Let The Voting Begin

I have to remember that readers of this blog are not in my head. There’s no way for you to know how I “meant” something unless I make it clear in my writing.

I’ve very much appreciated your thoughts and comments about my last blog in which I ranted about the backstabbing going on in the 5th congressional district here in PA. I heard from two kind and passionate readers who wanted to remind me that there is nothing wrong with being a real estate agent. When I first read their comments I thought, ‘I never said that.’ But when I looked back on what I wrote, I can surely see where the confusion was. What I meant was this particular real estate agent was not the right person for the congressional seat. But how could you know that if I didn’t indicate that more clearly? I apologize to all real estate agents and those who love them.

Also, my friend Carol made an excellent point that I wanted to share: “I do have to disagree with you about one thing. I think that in order for everyone’s voice’s to be heard, it is important that Congress be made up of people with various backgrounds, education, training and work experience. You can’t really use W as an argument against that because, quite frankly, he works as an argument against everything in every situation. The candidate I am voting for in our own circus-like Congressional race is in fact a minister. He is educated, has roots in the community, is service minded, and can speak to the issues that matter to me. And being the eternal optimist that I am, I am counting on the fact that, as a minister, he has more than a passing acquaintance with honesty (I know, I know).  He is the kind of person I want representing me in Washington.

Very true. And again, I meant in my last blog that the particular minister running for the seat in my district is not qualified, in my opinion, and does not share even the remotest interests, politically or otherwise, with me. Again, my apologies to ministers and to those who love them.

Carol’s right about having diversity in our political machine. There are ministers and real estate agents and mayors and mechanics out there who would make excellent members of congress. I admit using W as an example of the lack of education in our political system was poor judgment on my part. When I write a blog, I often write off the top of my head and without the critical analysis some of my subjects deserve. This isn’t an excuse, but an explanation.

Having said that, I want smart people in office and I don’t believe W is a smart person. He may be passionate about his beliefs, but he’s not smart, and in fact seems to relish the fact that he’s not smart, like being ignorant is a badge of honor. That bothers me. A lot.

Being smart encompasses all areas, not just education. It means being thoughtful, patient and compassionate; having experience working with diverse groups; and having the ability to truly see both sides before making a decision. Most people fail at the latter, particularly when they are ingrained in the rhetoric of their party.

Thank you again for your insight, support and thoughtful comments. As soon as I post this, I’m walking over to my polling site and voting. I actually have butterflies I’m so excited! I’ve never voted in a primary before, but I’ve done my homework and am ready to make a thoughtful decision. Several thoughtful decisions, actually. This isn’t just about Obama and Clinton. I’ve got a few other political seats to help fill.

One thought on “Let The Voting Begin

  1. Lynn,
    While I may not agree with your opinions, I staunchly agree with your right to express yourself in your blog. I was faced with a decision yesterday, about a well written post about Derek Walker’s legal troubles that was based on information I had read in online newspapers. Derek contacted me and suggested that some of the information I had in the post was not accurate and there were things I did not know. I pulled the post because I didn’t want to take the chance of falsely skewing my readers opinions right before the elections.

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