Biking and Salads and Volume


After months of really awful winter weather and so much time spent inside, all I want to do is be outside. Know what I mean?

My vacation to California could have been just a warm-weather tease, but thankfully the nice weather followed me home. Well, sort of. Fifty-five degrees is hardly California standard, but it’s not 25 anymore, thank God.

To celebrate the sunshine, my husband and I went on our first bike ride of the season . We drove to one of our favorite rails-to-trails routes along the Allegheny River near Franklin and rode 12 miles. A good start to the season considering we haven’t been on our bikes in 5 months. My thighs will protest tomorrow, but I don’t care. My face will protest because of the wind burn, but I don’t care. Sixty minutes on my bike is worth it all.

What activity do you like to do now that winter is over? What do you look forward to doing in the warmer weather?

Because tomorrow promises to be even warmer, I’ll do some gardening. My flower beds are a mess and yet green shoots are popping up all over the place. I just wish I could remember what I planted everywhere. I hate when I forget to keep the little plastic tag from the pot after I replant. Oh well. I like surprises.


I didn’t realize what a salad junkie I am until I went to a friend’s house yesterday. I packed a salad to eat. I asked her for a big bowl. She gave me a large cereal bowl. I said no, I need a mixing bowl. She looked at me funny and handed me a small mixing bowl. Again I said no, I mean a BIG mixing bowl. She laughed and showed me her collection of large bowls to choose from. I grabbed a big green plastic Tupperware bowl and dumped in the contents of my Ziploc bags.

When I pack a salad, I pack a salad. Half a bag of lettuce, half a bag of spinach, a cup of shredded carrots, 10 cherry tomatoes, 1.5 ounces of low-fat cheddar and three whole-grain crackers. Mix that with my homemade balsamic dressing and I graze for at least 20 minutes. I thought everyone ate big ass salads like that, but apparently not. I admit I’m a little embarrassed.

But I really love volume eating.

When I got home from biking today, I roasted 12 ounces of asparagus in some lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard. I ate it all. Tonight for dinner, I made lentil spaghetti sauce and served it with spaghetti squash and broccoli. I ate a ton of broccoli, a ton of squash and just a small amount of sauce. While it looked like a lot of food on my plate, it didn’t equal a lot of calories. I ate it all and yet feel satisfied, not full. Again, volume eating.

Do any of you eat this way? If so, what kinds of food do you pack in? And no, chocolate doesn’t count – LOL! I wish.

9 thoughts on “Biking and Salads and Volume

  1. I do, I do! I eat in bulk. It’s ridiculous & people laugh their butts off. However, I’ve lost 80 pounds & managed to keep it off for 6 years & one month (woo-hoo). I like to feel full. A lot. We buy organic baby spinach, lettuce, all of our veggies in bulk at Costco each week. It’s a good thing. My method is to bulk up on veggies & have ONE serving of whatever the main dish is. It works for me. 🙂PS…I found your blog about a week or so ago. Your story is amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Tomatoes! I love tomatoes! Salads too. I put them in my big tupperware bowl, put the dressing on, put the lid on, and shake away, splashing a little dressing on every blessed piece. Yum!

  3. I do lots of walking. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I’ll also be back on my bike. Today, a group of us went up to an old ghost town and did some metal detecting, etc. With the time that we were up there and the hills that we climbed, I figured out that I used up a good 10 pts of activity!! I also tend to be a volume eater when it comes to veggies. On our trip today, the others had pasta salad and filled hoagies. I had a HUGE bowl of cold steamed carrots and brocolli, to which I’d added spinach, tomatoes and some homemade bean and corn salsa. Spritzed it with one of those 1 calorie a spray dressings. It was delicous! I find I have heaps of energy these days as well as a steady weight loss. I’m putting it all down to the fact that I am eating lots of fruits and veggies. 🙂

  4. Lynn,I enjoy the rails to trails too. We walk, ride bikes and it is a great family activity. I didnt realize how close Clarion was to Mineral Point (where I live) until I noticed the name on the news the other night during weather. Yeah, I can hardly wait for warmer weather too but 50’s has been much nicer than the colder weather we have had. Keep up the good work with your posts. I read yours and a few other ladies posts daily/weekly and I have to say you all have kept me inspired. I weighed this morning and I am down 18 pounds!

  5. I have tended to eat pretty much everything in volume, mostly cookies. I know….BAD!!! I love to eat salad and load it up with vegetables and all the good stuff. I usually like 1/2 cup of cottage cheese instead of dressing. If I do dressing, it is so very little. My husband and I took our daughter to Mackinack Island a few years ago and decided to rent bikes and bike around the whole island. I almost wondered if I had forgotten to ride since it had been years. It was so darn much fun! …Although, I have to say I never remembered feeling the effects of biking when I was a kid! This getting older stuff is for the birds! 🙂

  6. Umm yeah! I do! LOLI’ve been known to eat an entire butternut squash! And as for the warm weather I can’t wait to HIKE! I’m going to shoot you an email. :~)

  7. I too love salads and find that they really fill me up. Could you all help me with another question? I notice that so many of the WW recipes call for Splenda. Do you all try to limit the use of this? I don’t know if it is better to “retrain” my tastebuds to find natural flavors/fruits/etc. sweet or to use Splenda. If one were to use a pack here and there throughout the day, it seems like it really adds up! Don’t know what your thoughts are regarding this but would love advice.

  8. I think sometimes DBF is amazed at how much I eat, but volume just makes me feel fuller and more satisfied than a tiny treat of this here, or nibble of that there. So I TOTALLY hear where you’re coming from loud and clear!I’m looking forward to more stable warmer weather so that we can walk to the lake. We live across the street (basically) from Lake Erie.Keep up the great work, Lynn!– Lesley

  9. Donna: regarding sweeteners. I don’t add Splenda to any of my foods because it gives me a headache. I do eat Jell-O sugar-free pudding once in awhile and that has Splenda in it, but I seem to tolerate it well. I LOVE stevia. You can get it at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and other natural food stores. To me it tastes better than Splenda AND it’s completely natural, unlike Splenda. I also use real maple syrup in recipes. Hope this helps! Lynn

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