Bill Clinton’s in Clarion…and I’m in Pittsburgh! Dammmit

The biggest thing to hit Clarion is rolling into town today and I’m not there to see it! Bill Clinton is giving a speech at Clarion University this afternoon and I’m in Pittsburgh today. I could have had a ticket to the event and everything. Damn. I so wanted to be the girl in the blue dress in the front row….

It all came together quickly, apparently. No one even knew he was thinking of stopping by until yesterday, according to today’s Derrick. I guess when you’re wife wants to win next Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary, you’ll go just about anywhere to help.

Clarion is heavily republican, so I’m sure there’s a lot of Clinton bashing going on back home. I share very few of the conservative values of my fellow citizens and so I stay out of their inane debates. I’m not wholly a democrat, either, although as I wrote last month, I changed my affiliation from independent to democrat so I could vote in the primary. I’m still not sure who I’m voting for – I’ll probably make that decision in the voting booth – but some Bill Clinton love (no, not exactly Monica kind of love) might have swayed my vote a little. Just a smile would have done the trick. I like Bill Clinton, I can’t lie. (We’re still friends, though, right, Shari?) I’m just not sure I want another eight years of Clintons in the White House. It might even be longer than that. Won’t Chelsea be old enough to run for president in eight years? We could forget we’re living in a democracy and think we’ve adopted a monarchy.

Obama. Clinton. Obama. Clinton. I’m not sure. What do you think I should do? I read the papers. I read the op-eds. I read blogs. Now let me know what you would do if you lived in Pennsylvania and could vote on Tuesday.

6 thoughts on “Bill Clinton’s in Clarion…and I’m in Pittsburgh! Dammmit

  1. It’s a tough choice Lynn. I have to admit I love Bill Clinton, too. Unfortunately, when he was in Canton, Ohio, my parents were in town. I did get to cover Chelsea at Akron University and I have to say that I was totally impressed with her. She could sway someone’s vote very easily. She was poised and articulate and her straight hair was great. She is extremly thin – maybe it was her designer suit. If she was allowed to talk to the press I wouldn’t have asked any stupid political question but rather why did it take you stylist this long to take your hair straight?!? It’s awesome! By the way, I voted Clinton but it was a game time decision and a hard one. Either way, I think it is a winning situation.

  2. I don’t like the idea that for the past 20 years two families have controlled the white house. I am not up for making it 28. Obama for me.

  3. You can’t say you don’t want more Clintons when we’ve suffered with the Bush family for 12. Icky! If you vote Obama, atleast I know my vote’ll cancel yours out!!!

  4. I don’t like any of our candidates this time around …
    but I will force myself to vote for McCain b/c I can’t bear to think of being taxed to death … and amnesty for illegals that are draining our resources.

  5. That’s awesome, Terri, vote for John McCain. He will keep your taxes “low” while continuing to spend a billion dollars a week in Iraq. You know the war that he said may go on for 100 years? The war that Hillary Clinton voted for and that has cost us thousands of young lives? WOW, and watch out for those “illegals” too. Hopefully you’ll have some free time after they’re all sent back “where they came from” to pick the crops they pick and do the cleaning they do, and the factory work they do for less than a living wage. Since Mr. McCain thinks George W. did such a grand job, hopefully the government will continue to chip away at our civil liberties as well….they’re reading this post, and they read your post.

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