Home Again

What a week! I’m home and not sure what time it is. I’ve had two hours of sleep in 36 hours so I’m pretty sure I’m not on Pacific time anymore, not that I ever was.

The plane ride home last night was rough, thanks to the cold front marching across the plains. I’m not a fan of turbulence. I kept looking around the dark plane for other people slightly freaking out as I was (you know, restless, moving around, stuck in the middle and needing to walk the aisle). But everyone seemed so cool. I wasn’t about to be the passenger who freaked out, so I put on my iPod and just breathed.

It all worked out well. I’m home and detoxing. Not that I had a lot to detox from, but I haven’t exercised in a week and I ate a few more carb-based products than I usually do. I’m not beating myself up for any of it. I had a great time in California, stayed aware of my food intake, but I wasn’t obsessed about it. That’s new for me. Since getting to goal over a year ago, I’ve been a chronic obsessor. I guess this means I’m maturing! LOL

Today I’ve eaten lots of raw veggies and fewer carbs. Tonight I’ll eat a little later than usual (eastern time) to accommodate my Pacific time body clock. On the menu is roasted sweet potatoes, asparagus and cauliflower – my triple-play comfort foods. Nothing a little pepper and garlic won’t fix. Oh, and Parmesan cheese, too, for the cauliflower.

Tomorrow I’ll hit the elliptical for at least 30 minutes and strength train for 45 minutes. I won’t hit it hard. I want to ease my body back into the routine. It’s only been a week, but why abuse the body that was in perfect performance mode this week? I walked and walked and climbed stairs and more stairs….all without losing my breath or feeling weak. It’s times like this, when you’re on vacation, that you can truly appreciate the hard work you’ve put into exercising your body. We don’t work out just to work out. We work out for the purpose of moving smoother, without stiffness and being out of breath. My muscles are still there, even though I haven’t formally worked them out in a week. They won’t let me down. I know they won’t be real happy with me around 9:30 tomorrow morning, but they’ll fall back into place in no time.

So this next part has nothing to do with weight loss, but I had to post a photo of my adorable grandbaby Claire in her onesie and jelly shoes and sunglasses I bought her from Beverly Hills yesterday. She’s destined for stardom, I know she is!

2 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Glad you had a nice trip, even if it was a bit bumpy on the way back! I think it’s great that you don’t fret over food and exercise, while you’re away, to the point of not having any fun. It’s good to be aware, but it’s better to have fun while doing so! Take care and enjoy the cold weather again. …It’s freaking cold down here in KY. Oh and because you’ve just inspired me so darn much, I’ve started dieting and blogging today – No fooling!Happy April Fool’s Day! Rhonda

  2. I’m hoping to have an experience similar to yours when hubbie and I go to Alaska in 1 1/2 yrs. Of course, first I must lose the weight and get in shape!

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