will thank you on your next bike ride.Take care,

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