Back From Da’Burgh

Sorry I’ve been incommunicado this week. My son-in-law was out of town and so I was in Pittsburgh with my daughter and granddaughter, doing Grammy Lynn stuff – you know, buying Claire lime green sandals and orange sandals and pink sandals and dresses to match. We also bought a new bath book, “Caps For Sale,” and few books for a friend’s new baby. Claire recommended her favorite Sandra Boynton books.

I did well with holding her and getting her in and out of her stroller. My wrists held up well and I made sure to not tax them to the point of pain. It’s not easy when I want to hold that kid all the time and kiss her cheeks. She’s just so addicting!

I went to Trader Joe’s with my friend Carol yesterday morning. I haven’t been there in at least two months. I have a new food find. It’s the Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Organic Cinnamon Raisin bread. It’s whole grain, 80 calories, no fat, 2 grams of fiber and a nice amount of potassium. Low sodium, too. Toasted, it’s the only way I’ll eat raisins. I tried a slice this morning with a little Land ‘O Lakes light butter (1/2 teaspoon at the most) and it was the perfect pre-workout food! Very yummy.

I feel a bit off this week in terms of exercise. I haven’t done a cardio workout in three days. Today I hit the elliptical for at least 30 minutes, but I’m trying to not feel guilty or regret that I missed the chance for a cardio workout on Tuesday. I made the choice to stay in the house with my daughter and granddaughter in case they needed me instead of go to the gym for an hour. I know I made the right decision, but I still, after all these months in maintenance, go into a sort of panic mode, that “Oh my god I’ll gain 170 pounds TOMORROW if I don’t work out TODAY!”

Irrational, yes, but very real and something I have to deal with, think about, work out in my head. Staying present, being mindful…

How do you talk yourself down from those high places? What are your coping mechanisms?

6 thoughts on “Back From Da’Burgh

  1. That kid is so cute!!What typically works for me is reminding myself that I am CHOOSING to take a day off from exercising. Somehow it being a choice makes it more empowering.If everything in life was a “must” or a “have to” no one would stick with anything. I choose to eat baby carrots instead of Baked Cheetos. I choose to spend a Saturday morning sleeping in instead of running on the dreadmill (yes, with the D).The key is to make all or your choices combined fit into a healthy lifestyle. I can choose to sleep in, but not every day of every month, or I’ll certainly gain weight. I need to balance my choices.And I completely understand about freaking out when it comes to gaining all the weight back from one “poor” choice – that wasn’t even poor. It was a fine, fair decision.

  2. My coping mechanisms have flown out of the window lately. For the first time in 20 years my husband is out of work. And we have a kid with pneumonia. We have insurance until Friday. We have severance pay, but I’m still convinced if I spend a dollar we will be destitute (I’m not real popular in our house right now). The whole end of the school year, plus the job loss has put exercise on the back burner and I need to change that for my physical and emotional health. I know that if I buy the groceries the family needs we won’t be broke (at least for now) and I know that if my knee is too sore to move to exercise I’m not going to be huge tomorrow, but man oh man the mental thing is a nagging thing.Oh and Claire is just so so cute!!

  3. These thoughts plague me too. But then I need to remind myself that it took a long time to put that much weight on, and while it did take me a long time to take it off, it is gone and if I remain vigilant it will stay off. But that’s the hard part. Weight loss is such a mental trip. It’s a mind game that we (have to) play with ourselves. I know I will never be normal, but I try to live my life as normally is possible. It’s the best I can do. And as for the exercise…. I used to be in a panic about that when I couldn’t work out. But my knee forces me to the sidelines more often than I would like. It’s harder, but not impossible to keep it off, imho without exercise. I know that most successful maintainers exercise every day, but for me that’s just not possible. Cut yourself, (and you body) the occasional slack. Refresh and then get back to it. I know when I exercise I feel better mentally, even through the physical pain.

  4. I absolutely go through the same thing. Feeling guilty for not running on a day when I don’t go. It is silly because, I am really shooting for about 4-5 times a week. So 2 or 3 rest days is fine. I am maintaining fine, but still feel guilty. I need to change my mindset too. I am so glad that you had the time to spend with your daughter and darling granddaughter. Definitely worth a few days off!

  5. Lesley, I love how you “choose” to take a day off. It really makes sense because it puts the power back in your lap. I like that concept. Thank you. Cheri, I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s unemployment. Please let us know what happens and how you’re coping. Sarah, I forget sometimes how long it took to put weight on and off. Why is it that we get it in our heads that we’ll gain it all back in a matter of minutes? LOL You’re right, it is a head game we must play with ourselves, all the while trying to “normally.” Anonymous, I had a great time with the kids and grandbaby, and I plan to do the same thing this week. Only I’ll go to they gym one of those days. At least, that’s my plan. And you know how plans can be changed….

  6. Yummmmmm! I love that bread. Our family loves it with vegan cream cheese & cinnamon/Stevia (mixed together like cinnamon sugar) sprinkled on top. You could use regular cream cheese or that yummy new Weight Watchers cream cheese. i can’t have dairy due to my IBS… dairy free it shall be for me.

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